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Twenty years from now there will be many changes in medicine, technology and in environment. Firstly, surgeons will be able to replace every part of human body so people will live longer. Secondly, there will be some changes in technology. Computers will become much more intelligent and they will be part of our everyday life. Finally, there will be also changes in environment. If we recycle we can save our nature and many of animals. We will be able to grow endangered plants and improve conditions for endangered species of animals. On the other hand, medicine care can become much more expensive, so only people with lots of money will be healthy and live longer.

Some of the classes I will need to take for my major are Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Advertising, Advertising campaigns, and Media planning. . to earn a masters of Advertising, at least thirty-three credits are required excluding undergraduate courses throughout the university. There are eighteen core credits out of the thirty-three. Some Classes unique to my degree are Advertising Planning, Advertising Theory, and Creative advertising Strategies. Electives such as International communication and Advanced Media planning are also required. A business Administration minor at the University of Florida provides an overview of the major practical elements of business for non-business uf undergraduates. This minor can be completed on line, at uf or through a study abroad program. To earn a business Administration minor, twenty four credits must be completed while maintaining.0 or higher gpa in the minor. Obtaining a masters degree would be beneficial in that a higher pay is earned and greater expertise in that subject is attained. Twenty years from Now Essay. An Essay: Twenty years from now, the world will be a better place to live in people are always looking for new ways to improve their life.

ten years from now essay

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Im okay after all this years, still strong and awesome. Anyways, my 50th wedding anniversary was such a successful event, Its like a family reunion to me, and Im so thankful 98 of invited didnt disappoint me, first it was like a big reminiscing party. I remember when we dissertation were young and I remember my wife now, it was like just yesterday i missed everything about the past, how we watch cinemas when we were young how we solved problems each time how we forget everything and run while laughing. Ten, years, from, now, my primary goal over the next ten years is to graduate from the University of Florida. I will major in advertising and possibly minor in business administration. I will graduate with a masters of Advertising (v.). In order to get this degree, i have to complete at least one hundred and twenty-four hours of credits.

ten years from now essay

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Its been like 70years ago, and the setting is its in our university and first I thought you short were a really arrogant guy, because you dont even say hi or hello when I go in but I realize the reason why such thing happens, because. But thats one of the coolest thing happened, i met my bestman in our wedding. And I remember when I was like the clown in our room, we laugh and laugh like we have no plates or assignments to do, when our grades is so low we were like stare to each other then laugh so hard. I wonder where our friends were after all this years. I hope they are all good and healthy. By the way how are you and your wife, jaja? I hope you all doing fine.

When they arrived to their destination everyone just stared at them with a disgusted face. Charlie and the monster then realized they were still in their underwear. They hopped out of their flying golf cart and went to the nearest bar and spent their day there, to then leave to go back home to bikini bottom. 10 years from now Essay. Hey, how are you? Its been how many years again since we met. Remember the day that we introduce our selves to each other?

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ten years from now essay

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His name was the cookie monster. As many normal people would dip their favorite cookies in milk. The cookie monster dips his favorite cookies into his alcoholic beverages. He says his favorite kind of cookie is a chocolate chip cookie. He enjoys dipping his cookies in his yeager Bomb.

He finds this very delicious. So one day charlie and the monster was sitting at the bar on Sunday night drinking like usual, when they came up with the idea to build a flying golf cart while working in there whitie tightie. The following Monday they began their build. After what seemed like years of working they finally finished and succeeded on building a flying golf cart. They didnt know where they wanted to drive it too. They figured since it could fly, that they would drive to the bahamas. So they both hoped sheets in the golf cart popped open there bottle of vodka and cranked up the radio and was on their way.

I keep on asking is there a man out there willing to go along with me and my dreams? Still, there has been no answer. Anyhow, i prefer to live my fullest life, fulfil my dreams, and stay single to take care for my mother, who will be in need for a lot of medical attentions in ten years from now. Those are not my imagination, but my dreams. I dream of become a red-Cross nurse who will travel to many different poor countries to bring cures and health to people devastated by illnesses.

