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This code can also be set if an application tries to set a journal hook while a screen saver is running. Error_MOD_NOT_found: The hInstance parameter for a global hook was not a library. (Actually, this value simply means that User was unable to locate the module handle in its list of modules.) Any other value: Security does not allow this hook to be set, or the system is out of memory. Windows keeps the filter function chain internally (see the figure below) and does not rely on the filter functions to store the address of the next filter function in the chain correctly (as versions of Windows before.1 did). Thus, hooks are much more robust in Windows version.1 than they were in previous versions. In addition, performance is enhanced significantly because the filter function chain is kept internally.

SetWindowshookex returns a handle to the installed hook (an hhook). The application or library must use this handle to identify this hook later when it calls the Unhookwindowshookex function. SetWindowshookex returns null if it is unable to add the filter function to the hook. SetWindowshookex also sets the last error to one of the values listed below to indicate why the function failed. Error_invalid_hook_filter: The hook code is invalid. Error_invalid_filter_proc: The filter function is invalid. Error_hook_needs_hmod: A global hook is being set report with a null hInstance parameter or a thread-specific hook is being set for a thread that is not in resume the setting application. Error_global_only_hook: A hook that can only be a system hook is being installed to a specific thread. Error_invalid_parameter: The thread id is invalid. Error_journal_hook_SET: There is already a hook set for a journal hook type. Only one journal record or journal playback hook can be installed at one time.

where does the hook go in an essay

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If that filter function stops processing keyboard events, the system will appear stopped to the user, but it will not really be stopped. The user can always use the ctrlaltdel key combination to log out and solve the problem, but he or she will probably not be happy with all this hassle. Also, users may not realize that they can reset the system with the logout/logon sequence. Do not require packaging the filter function implementation in a paperless separate dll. All systemwide hooks and hooks for threads in different applications must reside in dlls. Do not need to share data within a dll that is attached to different processes. A systemwide filter function, which must reside in a dll, must also share any data that it needs with other processes. Since this is not default dll behavior, you must be careful when implementing systemwide filter functions. If a filter function is not correctly developed to share data and uses data in a process in which the data is invalid, the process may crash.

where does the hook go in an essay

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If the thread id is zero, the installed filter function has system scope and may be called in the context of any thread in the system. An application or library can use the getCurrentThreadId function to obtain the thread handle for hooking the current thread. Some hooks may be set with system scope only; some may be set only for a specific thread; and others may have either system or thread scope, as shown in the following table. Hook scope wh_callwndproc thread or System WH_cbt thread or System WH_debug thread or System WH_getmessage thread or System WH_journalrecord system Only wh_journalplayback system Only wh_foregroundidle thread or System WH_shell thread or System WH_keyboard thread or System WH_mouse thread or System WH_msgfilter thread or System WH_sysmsgfilter. It is a good idea to use thread hooks instead of system hooks for several reasons. Thread hooks: do not incur a systemwide overhead in applications that are not interested in the call. Do not cause all events homework for a hook to be serialized. For example, if an application installs a systemwide keyboard hook, all keyboard messages for all applications will be funneled through that application's keyboard filter function, effectively wasting the system's multiple input queue functionality.

H and are described later. The address of the filter function. The filter function must be exported by including it in the exports statement in the module definition file for the application or dynamic-link library (dll or by using the appropriate compiler flags. The instance handle of the module containing the filter function. In Win32 (unlike win16 this value should be null when installing a thread-specific hook (see below but does not have to be null as the documentation states. When you install a systemwide hook or a thread-specific hook for a thread in another process, you must use the instance handle of the dll where the filter function resides. The thread id for which the hook is to be installed. If the thread id is not zero, the installed filter function will be called only in the context of the specified thread.

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where does the hook go in an essay

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How to Use hooks, to use hooks, you need to know: How to use the windows hook functions to add and remove filter functions to and from a hook's filter function chain. What action the filter function you are installing will be required to perform. What kinds of hooks are available, what they can do, and what information (parameters) they pass to your filter function. Windows hook functions Windows-based applications use the setWindowshookex, Unhookwindowshookex, and CallNexthookex functions to manage the hooks filter function chain. Before version.1, windows implemented hook management with the setWindowshook, unhookwindowshook, and Defhookproc functions.

