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Preparation Solicitation of preliminary bids Solicitation of binding bids Negotiations Contract Signing Preparation for announcement Press release q a script week of announcement Market reaction roadshow? Bankers work is largely done once the deal is made public Between announcement closing sh vote hsr other regulatory approvals Closing Lucites Dinner. Valuation: The foundation of every deal: Valuation: The foundation of every deal Primary valuation Techniques Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Public Market Analysis (Comparable companies) Private market Analysis (Precedent Transactions) lbo analysis Secondary valuation Techniques Pro forma consequences Analysis Accretion/dilution Capital Structure eps growth Rates Relative. Why is it trading this way? Hot market versus fundamentals how can the company improve its valuation? Does an acquisition make sense?

Traditional Investment Banking Research Sales trading Capital raising Debt Equity Strategic advisory services Mergers acquisitions Restructuring takeover defense Analysis and recommendations of stocks and bonds Includes company coverage and sector coverage distribution and execution english arm of the investment bank sells and trades stocks and bonds. Slide 11: Large / Global Small / Regional Who are the leading Investment Banks in the United States? Structure of an Investment Bank — conduit to the corporate Client: Structure of an Investment Bank — conduit to the corporate Client Client Investment Banking coverage Groups Other Product Groups m a capital Markets Bank loans Inv. Grade debt High yield Equity Chinese wall Financial Strategies Derivatives liability management Pensions Corporate banking Sales trading Research Private side public Side. Products and Services: Products and Services Balance Sheet Management Hedging Share and Debt Repurchases Debt Exchanges Consent Solicitations Capital raising Equity Investment Grade debt High yield Debt Syndicated loans Bridge commitments Advisory m a restructuring Financial Strategy An investment bank provides numerous corporate finance functions. Industry coverage Groups: Industry coverage Groups Consumer Energy, power chemicals Financial Entrepreneurs Financial Institutions health Care Industrials Communications real Estate technology. Deal teams and the role of an Associate: deal teams and the role of an Associate. Structure of a typical deal team: Structure of a typical deal team Client Investment Banking coverage Officer ibd support Accountants Associate Analysts Capital Markets Compliance/ Legal Attorneys The coverage Officer has primary client responsibility and the Associate ensures that all members of the working party. Strategic Advisory: Strategic Advisory a good investment banker is a trusted advisor to their client a ceos first call for strategic advice Investment bankers are most valuable when they can provide unique insight regarding a companys operations or strategic direction As part of a normal. Strategic Advisory m a: Strategic Advisory m a purchasing other companies Friendly mergers Hostile takeovers leveraged buyouts Selling companies Selling entire companies Spin-off of subsidiaries Defending Company buyouts poison Pill. Life of an m a transaction: Life of an m a transaction The pitch Specific pitch ideas beauty contests The mandate: deal is live announcement Closing: Its Official!

management presentation investment banking

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And they make a lot of money doing that. If the business world were like entourage, bankers would be the agents, private equity firms and homework large companies would be the studios, and companies would be the actors and movies. Private equity firms buy and sell companies. Studios buy and sell actors and movies. Bankers make introductions and try to sell things. Agents make introductions and sell their clients. Structure of an Investment Bank: Structure of an Investment Bank, what is an Investment Bank?: What is an Investment Bank?

management presentation investment banking

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Other services include acting as intermediaries in trading for clients. Investment banking provides financial advice to investors and serves them by assisting in purchasing securities, managing financial assets and trading securities. Investment banking differ from commercial banking in the sense that they don't accept deposits and grant retail loans. However the dividing line between the two fraternal twins have help become flimsy with loans and securities becoming almost substitutable ways of raising funds. Small firms providing services of investment banking are called boutiques. These mainly specialize in bond trading, advising for mergers and acquisitions, providing technical analysis or program trading. What Actually an Investment Banker do?: What Actually an Investment Banker do? Investment bankers are agents. Simply, they dont create anything and they dont buy anything; they just sell things that arent theirs to begin with.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Investment banking : investment banking, agenda : agenda, investment banking : investment banking an individual or institution which acts as an underwriter or agent for corporations and municipalities issuing securities. Most also maintain broker/dealer operations, maintain markets for previously issued securities, and offer advisory services to investors. Investment banks also have a large role in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, private equity placements and corporate restructuring. Unlike traditional banks, investment banks do not accept deposits from and provide loans to individuals. Also called investment banker. What does an Investment Bank offer? Asset Management Issuing house (Capital raising) Stock broking Business financial Advisory services Export Financing Project Finance An Investment Bank Offers : Functions of Investment Banking : Functions of Investment Banking Investment banking help public and private corporations in issuing securities in the primary market, guarantee.

