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This is so for three reasons. It is extremely readable; it makes its points in forceful terms and it is easy to digest; it is an enjoyable read and theme. Brave new World is a fascinating commentary on the state of our contemporary society; much of what Huxley reacts against is to be seen in many aspects of our civilization as it exists today. Huxleys values are this students values and, like huxley, this student sees the current direction that society seems to be taking as worrisome. Brave new World may be an accurate prophesy of things to come.

Brave new World by huxley illustrates: How controlling reproduction, genetics, and using a drug called soma, universal happiness is achieved in this future world. The story evolves around the friendship character, bernard who feels his programming and production failed in making him completely happy. The book report points out that this is not the norm in the social structure of the Brave new World where everyone is conditioned upon birth to love his or her place in society. Bernard takes Lenina (an important character in the story) to visit the savages in New Mexico at the reservation for those who do not meet the standards of the Brave new World. . At the reservation Lenina meets John, who is a savage and they fall in love. Unfortunately, the two come from different societies and views on love and marriage. John returns to the Brave new World with Lenina only finding it too difficult to adapt. . he eventually commits suicide, which poses the question found throughout the book report as to which society is actually more civilized, tiananmen the savages or the Brave new World? Why a research Paper on Brave new World. Paper Masters would strongly recommend this book to one and all.

brave new world book report

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Paper Masters gives college students research paper topic ideas and suggestions on how to write a research paper free of charge. What you see here is a suggestion on how to write a book report or research paper. Aldous Huxley's, brave new World. Aldous Huxleys novel, Brave new World, is a deceptively depressing novel in which, in the year plan 632—the years are numbered after. Ford, the father of mass-production, so this year of stability would be in the 25th century - a manufactured humanity has achieved happiness in the form of plenty of leisure time, hyper-consumption of goods and services, and the ability to retreat at will into. The anti-utopian element of the novel lies in the fact that every thing that makes life more than just physical gratification has disappeared; the society depicted has little in the way of pain, but it allows for almost nothing in the way of human dignity. Brave new World is the recipe for a utopian world state. . A book report.

brave new world book report

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Yes, any slave can experience the contentment of a full belly and a full supply of instant gratification, but this doesnt lead to happiness. Bernard suffers throughout the book, being caught between both worlds. Although he has been conditioned to accept his servitude, he is constantly longing for freedom. He sees this freedom in the savage, pdf and envies him for possessing the inner happiness— genuine happiness— which Bernards society outlaws. Huxley uses Bernard to exemplify this struggle between freedom and slavery. Huxley argues that a genuine, free life requires suffering and pain. Men without anguish are men without souls. Huxleys future describes a world without pain and a world without soul). What you see here is a suggestion on how to write a book report on Aldous Huxley's Brave new World.

Yet Mond has incorrectly associated lack of pain with happiness. Only the savage knows that true happiness comes from the knowledge that one has value. He alludes to this when he describes his childhood in the reservation where the only time he was happy was after he had completed a project with his own two hands. This, not soma, gave him the self-confidence to find happiness. The savage knows his own value is as an individual, not a member of a collective. Other characters in, brave new World, however, have no concept of self-worth. This results in their inability to find the happiness known to the savage and the rest of the pre-ford world which lives in the reservation. True happiness is a consequence of freedom, not slavery. No slave can experience happiness until he is free.

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brave new world book report

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These men have realized that fear and intimidation have only limited power; after all, these tactics simply build up resentment in the minds of the oppressed. Subconscious persuasion and mind-altering drugs, on the other hand, appear to have no side effects. Add to this the method of genetic engineering, and soon almost all "pre-ford" problems have been wiped out permanently. The caste system of this brave new world is equally ingenious. Free from the burdens and tensions of a capitalistic system which separates people into social classes by natural selection, this dictatorship government is only required to determine the correct number of Alphas, betas, etc., all the way down the totem pole. There is no class warfare because greed, the basic ingredient of capitalism, has been eliminated. Even Deltas and Epsilons are content to do their manual labor.

This contentment arises both from the genetic engineering and the extensive conditioning each individual goes through in childhood. Freedom (as well as art and religion which are results of freedom) in this society has been sacrificed for what Mustapha mond calls happiness. Indeed almost all of Huxleys characters, save bernard and the savage, are content to take their soma ration, go to the feelies (the superficial substitute for actual life and live their mindless, grey lives. The overwhelming color throughout. Brave new World is grey. Everything and everyone seems dull to the reader, except perhaps the savage, who is the only bright people color in the novel. This grey happiness is the ultimate goal of the world Controllers like mond.

He was always inspired by science and technology, although his main course of study was the English language. Huxley began his writing career with works criticizing society and the upper class. After publishing poetry and political writings, huxley began writing novels in 1921. Brave new World was published in 1932. If you like, i recommend, people who like brave new World. Brave new World presents a startling view of the future which on the surface appears almost comical.

Yet humor was not the intention of Aldous Huxley when he wrote the book in the early 1930's. Indeed Huxleys real message is very dark. His idea that in centuries to come, a one-world government will rise to power, stripping peoples freedom, is not new. In fact there are hosts of books dedicated to this topic. What makes Huxleys interpretation different is the fact that his fictional society not only lives in this totalitarian government, but embraces it like mindless robots. Soma, not nuclear bombs, is the weapon of choice for the world Controllers.

