Restaurant greeter resume

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The website will also walk you through how to apply for Shoneys online, so it should be a quick process. Be sure you include a copy of your resume, while should outline your past work experience. Filling out the Shoneys job application online may still be easier for you. Regardless of how you apply, be sure that your Shoneys application is filled out as a direct application. Your application form should be legible if you decide to apply in-person. Once the company reviews all the applications, you might hear back with a request for an interview.

For the restaurant, customers are the number one priority. How you would deal with an upset customer will be very important for studies the interviewer. Be sure to include why you would do what you said you would, because maybe you have a different perspective on the situation than others have in the past. Applicants for managerial positions can expect to be asked stricter questions that are about management style, for example, what is your leadership style? How many years have you been in a management position? These questions will help the interviewer understand if you will fit in with the company and how you will fit in with the other employees. Advice for Application Process, if you want to apply for jobs at Shoneys you can either apply online or in-person. You may want to go to a local restaurant and request a free application. If you dont want to do that, you can find a printable application for Shoneys. Since there is a place to selection download application form, you can then select print application form and turn it in to the restaurant. To fill out an online application, go to the companys website, where you can browse Shoneys jobs online and read a job description for each position.

restaurant greeter resume

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Pay make is generally around 9 an hour. Shoneys Interview questions, if you are asked to come in for an interview, be ready to answer questions, such as these: do you have previous experience in a restaurant? While not all positions will require previous restaurant experience, it will always be helpful to you when trying to get a job. Be sure to share relevant work experience with the hiring manager. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? You must have applied for this particular job for some reason, so you will want to share that reason with the interviewer. Share the skills and qualities that you have that will help you be successful in the position you want and why they will help you. How would you deal with an upset customer?

restaurant greeter resume

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Managers are generally in charge of payroll, as well. Managers are often using assistant managers to help them with these tasks. Managers usually make a salary of around 50,000 per mom year. Prep cook, prep cooks organize the kitchen to help the cook prepare meals for the deal. They will also help prepare, cook and season meals. These associates also help keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Prep cooks also make sure that the food that leaves the kitchen is prepared to the companys standards.

Greeter, greeters are responsible for welcoming customers to the restaurants. These associates must be polite and engaging. Greeters will put people on waiting lists and seat them, as well. Greeters may also need to take reservations. Greeters may also need to read specials to customers if the servers are particularly busy. Greeters usually make between 8 and 9 an hour. Manager, responsibilities of the manager are to create work schedules, hire new employees, train new employees and supervise employees.

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restaurant greeter resume

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How old do you have to be to work at Shoneys? To start working Shoneys careers, you must be at least 16 years old. All restaurants are open every day from. M., so keep in mind that you may be asked to work odd hours to fill open areas in the restaurants scheduling. While most companies offer benefits, Shoneys offers its employees parent a few unique benefits. Some of Shoneys benefits are meal discounts, paid training and uniform credits.

Eligible associates may sign up for medical insurance and company-matched 401(k) retirement plans. Other benefits for qualified employees include paid vacation, disability insurance and life insurance. Server, as a server, employees can expect to work closely with the customers. Servers need to be able to take yes customers orders and carry food to the tables. These employees should also be comfortable answering questions about the menu. They will also help clear tables and rolling silverware. Usually, servers make the minimum wage for tipped employees and then tips.

The restaurants also serve breakfast. The company has a list of values that include treating each and every guest with respect, kindness and attentiveness. Another goal is to keep each restaurant looking clean and welcoming, so guests can enjoy their American cuisine. The company also likes to stay involved in the communities it serves with different kinds of volunteering. Shoneys Careers, shoneys jobs span from corporate to entry-level restaurant positions. Entry-level jobs include cashier, greeter, cook, prep cook and server positions.

All these positions, aside from the cooking Shoneys jobs, wont require previous experience. Managerial careers include assistant manager, kitchen manager and restaurant manager positions. Managerial career paths will be full-time, while other restaurant job opportunities will most likely be part-time. Corporate Shoneys careers will include positions in a number of different departments, including purchasing, finance, human resources, customer service, accounting and marketing. Corporate employment opportunities will span from entry-level to high-ranking positions. If you are interested in one of these positions, you may need to live near the company headquarters in Nashville, tennessee.

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The restaurants can be found from Maryland to Florida along the reviews east coast and from Missouri to texas in the more western locations. The company is currently headquartered in Nashville, tennessee. Also, the company is still privately owned. As part of the restaurant industry, shoneys has a lot of competition. This casual dining restaurant serves all sorts of food items, from burgers and steaks to sandwiches and pasta. The menu also wood contains seafood options and starters and sides. There are also a number of desserts.

restaurant greeter resume

Click here to apply online. Visit our locations page to find the eat'n Park nearest you. Shoneys Job Application Online, shoneys was founded in 1947 towards by Alex Schoenbaum in Charleston, west Virginia. Since then, the company has become a big boy franchisee and changed its name from Parkette big boy shoppe. Now, the company has a number of its own franchises in existence. You can find the Shoneys application link below. Now, the company has about 230 locations in 17 different states that are either owned by the company or franchised locations.

few more reasons to join the team at Eat'n Park. For a fully keyboard-accessible alternative to this video, view it in Chrome or on any Android or ios device, view it in Firefox with the all html5 add-on installed, or disable Flash in Internet Explorer. Transcript, regardless of your position, we offer our team members a competitive benefits package that is based upon minimum hourly requirements. These benefits include: Flexible Schedule, scholarships, paid Time Off, medical/Dental/Life Insurance. Vision Insurance 401K Plan, meal Discounts, short Term Disability, service Awards. Community Activities and Volunteerism, additionally, team members are offered the opportunity to advance their careers with Eatn Park by entering our management training program. In fact, over 50 of our management team began their careers as hourly team members. We always have room for another smiling face.

This is my second home." - tracy, server service supervisor at the new Castle eat'n Park (34 years of service) "My management team has always been hazlitt flexible with my schedule while i was raising my children. Then, when my mother was bedridden and living in another state, my managers never hesitated to give me time off for weeks and months at a time to care for her. Now, i'm a grandmother of 2 (and soon to be 4!). They continue to work around my schedule while i take care of my grandbabies. I'm thankful for Eat'n Park's family values and loyalty." - ellen, Greeter, server, Trainer, and Shift Supervisor at the McKnight road Eat'n Park (18 years of service) "I enjoy the flexible hours and having off whenever I have something important I need to attend. I also get to work with my grandma, aunt, and brother. And the rest of my co-workers are nice, wonderful people, too!

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Whether you have previous restaurant experience or not, as long as you can smile and have fun, we can teach you the rest! We want our team members to be happy and successful. We support this goal by offering great training, flexible schedules, and development opportunities for the following positions: server, greeter, buffet person, preparation person, cook, baker, dishwasher, or certified shift supervisor. But don't take it from. Here's what trunk our team members have to say. "I love working at Eat'n Park because of my fellow co-workers helping me out and being so understanding when I first started. My favorite part of being a greeter is getting to create smiles - on customers, and on cookies!" - savannah, Greeter at the austintown Eat'n Park (6 months of service) "I was a working mom - but my career was being a mom and wife. Eat'n Park allowed me to raise my family and make them my first priority during their growing up years.

restaurant greeter resume
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  5. We offer great training and development opportunities for the following positions: server, greeter, buffet person, preparation person, cook. Event coordinator resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

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