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management presentation investment banking

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merchant banks were meant to manage investments and provide advisory services. Investment Banking in India sbi was the first Indian public sector bank to set up its merchant banking division in 1972. This was followed by bank of India, central Bank of India, bank of Baroda and many more. sbi caps and idbi caps are two prime examples of merchant banks in India today. currently, there are 136 merchant banks registered with sebi. lastly, without holding a certificate of registration granted by the securities and Exchange board of India, no person can act as a merchant banker. Top 10 Investment Bankers in India vendus Capital bajaj Capital Cholamandalam Investment finance company icici securities Ltd idfc kotak mahindra capital resume Company sbi capital Markets tata investment Corporation Ltd yes Bank uti securities Ltd.

Global Investment Bankers bank of America (Bank of America merrill Lynch) barclays (Barclays Capital) bnp paribas (bnp paribas cib) citigroup (Citi Institutional Clients Group) Credit suisse deutsche bank goldman Sachs hsbc jpmorgan Chase (J.P. Morgan Investment Bank) morgan Stanley nomura holdings ubs (ubs investment Bank) royal Bank of Canada (rbc capital Markets) royal Bank of Scotland wells Fargo (Wells Fargo securities). Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard you just paggawa clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Role of Investment Bank at the macro level, investment banking is related with the primary function of assisting the capital market in its function of capital intermediation,. E., the movement of financial resources from those who have them (the investors to those who need to make use of them for producing gdp (the issuers). Over the decades, investment banks have always suited the needs of the finance community and thus become one of the most vibrant and exciting segment of financial services. Globally investment banks handle significant fund-based business of their own in the capital market along with their non-fund service portfolio which is offered to the clients. All these activities are broadly segmented across three platforms - equity market activity, debt market activity and merger and acquisitions (M A) activity. In addition, given the structure of the market, there is also a segmentation based on whether a particular investment bank belongs to a banking parent or is a stand-alone pure investment bank.

Role of Investment Bank investment bank is a financial institution and investment banking plays a very important role in the economy. Investment banking helps the corporations in raising capital. Most of the corporations get advisory services from the investment banks regarding the mergers, acquisitions and divestiture. In addition, because of the importance of the roles of investment banking, the commercial banks do not perform these roles. Investment Banking in India grindlays bank began Investment Banking (Merchant Banking) in India in 1967 with rbi issuing the second license to citi in 1970. These two banks primarily provided services which included loan syndication, equity raising and other advisory services. In 1972, a banking Commission report asserted the need for Merchant Banking services in India by public sector banks. The commission recommended the same structure as American investment banks (Glass-Steagall Act).

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Role of Investment Bank the major work of investment banks includes a lot of consulting. For instance, they offer advices on mergers and essay acquisitions to companies. The other arena where they give advice are tracking the market and determining when should a company come out with a public offering and what is the best possible way to manage the public assets of businesses. The role that an investment bank plays sometimes gets overlapped with that of a private brokerage house. The usual advice of buying and selling is also given by investment banks. There is no demarcating line between the investment banking and other forms of banking in India. This has been observed majorly of late. All banks nowadays want to provide their customers the best of services and create a niche for themselves and that is why apart from investment banks, all other banks too are aiming at making it big.

management presentation investment banking

dictionary of Banking and Finance defines investment bank as a term used in the us to mean a bank which deals with the underwriting of new issues and advises corporations on their financial affairs. Importance of Investment Banking, helps the corporations in raising capital. It facilitates the trading of securities thereby, increasing the liquidity of the securities. It provides investment opportunities to the individuals or entities. most of the corporations get advisory services from the investment banks regarding the mergers, acquisitions and divestiture. Structure of Investment Banking, investment banks are organized into 3 categories. Helping customers raise funds in the capital markets and advise on mergers and acquisitions professional management of various securities and other assets. Buying and selling financial products with the goal of making money on each trade creating and marketing financial products researching industries, companies, and products middle Office analyzing credit and market risk for the bank making sure operations are complying with regulations responsible for capital management. Functions of Investment Banking Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory services Corporate financing Equity debt Underwriting Equity and fixed income research Sales and trading.

Structure of Investment Banking, functions of Investment Banking, role of Investment Banking. Investment Banking in thank India, top ten Investment bankers in India. Concept of Investment Banks, in the. S., the GlassSteagall Act, initially created in the wake of the. Stock market Crash of 1929, prohibited banks from both accepting deposits and underwriting securities, and led to segregation of investment banks from commercial banks. GlassSteagall was effectively repealed for many large financial institutions by the. GrammLeachBliley act in 1999.

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management presentation investment banking
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