Write about your favourite game

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Explain what you would do if someone asked to borrow your favorite game or toy. How would you feel? When we love an object, it can be difficult to share it with others. Sometimes this is because we arent sure if the other person will take good care of it, lose it, break it, or give it back. How would you feel if someone wanted to borrow your favorite game or toy? What would you do and ambition say? My favorite game is coup. It is a card game, and it takes place kinda in a war world or resistance world. There is duke, which can get 3 coins like a tax, a captain who can steal other players coins, a assasinite who can make other players reveal one of their cards, a contessa which blocks a assain, and a ambassador who can change their cards.

write about your favourite game

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It is a game which demands team co-operation, united effort, and joint strategy. If this game is dominated by a single player, the team is likely to face defeat. Hence, it is one of the few outdoor games where co-operation among the team-mates is the key to success. To me the game of basketball is one of the best games that man has ever invented. It is fast, exciting and full of action. It requires good small co-operation, foresight, skill and organisation. It is a nice game to watch and enjoy. A well- played basketball match can certainly evoke joy and delight and give you moments of relaxation and thrill. Due to these reasons basketball is my favourite game.

write about your favourite game

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Advertisements: Another notable feature of this game is that it is played by a few players in comparison to many other outdoor games. Generally it is played by twelve players with six each on each side. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly organised. Besides, the basketball court occupies little essay space. Therefore, it can be easily constructed on a small area such as, in front of buildings, courtyards, etc. Another merit of basketball is that the game calls for excellent group co-operation. It is not a one mans game like cricket or football.

Normally there is only one referee but sometimes in some important matches there may be two. Besides, the referees, the other officials of the game are record keeper, timekeeper and the scorekeeper. They all work in collaboration with the referee in conducting the game smoothly. Pushing, pulling, purposely obstructing, carrying the ball, running with the ball, cutting the boundary line etc. Are some of the key fouls. Personal fouls are seriously taken note. The score is counted by the number of baskets each team puts in to the others ring. Each basket put in carries two points, each. The team which gets highest score wins the game.

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write about your favourite game

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Advertisements: One of point the main reasons for my liking of this game is that, it is a fast moving game and full of action. Quickness, foresight, skill and co-operation are the hallmarks of this game. Unlike football or cricket, which is rather slow, the game of basketball calls for quick movements and fast thinking. Quickness is the key to success in this game. Another reason why i like this game is that unlike many other games, it can be watched from a close distance. Watching a game from a close quarter has tremendous effect upon the spectators.

They feel the heat and the spirit of the game. Therefore, basketball is one of the most exciting games in the world. Image source:, generally, the game of basketball is played for a duration of sixty minutes with ten minutes interval. The game is played with six players on each side. The game begins with the tossing of the ball at the centre.

The player mustn't hit each other. You have to kick the ball in a grid. Please, write me soon. Of late games and sports have received a lot of attention in the educational process. It is no longer viewed merely as an exercise for muscles or a period of rest.

Instead it is seen as part of school curriculum, an integral part of schooling and learning process. Therefore, games such as, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and many others have been introduced in almost all the schools. Among the outdoor games, my favourite game is basketball. Somehow this particular game charms. When I watch a game of basketball, it fills me with joy and delight. Although i am not a good player myself, i enjoy every bit of this game.

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You've got an e-mail from your English pen friend. Write him/her about your favourite game, how often you write play, who your partners are, what the rules are. Thank you for you letter. In your letter you ask me some qestions. My favourite game is football. I play it for 2 hours every day. My parents don't like this game, because they don't know the rules. The rules of these game are: Mustn't kick the ball with your hands.

write about your favourite game

When we are travelling with friends some things can be user shared and others must be taken by each traveller. In Britain, forty percent of the population regularly play a sport. There are many differences between sport in Britain and in other countries. For example, skiing is not very popular in Britain as there are not many mountains. In Britain sport irreplaceable thing. 1 What is your favourite animal? 2 What is your favourite subject?

a rich choice of places to relax. In summer people can sunbathe at Kapchagai ; go to issyk - kul lake which is in Kirghizstan or skate on Medeu. Kazakhstan, there are many places where you can go to relax and have fun. Camping holidays, camping holidays are very popular with young people. They are a cheap and easy way to see a country. We should start to pack earlier at least a day or two before our holiday.

I know all rules of the game and skillfully apply them. I like to hold a ball. I'd like to feel that i dream am a leader. When I was five years old, my father carried me in the gym. It was so cheerful! I loved volleyball in the childhood. I love it now. And I will also love volleyball then! My fovourite myth is a game warcraft.

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Yildiz, my favourite subject is English. I have english 3 times a week. We always read interesting dissertation texts. I like reading about England. We do exercises, make dialogues, learn new words by heart. Our English teacher is very nice and kind. Learning English is fun. I'd like to play volleyball best of is my favourite game.

write about your favourite game
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  3. Write about your favorite subjects. Do you go to the stadium to watch the match (the game ) or do you watch it on TV?

  4. Explain what you would do if someone asked to borrow your favorite game or toy. Write 5-7 sentences about your favorite subject. My favourite subject is English. I have english 3 times a week.

  5. Unlike football or cricket, which is rather slow, the game of basketball calls for quick movements and fast. Write a short Essay on, your, favourite. Write 5 sentences about your favourite sportsman and the kind.

  6. My next paragraph is about my favourite game, which is msp(movie star Planet) it is a game were you. Write him/her about your favourite game, how often you play, who your partners are, what the rules are. When i play, i feel myself inside the game.

  7. Write a short about your favourite sport or game. I'd like to play volleyball best of is my favourite game. Write a sort paragraph about your favorite game.

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