Southwest annual report

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Sixty-5, founder: John Arrell Sixty-5 is developing a range of mobile apps and hardware that will make precision agriculture accessible to the many farmers who cannot afford current solutions. A primary area of focus for Sixty-5 is the use of gps in working fields more accurately. Enterprise software programmes invent sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by:Sponsored by: 15 innovation founder award each year, nisp connect asks members of the community to nominate individuals they think should receive the âinnovation founder of the year Awardâ. This Award recognises tech founders who have (i) achieved distinction in founding, leading or building a northern Irish life sciences or technology-based business, and (ii) contributed to the economy and quality of life of our region. This yearâs award was presented to Dr William Wright cbe, co-founder of The Wright Group, a leading manufacturer of passenger transport vehicles.  As a fully integrated global bus brand, The Wright Group employs 2000 people and has nearly 70 yearsâ experience in innovative design and. Innovation founder of the year previous winners dr peter fitzgerald 2013 tom eakin 2012 dr hugh cormican 2011 prof john anderson 2010 15 programmes invent 16 programmes 1616 knowledge economy index the northern Ireland Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) Report is an annual publication produced. The research tracks the health of the innovation economy by assessing data year-on-year, comparing our performance with other regions and monitoring the availability of capital.

14 winner: Vaccine tabs, founder: Vicky kett The vaccine tabs team, from the School of Pharmacy, queenâs University belfast, has developed a low cost vaccine delivery system that is story needle and pain-free, and is more stable and more effective than traditional vaccine jabs. Wifiear, founders: Roger woods, Brian douglas and Bosheng Zhou wifiear wants to improve the lives of people suffering hearing loss. Their improved hearing-assisted product will use technology based on wifi to bring hearing assistance to the userâs phone, and then to their hearing aid. Electronics invent awards Dinner at Titanic Belfast. 14 life and health winner: Green Sword, founder: david moorhead Green Sword has created a cleaning product that uses natural microorganisms to break down the tough hydrocarbon bonds that constitute oil and its products. Cool Safe essay 360, founder: Jerry kochanski cool Safe 360 looks like a classic pear-shaped lightbulb, runs at a modest 30 watts and provides illumination by a group of leds. This offers not only an energy saving but is also cool to touch, avoiding potential burns and fires. The danger of electrocution is also removed, as leds only require 12 volts. Engineering winner: Plotbox, founders: sean and leona McAlister Plotbox provides software-as-a-service to make life easier for the death industry. All the disparate data points in the process of managing a business such as a cemetery can be connected in one place, and accessed through an intuitive interface.

southwest annual report

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Invent audience at quickpitch 600 guests at invent awards at titanic belfast 12 programmes invent 92 entrants overall winner main sponsor winner: Inlifesize, founder: Greg Maguire led by visual effects industry veteran, Greg Maguire (Avatar, harry potter) and video game creative director Phil Campbell (Tomb. Write-to-read, founder: Gareth reid Gareth has designed a new font that promises to transform the reading experience for those with dyslexia. His mobile application photographs text, then displays it on screen in a bespoke font that significantly improves comprehension and retention levels for dyslexic readers. winner: Microbial Nematicides, founder: Johnathan Dalzell Microbial Nematicides has developed a new family of safe and effective pesticides to control plant. They have also developed two completely new systems for the cheap and rapid synthesis of these pesticides in the field, using various microorganisms which live in the soil. True food, founder: Tassos koidis Truefood is building a cloud-based catalogue of all the worldâs food and drink types, based on their specific molecular signatures. This database will offer rich insights into the true nature of the products we consume, and how they compare with each other. 13 programmes invent overall winners Plotbox creative media and consumer internet agri-food sponsors: Bank of Ireland Intel ibm actavis seagate dow AgriSciences Bombardier Randox (Afterparty) Tughans (Mentor day) Ulster University (Student Comp) partners ulster Studentâs Union paperless qub enterprise Students Union qub hsc innovations Ulster University.

