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But very few lawyers and plaintiffs fit that stereotype. S parents certainly didnt. Tort law, for the most part, already enables parents to sue when someone wrongly causes their childs stillbirth, like georges parents did. However, that tort claim must properly recognize the extent of the parents loss: Its not just a loss of pregnancy or of a fetus its the death of a child. Only this kind of recognition correctly incentivizes doctors and provides compensation to grieving parents. Proper recognition of the devastating loss after the death of a desired unborn child does not threaten abortion rights, and we cannot let the ongoing abortion debate minimize that devastation. This is something the pro- abortion rights and anti- abortion movements should be able to agree.

Precision depends on context. After stillbirth, no grieving parent says, we lost the fetus. I know this firsthand, because my son Caleb died due to stillbirth. He was not a fetus. He was an almost 6-pound, 19-inch sweet and innocent baby boy. I hope no other parent ever loses a child like my husband and I did. One way to help prevent stillbirth, especially given the research on doctors ability to prevent some stillbirths, is through tort law. Tort law enables injured victims to sue their injurers for money damages based on that injury, just like george. S parents sued their doctor for causing their sons stillbirth. Tort law often gets a bad rap. You know the kind: pdf greedy ambulance-chasing lawyers and undeserving people winning large damages.

opinion about abortion essays

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Some parents very quickly develop a relationship with their unborn child; thats always been true. It is even sometimes true in abortion women may choose abortion not because the child is undesired, but because of poor economic or health circumstances. Women have the right to an abortion, and devaluing parents grief after stillbirth does not protect another womans abortion rights. All that minimizing stillbirth does is minimize stillbirth. In Florida, essays the trial court ultimately allowed the couple to refer to george. As their child and their son. The appellate court agreed, but said fetus would have been more precise.

opinion about abortion essays

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The supreme court in roe. Wade specifically recognized that a tort claim for parents after the death of an unborn child does not give the unborn baby any rights. It is the parents claim, not the unborn babys claim. Grieving parents should be allowed. Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth proof of their childs birth in addition to death. Many states have passed laws providing parents this recognition in the last 15 years. . Downplaying the parent-unborn child affectional tie pretending that georges parents lost something less than the child theyd longed for denies reality.

Opinion, essay on, abortion

opinion about abortion essays

Opinion, essay, on, abortion, essay

This classification affects not just how individuals view and stationery weigh in on abortion rights it also affects the outcome of lawsuits when parents experience negligent stillbirth. The compensatory damages parents receive are based on the amount and significance of their injury: If their child died, the couple experienced the worst injury parents can suffer, but if it was just a fetus, the injury amounts to much less. The pro- abortion rights side is also concerned with equal legal recognition of wrongful deaths of unborn and living children. The worry is if the law recognizes that a child lost due to stillbirth is no different from the death of a living child, the law could give unborn babies inherent or legal personhood threatening the very legality of abortion. Take former New Mexico gov.

Bill Richardson (D for example, who once vetoed a widely supported bill that would have created stillbirth birth certificates. State laws mandate the issuance of a death certificate after stillbirth but not a birth certificate because, although the mother gave birth, the baby was already deceased. Some suspected Richardson vetoed the bill because he did not want to lose pro- abortion rights voters in his later run for president. Abortion rights groups rationally and rightly fight against abortion limits, including bans on abortions after however many weeks of pregnancy and mandatory ultrasounds. But the fight against recognition of stillbirth feels a bit irrational.

At a trial in Florida, the doctor objected to the language toni and george used when describing their loss language like our son, our child and using george. The child died before he was born, which allowed the doctor to argue that george. That he was just a fetus. If hed been even a few minutes old when he died, no one would think to call Toni and georges son a fetus. The death of george.

Is hardly an isolated incident. According to the centers for Disease control and Prevention, nearly 24,000 stillbirth deaths occurred in 2013 (the most recent national data available). Additional research suggests up to one-fourth of stillbirths could be prevented with proper medical care. If applying this research to the cdcs 2013 data, thats more than 6,000 children who would be turning 5 years old this year if medical professionals had performed appropriately. S death had nothing to do with abortion. But its easy see how our countrys ongoing abortion debate influences legal cases involving stillbirth. For Toni and george, a baby died. For the doctor, a fetus was lost. Similarly, the anti- abortion faction argues that a baby dies, while the pro- abortion rights side argues it was merely a fetus (or less).

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Trending Now, more headlines, about the Opinion Section, the Opinion channel features Tampa bay times newspaper editorials, letters to the editor and columns. George and Toni were excited and grateful when they found out they were pregnant; both were in their 40s and long wanted to be parents. Like many expecting their first child, theyd already decorated the nursery and chosen a name for their son: george. Toni went into labor 37 weeks into her pregnancy. After reportedly ridiculing her request for a cesarean section and otherwise not giving his patient adequate attention, the doctor misused a vacuum extractor during delivery and crushed george. Toni delivered her son already dead stillborn, defined as the loss of pregnancy after 20 weeks but before birth. The gpa grieving parents sued mba their doctor.

opinion about abortion essays

Selected readings from the left and teenagers from the right. We live in a partisan age, and our news habits can reinforce our own perspectives. Consider this an effort to broaden our collective outlook with essays beyond the range of our typical om the leftfrom "Why Its Right to be mad About kava. The reading File: Excerpts from interesting articles. I am a mercenaryIn the new York times Magazine, matthew Shaer writes about "The fast And Furious Michael avenatti saying "in representing the porn star Stormy daniels, the lawyer thinks he can bring down a president — one cable-news hit at a time. 1-10 of 6503, older Articles our Columnists. Meet the Editorial board, editorials represent the institutional opinion of the. Tampa bay times, which is why they are not signed. These are the members of the editorial board, which is charged with debating, analyzing and presenting those opinions to readers.

the beach. And its when we hear what seems like continuous, 24/7 news items about shark r some reason, shark attacks have become something. Everybody needed to know what happened. The brutal murder of Emmett Till, a black Chicago youth, in Mississippi nearly 63 years ago went unpunished, but not forgotten. A decision by his mother, mamie till-Mobley, to allow an open casket at Emmetts Chicago funeral represented an act of def. Brooks: The quiet death of racial progress. Over the past few months, ive been trying to write a comforting column. The thesis was going to be that even though Donald Trump is doing his best to inflame racial division, we are still making gradual progress against racism and racial disparities.

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1-10 of 6503, older Articles romano: The best politician in Tampa bay is not a politician. Some politicians bark, and some like to preen. Its all part of an elaborate act to attract attention and create an t the very best politicians? They dont act like politicians at all. I was reminded of that last week while watching Pinellas. Trump should work with Congress on immigration. Donald Trumps resounding victory in the 2016 presidential election came at least in part because the new York businessman grasped the disconnect between how millions of Americans and the political establishments of both parties felt about immigratio. Column: How Putin will con Trump.

opinion about abortion essays
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  3. A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school diocese of Wollongong - albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8. Our countrys ongoing abortion debate influences legal cases involving stillbirth. It doesnt need to be that way.

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