I see myself in a broken family, yet I rise up and continue to work for my dreams and for the society. I also see myself as a big help for my mother as well as other mothers who are lonely and are suffering as they go through their aging process. All that I see now will be so for the next ten years? I then would like to joint the red-Cross team so i would have more of the opportunity to reach to those far away in the third world countries. You may also find These documents Helpful. Children 50 years from Now Essay. The weather and everything else happening in life. One day when Charlie was at the bar like he is every sunday night he met a guy that looked like a puppet of some sort.

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So, why cant I just be a widow after all? It is very likely that I will become a widow, though. In my culture we are very superstitious. I was born in the year of the tiger, and like many other people i know including my mother who were also born in the year of the tiger, all became widows or at least get divorce once. Personally, i do not believe in superstition, but I cant deny the fact that it is effecting on my mother. She has been up and down in many relationships, and at the end, she paper ends up with a divorce. She now is living with me with her chronic disease of hypertension and diabetes. Another reason for me to see myself as a widow is that I do not know if I can ever find a man who love. I have learned that there are no men, but all boys out there.

ten years from now essay

Most girls at my age want to get married, have kids, and have a happy family. I am no different. However, i dont think that I can maintain a family for long. The eager to become a working woman is way stronger than a dedicated mother and wife. I dont want to get marry, and then stay home clean up after my husband, and give birth to as many children as my husband prefers. I want to work away from home, and contribute my life to the society in general, and to the poor as well as sick people in particular. Hence, family would then be a burden if I marry someone who is not in support of my dreams. Indeed, i doubt that I can find a man who can be so generous to let me do all the things lee that I dream of doing. It does not sound so promising, but I think in ten years I will end up filing a divorce document if I have ever married.

way fulfilled. I now deal with more and more sick people, and the amazing thing about it is I never get bore taking care for them over and over again. Moreover, i even feel worthy when all that I do is referring a patient to a health clinic that can help with her particular needs. Everything else regarding my imagination or my dream may changed over time, but the self urge to help the sick wont ever be changed even in ten or twenty years from now. To be more helpful to the society, i need to continue my education to become an expert in nursing. I realize that the most effective way to get close to the sick is to work, work, and work as a nurse. I then would like to joint the red-Cross team so i would hav e more of the opportunity to reach to those far away in the third world countries. It will be challenging for i, on the other hands, want to settle down with a family.

Beyond all that imagination, i often see myself as a productive individual in the society as a red-cross nurse, a divorce woman with no children, and/or a widow living with my chronically ill mother. Becoming a productive member in our society is my dream. I like to work as a nurse to make positive differences in peoples lives. To me, nursing is a very important role in our society because it serves people in both physical and emotional when they are most in need of care essay and attention. I see myself through helping others. And in helping others to achieve their maximum level of function, i find happiness. I realize that there are still many unfortunate people, especially those who live in the third world countries, suffering from illnesses. I keep on telling myself to do something to get close to those people who are in uncomfortable stage of living.

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Ten years Fron Now Essay, research Paper. It always amazed me to see that I constantly change my answer to the question of where do i see myself in ten years. I will be in the mid thirties in ten years from now, and by then I will probably be more grounded. As always, my answer is depended on whom I hang out with at the moment as well as leisure activities i am engaging. Sometimes I see myself in my favorite movies characters such as babe from the movie pig in the city, or a part-time working wife as in Stepmom. Other times I see myself in an review image of the lady who did the advertisement for Christian. Children Charity encouraging people to donate money for the poor. I can see myself in many forms and shapes of life; however, many of them are just my imagination.

ten years from now essay
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  5. Descartes From Elco Essay, research Paper Ren Descartes ( ) From a short Account. Ten years Fron Now Essay, research Paper. Read more: Ten years From Now Essay. Now I come to a crossroad in my life where i choose what to do with my future and choose what will make me happy.

  6. You could research a song or record that went gold in the year that the couple. Ten years from now. Those are not my imagination, but my dreams. Cloning Essay research Paper CloningTwentyfive years ago.

  7. Me, ten, years, from, now, essay, writer - me, ten, years, from, now, essay, writer. Describe yourself 10 years from now. Technical writing 4th period year reflection essay 5 years from now, maybe, i am successful women. C 20, years from, now, essay, sample currently, i am 20 years old and.

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