Although these functions are implemented in Win32, they have fewer capabilities than the new (Ex) versions. Please convert your existing code to the new versions of these functions, and always use the new functions for the new code. SetWindowshookex and Unhookwindowshookex are described below. See "Calling the next function in the filter function chain" for a discussion of CallNexthookex. SetWindowshookex The setWindowshookex function adds a filter function to a hook. This function takes four arguments: An integer code describing the hook to which to attach the filter function, and the address of the filter function. These codes are defined in winuser.

Applications have used hooks to: Provide F1 help key support to menus, dialog boxes, and message boxes (WH_msgfilter). Provide mouse and keystroke record and playback features, often referred to as macros. For example, the windows Recorder accessory program uses hooks to supply record and playback functionality (WH_journalrecord, wh_journalplayback). Monitor messages to determine which messages are being sent to a particular window or which actions a message generates (WH_getmessage, wh_callwndproc). The Spy utility program in the Platform sdk uses hooks to perform these tasks.

The source for Spy is available in the sdk. Simulate mouse and keyboard input (WH_journalplayback). Hooks provide the only reliable way to simulate these activities. If you try to simulate these events by sending or posting messages, windows internals do not update the keyboard or mouse state, which can lead to unexpected behavior. If hooks are used to play back keyboard or mouse events, these events are processed exactly like real keyboard or mouse events. Microsoft Excel uses hooks to implement its ys macro function. Provide cbt for applications that run in the windows environment (WH_CBT). The wh_cbt hook makes developing cbt applications much easier.

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Process or modify all messages (of any type) for the system whenever a getMessage or a peekmessage function is called (WH_getmessage). Process or modify all messages (of any type) whenever a sendMessage function is called (WH_callwndproc). Record or play back keyboard and mouse dissertation events (WH_journalrecord, wh_journalplayback). Process, modify, or remove keyboard events (WH_keyboard). Process, modify, or discard mouse events (WH_mouse). Respond to certain system actions, making it possible to develop computer-based training (CBT) for applications (WH_CBT). Prevent another filter from being called (WH_debug).

where does the hook go in an essay

When a hook has one or more filter functions attached and an event occurs that triggers the hook, windows calls the first filter function in the filter function chain. This action is known as calling the hook. For example, if a filter function is attached to the cbt hook and an event that triggers the hook occurs (for example, a window is about to be created windows calls the cbt hook by calling the first function in the filter function chain. To maintain and access filter functions, applications use the setWindowshookex and the Unhookwindowshookex functions. Hooks provide powerful capabilities for Windows-based applications. These applications can use hooks to: Process or modify all messages meant for all the dialog boxes, person message boxes, scroll bars, or menus for an application (WH_msgfilter). Process or modify all messages meant for all the dialog boxes, message boxes, scroll bars, or menus for the system (WH_sysmsgfilter).

systems. In the microsoft Windows operating system, a hook is a mechanism by which a function can intercept events (messages, mouse actions, keystrokes) before they reach an application. The function can act on events and, in some cases, modify or discard them. Functions that receive events are called filter functions and are classified according to the type of event they intercept. For example, a filter function might want to receive all keyboard or mouse events. For Windows to call a filter function, the filter function must be installed—that is, attached—to a windows hook (for example, to a keyboard hook). Attaching one or more filter functions to a hook is known as setting a hook. If a hook has more than one filter function attached, windows maintains a chain of filter functions. The most recently installed function is at the beginning of the chain, and the least recently installed function is at the end.

Microsoft developer Network technology Group, created: July 29, 1993, revised: February 1994. Added exception for journal hooks in write "Filter functions in dlls" section. Exe file to where filters can reside in "WH_journalrecord" and "WH_journalplayback" sections. Changed hiword and loword to hibyte and lobyte in "HC_action" section. Click to open or copy the files in the hooks sample application. Abstract, this article describes hooks and their use in the microsoft Win32 application programming interface (API). It discusses hook functions, filter functions, and the following types of hooks: WH_callwndproc, wH_cbt, wH_debug, wH_foregroundidle, wH_getmessage, wH_journalplayback.

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where does the hook go in an essay
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