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Main Characters: Tomalkin- The director who is powerful, but falls from his position after the reveal that he fathered a child. Bernard Marx- An Alpha, who is small and weak for his caste which results in insecurity. Lenina Crowne- an employ at the hatchery, she is sexually desired by many of the male characters and participates in unorthodox behavior. Hemholtz watson- bernards friend who befriends John and is not enthused about his life or his work in the world review State. John- The son of Tomalkin who is brought back to london and refuses to conform to the prescriptions of the world State. Symbolism: Soma- the drug used to control the citizens of the world State represents the instant control held by the controllers. The ritual that takes place when citizens take soma represents the control that religion can hold over society. About the author: Aldous Huxley was born to a family evernote of scientists and writers in England in 1894. He excelled at school and eventually graduated from Oxford in 1916.

brave new world book report

Tomakin, the director, gives his permission for the trip. While on the reservation, bernard and Lenina meet a woman named Linda and her son who were abandoned years ago by tomalkin. Tomalkin has been threatening Bernard with exile to Iceland, and Bernard knows that exposing Tomalkins secret will save him for deportation. After receiving permission from London, bernard and Lenina return to london with Linda and her son John. Bernard reveals Tomalkins past, embarrassing Tomalkin who resigns and exiles himself to Iceland. John does not acclimate to the rules of online the new world and becomes disgusted with the control over people. He attempts to rebel the conformity of the new World and causes a large riot. His behavior results in Bernard and his friend Hemholtz being sent to an island for social outcasts. After his mother dies, john goes crazy and eventually commits suicide.

way they lived were inefficient and unstable. Emotions and free will were seen to cause chaos and poverty. An important characteristic of the new World is the caste system. As children are created they are trained to belong to one of 5 castes; Alpha, beta, gamma, delta and Epsilon. Each caste becomes increasingly less intelligent and productive. The novel opens in the london Hatchery, where embryos are created. We are introduced to bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne, both Alphas working at the hatchery. Bernard invites Lenina to accompany him to the savage reservation where people unfit for Utopia are held.

While this book is slightly different in some areas, the similarities are undeniable and almost irritating. Seeing that "We" was written many years before "Brave new World. Huxley's idea for this book is not an original one. If you like "Brave new World" or the idea expressed by dystopian novels, i recommend "We".after all, it is the original idea for "Brave new World". By antonio on February 25, 2005, brave new world is a compeling history about human nature, about our, sometimes sick, search for perfection. In technology we've found a way to do things better, but in the same path many of the things wich defines us as humans have been resume lost. Perfection here has been defined as the abscense of god and the denial of the true instincts wich come from ounder the skim of everyone, that is the desire to live, the very wish of make a life of your own. Written by Aldous Huxley, brave new World is a novel set in futuristic times following a utopian society.

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Additional book info, date Added:, translator : Edition : Rating : rate this book, table of Contents. Reader reviews, add your own review to this book! By, rationalthinker on December 7, 2010, this book is a living example of the society that we will have if the world using that Secular Humanism want is implanted. I have nothing against sh, but after reading this book and then studying Secular Humanism, it was easy to see the sh values represented in the book time and time again. The steadily increasing growing technology in our world is leading us to this point. You see more and more the love of pleasure in America especially. The course we are on, coupled with Secular Humanism, will evenually bring us to the perverted, pleasure based, Utopian world of Brave new World. By, jodi on April 25, 2007, this book is unbelievably similar to the novel "We" by evgeney zamyatin.

brave new world book report
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Brave new World presents a startling view of the future which on the surface appears almost comical. Yet humor was not the intention of Aldous Huxley when he wrote the book in the early 1930's. Book : Brave new World.

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  1. In this brave new world, babies are essentially manufactured on an assembly line, and while they sleep at nights, they are preprogrammed so that they will grow into people who always accept the status quo, never thinking for themselves, nor questioning things. While this book is slightly different in some areas, the similarities are undeniable and almost irritating. Seeing that "We" was written many years before "Brave new World. Huxley's idea for this book is not an original one.

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  3. If you like brave new World I recommend Aldous Huxley, we, fahrenheit 451, nineteen Eighty-four, The martian Chronicles. Brave new World book. Brave new world.

  4. Learn more about plot, characters and symbolism in Brave new World. Videos Express book reports. Written by Aldous Huxley, brave new World is a novel set in futuristic times following a utopian society.

  5. Here's the Brave new World book report i should've written in 11th. O brave new world That hath such people in't!". Brave new World creates experiences utilizing ux, virtual reality (vr augmented reality (ar internet of Things (iot robotics, web and mobile platforms.

  6. Brave new World (book) Aldous Huxley (Author) Study guide (Literature subject) 60second Recap (Website) Jenny sawyer. Eugenics and despite being written several decades ago, its message remains valid for our generation. New world is a classic - it is a dystopian novel similar in theme to george orwell's nineteen eighty-four.

  7. Brave new World is the recipe for a utopian world state. A book report on Brave new World by huxley illustrates. Brave new world summary.

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