southwest annual report

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The events aim to help founders connect with the talent they need to grow their ventures from ideas, book into fully functioning businesses.  technologies pitched in 2014/2015 included; healthcare data analytics, fintech software, state-of-the-art simulation engines and wearable neuro-technology, microbial liquids which remediate oil, and innovative solar roofing. Steering team brian baird (Chair) eir nisp connect stephen oâkane, pwc kathryn Walls, mills Selig Karla dooey, arthur Cox Vincent Farrelly, qub john Macrae, ulster University michael Robinson, afbi jason Johnston, carson McDowell Gabrielle McArdle, bank of Ireland engineering technology â33k prize fund summary invent. Its aim is to find new inventions which offer the greatest commercial potential. Invent evolved from the prestigious 25k Awards and was launched in 2014 in partnership with Bank of Ireland. Entrants competed for their share of the Â33k prize fund, and for six tickets for the ni tech Mission to california. Invent differs from the 25k Awards in terms of its category types, prize package and entrance criteria. It comprises six categories, as well as a student section, and this year it attracted a total of 92 entrants, and was managed by 55 mentors and judges via. An audience of over 200 attended the lively second round quick pitch event. 24 teams each made a three-minute pitch to the judging panel, from which the top 12 Finalists were selected.

I entered the process with a concept I thought had potential, and emerged at the other end with a solid foundation for the business and a well-articulated, credible investment proposition. Our eirs provided world-class guidance and support, and access to the nisp global network of contacts will continue to prove invaluable. Springboard gave us the confidence to know that we really are âinvestor readyâ chris acheson, cadshare steering team alan Watts (Chair) Jennifer Ferguson (Arthur Cox) Hal Wilson (techstartNI) Caroline McGoran (UU) Brian McCaul (QUB) Alan gourley (PwC) Ian beatty (Danske bank) Kerry McCorkell (Tughans) Chris. Darren donated time each week to help us resolve the various problems we were facing â from business model generation, to producing a sales strategy and preparing for investment. I canât stress enough how valuable it was to have such a successful and passionate entrepreneur â someone who has been there and done it himself - giving us regular, hands-on mentoring and help.â kyle gawley, get invited âgraduating from Springboard was a significant milestone. Our eir supported us with first-class mentorship and gave us a fresh, objective view of our business. By drawing on our eirâs 30 years of business experience, and taking guidance from nisp connect, we were able to recruit industry peers, including business directors from sports industry and commercial backgrounds.â danny turley, performa sport springboard eirs 11 programmes co-founders wanted since 2013, co-founders Wanted! Has enabled 48 founders of early stage startups to pitch to experienced commercial co-founders.

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southwest annual report

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Holly millar joined the connect team in January 2015 as Springboard Administrator. Hollyâs arrival brings a much-needed extra resource to help manage and schedule more participants through the Springboard 11 graduated this year 41 graduated to date programme. Now expanded in its scope, the programme succinctly addresses each of the key elements integral to a successful business strategy: market; product; team; governance; commercialisation, financing. Eleven companies graduated Springboard this year, and between them, the forty one graduates to date have accumulated an impressive set of statistics: â Â19Million invested â 170 direct, new jobs created â 650 jobs supported by alumni companies The number of applications has also significantly. During the coming year (2016 john Knapton, Springboard Director, will continue to build and leverage sb plus, connectâs global network of experts. Sb plus will use proven networks, managed through best- practice connect organisations. In the initial phase, these networks will be based in Belfast, san diego, gothenberg, singapore, copenhagen and Bogota.

The addition of these resources on windows the ground will help the project to significantly increase growth through export. 8 programmes springboard deliverables kpis (2014/15) Â19m invested 170 direct, new jobs created 650 jobs supported by alumni companies usps Here is what Springboard offers successful participants: â .5X reduction in go-to-market risk â leverage international networks to assist in export activities â content tailored. The programme focused on the product, the market, finances and the governance of the business, and as a result, our business now has a very clear direction. Â In short, Springboard has given me the confidence to take the company to the next level.â christine boyle, senergy âspringboardâs bespoke programme was absolutely invaluable to Axial3Dâs development as a company, and to me as its founder. From start to finish, the programme was tailored perfectly to our companyâs needs. The advice given through the panel presentations and corporate scrubs transformed the company from an innovative idea to a viable business with direction and purpose.â daniel crawford, axial 3d âspringboard was a transformational experience for cadshare, and for me personally.

Org/membership if you would like to find out how you could make a contribution to the development of young entrepreneurs and the economy of Northern Ireland. Summary springboard is a free programme which provides tough love for high growth potential innovations. It operates through an in-business, peer-to-peer coaching process that is specifically tailored to individual participants. Each company interfaces with an average of 25 experts, via organised panel sessions. This process helps to drive thinking and challenge supposition and results in a compelling commercialisation strategy and significantly reduced go-to-market risk.

