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The standard exchange is for the original poster to put up their problem file on the online site, and for responders to post their solution files. As with any developer forums, use some discretion in viewing the responses as gospel. Its a large, active group, so a live subscription returns a fire hose of posts. Filemaker and Tableau vince mennano has been an early and generous champion of coupling Filemaker to tableau: Filemaker tableau building Dashboards with Interactivity filemaker tableau a match Made in Data heaven! John weinshel has been using Filemaker since the flat file days of the early nineties, and has managed his one man shop, datagrace, from Vashon Island, wa since 2000. Before that, he designed and built custom hardwood furniture for private clients. He has been certified for most versions of Filemaker, including 16).

It handles windows/file focus differently than Filemaker. Quit/Exit leaves other Tableau windows open, and multiple windows are unaware of each other. Books Packt m) a mumbai based publishing house, lady seems to have cornered this market, publishing guides by both Indian and Western authors. One of the most comprehensive, by the former, is Tableau cookbooks-Recipes for Data visualization, by Shweta sankhe-savale. The books rigid format and formulaic, repetitive language can obscure the thorough and thoughtful insights she brings to each feature she discusses. Ive also learned a lot from david Baldwins Mastering Tableau, as well as learning Tableau by joshua. Packt pushes cloud-based sales, and I no longer see a way to purchase either ebook or hard copies, on demand, from their site, although Amazon still sells hard copies. Dont know if theyve stopped, or you can still contact them for non-cloud versions. None of these is, say, eloquent javascript (a beautifully written book or a missing Manual, but they will yield to the thoughtful reader. Online reference ml Community m/community The online community is generally friendly and quick to help.

tableau reporting

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Further learning A couple of points to note about the tableau world:. Its a much younger product (b. 2003) than Filemaker and even its non-integer releases are not always entirely backwards-compatible. Dont be alarmed if tutorial examples dont dream quite match your screen. The contents of their Superstore and other test files have varied over the years. Little reverence is paid to object (field, file, worksheet, dashboard) naming conventions. of Students / of Classes (- summer and 4/16/15) would not be a surprising name for a calc.

tableau reporting

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Then, instead of the first most popular name, ask filemaker what were the third and 50th most popular names. How about adding a checkbox picker for which ranks you want to see? In the tableau screenshot above, homework the 1st and 10th most given names are selected. We are scratching the surface here; even within these narrow rows, we could create regions from the states, and build maps that tell us about the arc of names popularity. By 2010, those marys have become Emily and Sophia; how can we visualize that journey? Tableau offers us a powerful graphical environment (as do charting plugins and javascript). But it also offers us tools to reveal data, particularly patterns in groups of data, that are otherwise difficult if not impossible to view in Filemaker.

The y axis is the number of customers who have purchased n times in the selected year, where n is the x axis. 77 customers from the 2010 cohort, for example, made 3 purchases in 2013. Heres the same report presented in a more tableau-like manner: In the view above, you can select the cohort, which are color-coded lines, from the checkbox upper left. Our last example looks at a different data set: us newborns first names, looking at birth records by state since 1910. Download the free file from and import a few states into a filemaker file. Ive picked ca, tx, and. Then ask filemaker to display the most popular names, broken out by state and gender. Then break it out by decade.

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tableau reporting

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What if we wanted a picker for both the papers top n number of states (or customers, or something else and a picker for which field (total sales, profit, markup, number of sales) is used as the criterion? Still possible in Filemaker, but its getting a bit more complex. Heres a tableau version: Notice how ties are managed, and think about all the time youve spent working out methods to apply different business rules to ranking. Tableau provides native functions to rank competitively (shown or without numerical gaps, or with forced uniqueness, or by percentage. And were still looking at tabular data—no fancy graphics. Now lets ask a different question of the data, one that would be a challenge for Filemaker to answer on the fly: If we define cohort as customers whose first purchase is in a given quarter, how many of a given cohort re-purchase within.

