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Additionally, you cant just send anything as a supplement. Well be going over the types of submissions that make for the best kinds of supplementary materials, and are the best received by admissions officers. Resumes, one option you have is to submit a resume. This can be particularly useful if you feel that the extracurriculars section of the common Application, or a schools own application portal, does not give you enough space to express the scope of your extracurricular activities. If you have more than ten extracurricular activities that you are extremely involved in and passionate about, you can choose to list the additional activities on this resume. Additionally, if some of your activities are more complex and require further expansion to wholly understand them than you can provide in the limited description section of the common App, you can use a supplemental resume to describe them more thoroughly. Not sure how to write a compelling resume? Check out the collegeVine guide to resume writing!

In addition, every school has individual requirements about what may be sent, and the format that it may be sent. Failure to follow these instructions will likely result in your materials not being evaluated at all, and can potentially risk aggravating industrial admissions committees, which is never a good thing. If you authoring are planning on submitting supplementary materials, make sure that you read the associated instructions with great care! You need to follow the schools suggestions to. If you do not, you are inadvertently communicating that you do not care enough about your application to this school to even bother to review and follow their guidelines. You certainly do not want to send this message to the individuals deciding whether or not to give you a spot at their school, so make sure you find each specific schools instructions on supplementary materials and follow them exactly as written. What Should i submit as Supplementary materials? Now that you understand the logistics of submitting a supplement, you may be wondering what, exactly, you should submit. Your first consideration should be whether or not whatever you are submitting will seriously benefit your application. Supplements should be serious game changers when it comes to your application; if you do not think that it is conveying information thats extremely important for whoever is evaluating your candidacy to know, then perhaps that supplement does not need to go out at all.

arts supplement resume

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At what point does sending in hazlitt additional materials become burdensome on the admissions officers reviewing your app, and ultimately detract from your overall case? Read on to find out whether or not you should submit a supplement at all, and if so, what kinds of supplementary material you should and can send. How do i submit Supplementary materials? First off, it is important to note that schools typically do not guarantee that supplementary materials will even be reviewed, because they are not a required part of the application. Schools are receiving applications from tens of thousands of students every year, andare poring over hundreds of thousands of required documents. Just these required documents take a tremendous amount of time to review, and as such most school cannot promise that they will look over materials that they didnt ask for. An admissions officer may just chose to not to review content if they do not have the time, or if they feel it is not necessary to evaluate the application as a whole.

arts supplement resume

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Dance supplements, a pdf résumé or list summarizing your dance experience, including: years and technique(s) studied, summer programs, clubs, performances, etc. Repertoire (solo and/or ensemble) Awards received (Optional) a video of two-minutes maximum length of performance, studio or rehearsal: you may submit an original piece you or another dancer has choreographed, highlighting your uniqueness as a dancer List the work(s) performed. Join our email list, join thousands of students and parents getting exclusive high school college admissions content! As you are preparing to apply to colleges, youre likely focused on writing the required essays, obtaining glowing recommendations, crafting incredible descriptions of your extracurricular activities, and sending out your test scores. However, there may be one thing youre not sure whether or not you should submit: a supplement. Supplementary materials are just what they sound like: additional content that dubai is not required by colleges, but that provides information that you feel is either necessary to, or would greatly benefit, your overall college application. However, when does it become worth it to send in a supplement? After all, colleges are reviewing thousands upon thousands of documents submitted by students during each admissions cycle.

Years studied, repertoire (solo and/or ensemble awards received. Any other information that is directly relevant to your experience as a musician. Approximately 10 minutes or more of solo performance demonstrating your musical ability in different styles: List your instrument/voice part, and work performed on the recording. You may include up to three solo instrument/vocal parts, but must clearly label these pieces as such. You may submit each piece as a separate file, or single recording. Please submit unprocessed samples (no reverb, auto-tuning, or other sound enhancements). If you submit a video, make sure the audio is clear.

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arts supplement resume

Supplementary materials penn Admissions

You may also list any summary honors, awards or special training outside of high school or college. 10-20 pieces of your best artwork. Videos should be no longer than five minutes. Theatre supplements, actors/performers should submit a pdf résumé listing roles played, beginning with the most recent: Include year, character, play, author, group and director. You may also summarize other theatrical experience. Describe additional drama courses and private study. A personal statement describing your future plans is also encouraged.

Actors/performance pdf students should also submit at least two auditions of contrasting styles, which must list the work in the recording; not be more than two minutes each; focus on the individual performance (monologues, etc. or, if featuring a group piece, clearly state in the summary which performer you are. Technical/design students should submit a portfolio of work. Playwrights should submit a writing sample. Music Supplements, a pdf résumé or list summarizing your music experience, including: Specific instrument, voice or composition experience.

