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When Ben Johnson was found to have been using steroids in the Olympics and was disqualified after winning the prestigious 100m sprint event, the headlines used were cheat. It could be argued that a fairer system would be to allow all athletes access and controlled use of steroids but this would be against the great ethics of sport. Athletes who are taking performance enhancing drugs are causing a heavy impact on their particular sport. Athletes play a major part in being role models for young people and therefor are ruining the image of the game or event for the next generation. If athletes cared for their sport they should look after the reputation of it and stay away from the use of drugs. Performance enhancing drugs can also have a negative impact on the physical and psychological health of athletes, particularly with anabolic steroids. Male athletes using anabolic steroids place their health at great risk and are often found to develop breasts, bad acne, decrease the size of their testes and become violent and aggressive, usually towards family, friends, coaches and team-mates.

It is also possible that athletes would use drugs to assist recovery and enhance their performance as they are concerned about losing their spot in their particular team or squad. Sportsmen and sportswoman know that money comes with success and this is a major contributing factor that prompts athletes to use drugs. They are all well aware that to be wealthy from sport they need to be the best in their sport and therefore take drugs to achieve number one status. Another contributing factor influencing athletes is that they believe that their fellow competitors are taking drugs to assist performance thus an athlete feels that they also have to take them to keep up with their opposition. Arguments For and Against the Use of thesis Performance Enhancing Drugs The dilemma over drugs in sport is summed up by Steve haynes, the Chief Executive of the australian Sports Drug Agency (asda). He says, There will always be grey areas because there is no clear rationale for why drugs should be banned (Sydney morning Herald, ). What this means is there is no obvious, defensible and absolute position regarding the use of drugs in sport. There are compelling arguments for banning drugs and compelling arguments for regulating them. 3.1 Arguments Against the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs Athletes that choose to use drugs to gain an advantage in their particular sport are creating an unfair situation for other athletes. Not only are they making it unfair on other athletes, they are also ruining the public image of their particular sporting event.

sport event essay

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This paper will aim to evaluate the issue of the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport, presenting arguments both for and against the use of these drugs. It will conclude with my plan personal view on this important issue. Drugs in Sport Contributing Factors There are a number of factors that may contribute to an athlete misusing drugs to achieve higher levels of performance in their chosen sport. These factors can be related to the drug itself, the person or the environment. There has always been a powerful need in people to prove that they are stronger, faster, better, than those around them and this is a major factor that contributes to athletes taking performance enhancing drugs. Many athletes use performance enhancing drugs to speed up recovery and return from injury. These athletes are under pressure to return quickly from injury to avoid a loss of income.

sport event essay

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Drugs In Sport Essay, research Paper. Drugs in sport prepared by wade Clark, year 12 health and Physical Education. Introduction When the topic of hazlitt drugs in sport is raised, images of muscle-bound athletes, pumped up with anabolic steroids, come to mind. Performance enhancing drugs have tarnished the image of many sports over the last few decades. Drugs in Sport is a broad term used to refer to the issues associated with the use of prohibited substances by athletes to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. In recent times, this issue has received high levels of media and public attention particularly in relation to Olympic and World Championships. In Australia, the national Rugby league (NRL) competition has been rocked by a number of high profile players testing positive for performance enhancing substances. Australian athletes and sport officials have also been involved in incidents involving athletes and prescribed analgesics and illicit recreational drugs including cocaine and cannabis. These issues have created a lot of confusion with regard to the drugs in sport debate.

S world, it is important that there is a means to improve performance. The corporate world has long been using psychological techniques to improve employee performance. It was only a matter of time before the athletic world adopted the same practices. Some people are skeptical about the validity of sport psychology, while others live. With sports producing hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It is important that athletes do everything that they can to improve the way that they play. Sport psychology is a valid, scientific way for athletes to do just that.