Heres a text (tabular) version of Tableaus answer: The numbers within the grid are the number of customers of the cohort (y axis) making n additional purchases, x quarters out, where x is the x axis. So 856 customers whose first purchase was Q4 09 made a further 3 purchases. Rather than try to read those little numbers, we could have tableau show the big picture using what it is more known for cool graphics (the numbers still display on hover). Before we leave this data set, lets ask it one more question: Define the cohort as customers whose first purchase was in a given year. How many of the cohort for 2012 made n purchases in 2013? In the screenshot below, each line is a cohort.

One of its strengths is, in fact, revealing patterns about groups of groups. This post looks at how Tableau can—apart from its dazzling graphics—reveal hidden information within Filemaker data. It does not get into how to build calcs and views, nor how to connect Tableau to filemaker data; some suggestions for learning about Tableau appear at the end of this article. Lets use as a first example a data set of sales that appeared on these pages in July 2017 (. Virtual List Reporting, part 3 ). The included test file generates about 70K sales records, randomly assigned to a date, customer (and, thereby, state and type (walk-in, phone, internet kevins article describes an elegant method to build complex reports on the fly, without adding any helper fields or table occurrences, using.

The reports answer questions we commonly ask of such data: Show all sales, within one month, sorted by state. Show all sales, within one month, sorted by the number of sales per state. by profit or, by markup, smaller found sets of all above, limited to top. same idea, but by customer rather than state, broken out by type of sale. Here are the top 10 states by sales for December 2014, in Filemaker: Heres a tableau version of the same report (the actual data varies from the pictured Filemaker charts because of the random generators so far, no big differences. What if we wanted to see the top 15 states, instead of 10? What if we wanted a slider or pull-down for top n? A little harder in Filemaker, simple in Tableau.

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Tableau here on Filemaker Hacks. Zip (6Mb, contains two. Twbx files tableau trial: m/products/trial, the help tableau connector widget for the fms 16 data api has made developers aware strange of the incredible interactive charts and graphs in Tableau. What may be less obvious is that Tableau can also tease out data that is hard to see natively—independently of the cool graphs. Filemaker data is about a thing, an entity—the customer, stock, auto part, invoice item, reservation. With some additional work, we can see patterns in groups of data, but the default is to deal with it at the row level. Visualization tools like tableau, on the other hand, start out with groups of data. With some additional work, tableau can elicit information about individual records, but the default is to work at the aggregate level.

tableau reporting

Les liens externes doivent être des sites de référence dans le domaine du sujet. Il est souhaitable — si cela présente un intérêt — de citer ces liens comme source et de les enlever du corps de l'article ou de la section «Liens externes». Logiciels modifier modifier le code articles connexes modifier modifier le code liens externes modifier modifier le code le site biography internet dédié au reporting rse des entreprises International Integrated Reporting Committee (qui promeut le reporting intégré ) m, comparison Matrix (Comparatif : birt, jasperReports et Pentaho), consulté. Votre aide est la bienvenue! (fr) «Des rapports toujours plus simples à produire», sur m (consulté le 22 septembre 2010) (fr) «Exemple de méthodologie avec la société suez», sur m (consulté le 22 septembre 2010) reporting rh 1 (fr) «Reporting de masse - produire des rapports et les diffuser. Editors note: today we have a guest article written. John weinshel, who has been quietly contributing to the filemaker community for 20 years. Johns thoughtful postings have helped developers at all levels of expertise, and Im pleased to present his thoughts.

de la production de rapports et d'indicateurs (graphiques, tableaux, synthèses, etc.) en matière de développement durable, les solutions de reporting doivent notamment être en mesure de collecter des données tant quantitatives que qualitatives et ce, indépendamment de la complexité de l'organisation (entités, filiales). Alors que les solutions apportent toutes une fonctionnalité de consolidation des données automatisée et en temps réel, d'autres sont capables de gérer des workflows de validation pour assurer la mise à jour continue des données. Ce sont dans l'ordre : le ciblage des données puis des sources de données à rassembler, avec par exemple un paramétrage de l'année, du domaine, etc. L'extraction des informations utiles : groupement, tris, fonctions d'agrégation, calculs d'indices, etc. La mise en forme d'un rapport avec un canevas défini la production du rapport sous sa forme lisible la publication ou diffusion du rapport (intranet, messagerie électronique, document, etc.) Il existe trois étapes majeures pour la création d'un tableau de reporting : définir les objectifs cerner. Depuis 2010, la loi grenelle ii (chapitre ou «chantier» consacré à la gouvernance ) élargit et précise cette obligation pour un nombre plus important d'entreprises, avec des sanctions et un contrôle. Logiciels propriétaires modifier modifier le code cet article ou cette section a trop de liens externes (novembre 2017).