This is not an application to a specific major or department, or for a scholarship, rather a chance to highlight aspects of your experience for the Admissions Committee. Supplemental materials should be received in the Admissions Office no later than the application deadline under which you are applying. Instructions, all supplements should be submitted using the website. Slideroom, which you can access through the common Application. Some tips about submitting supplements: If submitting through the common Application, choose "yes" to the art supplement question in the pomona college section of the "my colleges" tab.

Once you log into pomona's Slideroom portal, you will see a list of the various programs for which you can submit a supplement. Identify the correct program and click "begin." you may submit multiple program supplements from this page. You will be unable to submit your Slideroom supplement (s) until you submit the common Application to pomona college. You may also submit additional letters of recommendation as pdfs. If you don't have access to video equipment, you will not be penalized. We will give you due consideration based on the written information you submit. Supplement, requirements, visual, arts, supplements, a pdf résumé or list summarizing your visual arts experience.

Supplemental Application Materials harvard College

We support the following file formats: Video:.avi. Expanded, resume or Research Abstract, plan you are required to complete the activities section of the application. If an activity needs to be explained in greater detail, you may include an expanded explanation or resume. Please world note that an expanded resume is not a substitute for filling out the activities section of the application. Students engaged in academic research may submit a brief abstract in lieu of a resume. First-year and transfer applicants are invited to submit additional materials for consideration as part of their application for admission. . While supplements are not required, we are very interested in learning more about the activities you engage in with passion and dedication.

arts supplement resume

The Program encourages you to explore how the computer transforms your artwork and design ideas. . Please limit your selection to 5-12 pieces, or a maximum of 5 minutes of video. Fine, arts : Portfolios should include a minimum of 10 different works. An artists statement (approximately 300 words) is strongly encouraged. Music : There isnt a specific number of submissions that librarian need to be included. However, if you are submitting an original score, please upload the sheet music. File sizes and Types, although we technically support media files as large as 2 gb, please be advised that larger files will take longer to upload from your Internet connection and may stall if you are on a wireless network or one that cannot sustain. Uploaded documents may contain no more than 75 pages.

after the application deadlines. Portfolios must be submitted through your Penn Applicant Portal, which is accessible within 48 hours after you submit your application. Portfolio guidelines, architecture : Required only for transfer students applying for sophomore standing. There is no specific number of submissions that must be included. . Junior transfers are ineligible to apply to the Architecture major. Digital Media design Program : Portfolios should include at least one drawing or painting as well as any other work that highlights your talent. All forms of media are welcomed. Submit pieces that highlight your sense of aesthetic taste and vision and your eye for composition.

These additional recommendations are only helpful if the recommender knows you personally and can write specifically about you. Letters from family members or close family friends traditionally do not provide information thats helpful to the evaluation process. Please have this optional additional letter of recommendation (no more than one) submitted through the coalition or Common Application. Art or Music Sample, if you have exceptional and recognized talents in visual arts or music, you may submit dream samples of work for review by department faculty. You dont need to major in music or fine arts disciplines to submit a portfolio. However, if you plan to major in Music, fine. Arts, or Digital Media design, you are encouraged to submit portfolios as part of the application process.

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While there are some students who may benefit from including additional information, we recommend that you think very carefully before sending in supplementary material. In many cases, too many extra documents can take away from the strength of your application. In short, keep it simple! Below are the kinds of supplementary materials report we may consider, along with guidelines for who should submit them and how they should be submitted. We cant guarantee that non-required documents will be reviewed during the application process. Supplementary materials outside of those listed below wont be considered. Additional Letter of Recommendation, penn requires two letters of recommendation from academic teachers, which allows the Admissions Committee to understand a student's presence and impact in the classroom and school community. If you would like to submit another letter of recommendation beyond this requirement, we strongly recommend that it is not from another academic teacher. Examples of an appropriate recommender include an athletic coach, internship or research supervisor, boss at a part-time job, or local clergy member.

arts supplement resume
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Art or Music Sample. Expanded, resume or Research Abstract.

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  1. Can i include multiple instruments on my 10-minute recording? For more information on the optional arts supplement, please visit our faqs page. Below are the kinds of supplementary materials we may consider.

  2. A pdf résumé or list summarizing your visual arts experience. You may also list any honors. Arts Supplement, recording questions: I play more than one instrument.

  3. What Can i send as Supplementary materials. One option you have. Some schools require that students submitting an arts supplement turn in their entire.

  4. If you put a lot of effort into your portfolio, share the same care for your resume. Check out our art resume samples and accompanying tips to learn the secrets to exceptional resume writing. Information about, arts Supplement, submission;. Arts supplement materials must be submitted by the relevant application deadline of the admission plan you have.

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