Springboard is nisp connectâs flagship programme and it continues to grow in its depth of delivery for Northern Irelandâs entrepreneurs. Springboardâs pool of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) - those who have âbeen there and done thatâ - has increased significantly to 52 persons, with an additional 187 domain experts and 116 panellists. This means that the programme is now able to leverage northern Irelandâs most experienced business mentors, to support Northern Irelandâs most promising. The results are impressive. 95 of Springboard alumni companies remain in business, with close to 75 receiving investment to fund substantial growth. Springboard alumni are.5 times more likely to succeed, making them much more investor-ready.

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We need to engage the unengaged, to catalyse a real eco-system and double the dealflow. Â please join. We need your help. 4 what we stand for our vision is to transform Northern Ireland into one of the most entrepreneurial knowledge economies in Europe by 2030. Our core purpose is to mobilise expert business community volunteers gpa to help Northern Irelandâs entrepreneurs to create and scale fast-growth innovation companies. If nisp connect is successful, we will have helped to develop a culture of collaboration in Northern Ireland: this is what an innovation eco- system is really about. Critical success factors in April 2014 we set just one critical success factor for the twelve months to march 2015. This was: âto design and execute the funding model that ensures the independence, effectiveness and sustainability of nisp connect, while ensuring the diversity of competence in its direction.â we are pleased to report that this critical success factor was achieved. Âour vision is to transform northern ireland into one of the most entrepreneurial knowledge economies in europe by 2030.â 5 steve orr director â elaine smyth head of programmes â trudy parry special events programme co-ordinator desk â peter edgar invent co-founders wanted innovation founder.

southwest annual report

Steve orr, director two things happened this year which further fuel my belief that Northern Irelandâs entrepreneurs are on an unstoppable path of progress. First, in the 12 months to march 2015, more than 32 Northern Ireland companies set out to raise over Â1m each in funding. Twenty-two of these companies have listening closed on their investment (two companies took less than Â1M) and four others have term sheets offering investment. This is dramatically different to how things were even two years ago, when the vast majority of entrepreneurs were at the pre-seed and seed stages of investment. Second, in December 2014, nisp connect, in collaboration with Belfast City council and Invest ni, took 16 tech companies to california on the ni tech Mission. After an exhausting week of pitch forums and customer pitches, one thing was clear: our companies were âvalley standardâ and well able to hold their own with many of the really great companies on the californian circuit. Â massive challenges lie ahead as we embark on the next phase of nisp connect.

longoria and Stephen Fry! Chris horn, chair real progress is taking place in Northern Ireland, and while the growing success of our entrepreneurs is evident every day, it is great to see that independent research supports the fact that something special is happening here. The techNation report and our own Knowledge Economy Index both prove that all the hard work of so many people is paying off. I can never thank our army of volunteers enough, and credit must also go to our public officials for implementing bold and successful innovation policies. I would like to record my personal thanks to deti minister Foster and her officials for their support in seed funding nisp connect, which concluded in March 2015. Let me also extend my gratitude to the Chairman and board of Northern Ireland Science park foundation for not only continuing to underwrite nisp connect, but for providing expansion resources to take things to another level. Â lastly, i would like to acknowledge all of the member companies who support nisp connect with their time and resources. Thanks to you, we now have momentum.

NO.2 in uk for fastest growing. Northern irelandâs digital cluster, has doubled in size within five. Years to become the 6th largest. The.and so does nisp connect, nisp connect impact, nearly 500 early stage ventures and âwantrepreneursâ engage in our programmes every year. In early 2015 we surveyed 100 entrepreneurs who had participated more deeply in invent / 25K / Springboard /. Hereâs what the entrepreneurs said: â Â 98 would recommend nisp cconnect to a friend or family member. Regarding the unique value of nisp. Connect: â 85 learned something new â 89 met paper a valuable contact â .5 found employees â 52 met investors â 16 met a co-founder â 25 met customers, ni tech leaders at Buckingham Palace.

Annual, report, southwest Initiative foundation

Download, report, description 1 programmes annual report 2014/15 2 programmes. Northern ireland movie continues to make progress. 2nd fastest growing regional knowledge economy. Transcript 1, programmes, annual report 2014/15 2, programmes. Northern ireland continues, to make progress. 2nd fastest growing regional. Knowledge economy. Knowledge economy index growth 2009â14 tech nation. Northern ireland is where digital, companies grow.

southwest annual report
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