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sport event essay

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College athletes were split into two groups. One group participated in daily two-hour group sessions that introduced them to a variety of cognitive-behavioral interventions. These methods were discussed and practiced. The subjects were also asked to do a homework assignment outside of the group sessions. This went on for seven weeks. At the end of the study, the group who went through the program showed a significant decrease in anxiety, increases in academic performance, and increase sunset in successful athletic performance. (Holm., 1995) Where is the research going.

Fitts opened the first lab associated with sport psychology in 1895.(Sloubanov, 1999) Since his experiments on behaviorism and stimulus/response, there has been much progress and many changes. Sport has gone through a great metamorphosis that no one of that time could ever imagine. Today sport psychology has moved from the simple experiments of the early labs to sophisticated trials and tests. Focus is now on subjects as mental health, psychopysiological reactivity, and body image and esteem. (gauvin, Spence, 1995,. 436) The world of athletics is now a business, and now like other businesses, is always looking for ways to improve itself. Conclusion Since athletics seems to be moving from being a pastime to a way of life for many in today?

This is called learned helplessness. 287) In her study she approached this problem by splitting her subject into two groups. One group received feedback about their shooting techniques and were told that lack of effort was the reason for missed shots, not lack of ability. The other group received only feedback on their techniques. After her 4-week study was done, the group that received the positive reinforcement showed more mastery of the skills and greater improvement than their counterparts. 286) Another study also used basketball free throws as the basis for its study.

Craig Wrisberg and Mark Anshel did this study. It looks at the effectiveness of applying cognitive techniques to improve performance of shooting free throws. (Wrisberg, Anshel, 1989,. 95) Participants in the study were asked to shoot a number of free throws to provide a baseline for the study. Over the next three days, the athletes were giving instruction in between shooting sessions. They were introduced to mental imagery as a way to help with their shooting. The results showed a significant improvement in shot percentages of the players. 99) The holm, beckwith, Ehde, and Tinius study also looked at the use of cognitive approaches to athletic performance. They we interested in the role of stress and anxiety.

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(Holm, beckwith, Ehde, tinius, 1995,. 463) Any of these conditions can be detrimental to trunk ones competitive ability. Techniques such as mental imagery training and relaxation techniques can be used to attack problems in these areas. (McKenzie, howe, 1997,. S research was focused on failure, and why athletes believe that they don? T accomplish their goals. She learned that starting at young age, athletes are told that failure comes from their lack of ability.

sport event essay

Piagetial Cognitive theory are widely used. (Sloubanov, 1999) All of these are critical tools used by a sport psychologist resume to assist an athlete with his or her problem. Sport psychology involves preparing the mind of an athlete, just as one prepares the body. Sport psychology is an emerging field in the worlds of psychology and athletics. What Methods are Used? The problem that an athlete is facing will dictate what type of approach a sport psychologist takes. Issues such as motivation, self-efficacy, and depression are common in the athletic arena. 287) Athletes can also suffer greatly from anxiety and stress.

variety of things. They provide psychological assessment, crisis intervention, and psychological service. Just to name a few broad areas. All of these are areas that can also be useful to an athlete. A lot of the tools used by a sport psychologist are adapted directly from clinical psychology. Concepts such as Freud? S Personality test, and The.

From little league to backyard football, the goal is to win at all cost. With this increase pressure, athletes are looking for more and more ways to better their performance. One such way, which is now gaining popularity, is Sports Psychology. T a new field, its popularity is just beginning to take off. There is still a lot of skepticism about the validity or worth while of the practices used. The following is a review of a number of articles that outline different studies done mba that show how athletes can improve their performances. The articles were found using a database search of PsychInfo. Keywords such as increased performance, psychological practices, and sports were used to narrow the search.

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Sport Psychology Essay, research Paper, in our society today it seems like sports rule the land. Everywhere we look, there is some kind of sporting event going on or being televised. Almost everyone could be considered a fan of at least one sport. Some people follow paperless sports like a religion. With such an increased focus on sports, the athlete? S performances are put under a microscope. This puts more pressure on athletes to give a winning performance. No longer do athletes play for fun, they play to win. T happening just on the professional level; it is happening on all levels of sport.

sport event essay
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