Avant l'introduction de cet anglicisme en France, on employait fréquemment le terme d' état pour évoquer les diverses sorties (tableaux, graphiques, bargraphes.) qui peuvent constituer un rapport. Le compte rendu concerne un type de rapports qui répond à la question «que sest-il passé?» ou dans un contexte opérationnel à la question «que se passe-t-il en ce moment?». Il existe dautres types de rapport pour répondre à la question analytique «Pourquoi et comment cela sest-il passé?» et à la question pronostique «que va-t-il probablement ou certainement se passer?». Ces différents rapports sont produits le plus souvent à partir dun entrepôt de données et d'avis d'experts. Il est recommandé (obligatoire dans certains cas) de faire les analyses par un tiers indépendant, de manière que les auteurs ne soient pas juges et parties, ce qui rend le contenu moins crédible. Le terme de reporting est employé de façon générique en informatique décisionnelle pour désigner toute production d' état, sans distinction. Différents types de reporting émergent cependant depuis les années 1990 : Reporting financier, le plus ancien ; Reporting social ou sociétal, de plus en plus pratiqué dans le cadre de la responsabilité sociétale des pdf entreprises (RSE) ; Reporting rh 3 Reporting environnemental ; Global reporting, avec en 1997 production. Avec l'émergence du développement durable, des fonds éthiques et du commerce éthique, et d'une certaine volonté de moraliser la finance, ces reportings sont examinés avec attention par un nombre croissant d'actionnaires, de gérants de portefeuille et d' agences de notation extra-financière. Des sites internet commencent à comparer les performances éthiques et environnementales des entreprises, et en France, un Observatoire sur la responsabilité sociétale des Entreprises (orse) a été cré.

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Un article de wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. (Redirigé depuis, reporting sauter à la navigation, sauter à la recherche. La communication de données (en anglais reporting ) est l'opération consistant, pour une entreprise, à faire rapport de son activité. C'est la présentation périodique de rapports et bilans analytiques sur les activités et résultats d'une organisation, d'une unité de travail ou du responsable d'une fonction, destinée à en informer ceux chargés de les superviser en interne ou en externe, ou tout simplement concernés par ces. C'est de plus en plus un des éléments de bilan des entreprises (volet du rapport annuel sur le développement durable par exemple) permettant de faire un point régulier sur la stratégie de l'entreprise, les moyens mis au service de cette stratégie et les résultats obtenus. Il est souvent communiqué aux actionnaires et au public. Cela est fait de manière obligatoire pour certaines entreprises, dans certains pays. Le reporting permet de comparer la maturité de différentes entreprises ou de différentes entités au sein d'une entreprise au regard d' indicateurs de développement soutenable ( environnementaux, sociaux, éthique et de santé ou économiques sommaire, le mot reporting peut aussi désigner : le document analysant. On parle alors d' informatique décisionnelle, du fait que ces rapports constituent une aide internet à la décision par la visualisation de la situation présente ( sous forme de statistiques, évolutions temporelles, cumuls et sous-totaux, etc ) qu'ils dévoilent.

tableau reporting
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  4. Tableau dashboards from scratch to support reporting and Business. Combined data from multiple data sources using. Brand Analysis and Client, reporting for Agencies with, tableau.

  5. Johns thoughtful postings have helped developers at all levels of expertise, and Im pleased to present his thoughts. List, reporting, part. Does your company or team use a business intelligence reporting system such as, tableau or Microsoft Power BI?

  6. 3.4 Establish Connectivity to, tableau, server via remote data collector. Tableau, parameters (Mandatory and Optional). Il existe trois étapes majeures pour la création d'un tableau de reporting. Cerner les variables d'action.

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