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my mongolia essay

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my mongolia essay

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my mongolia essay

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Then we took an eight-day, 100-mile horseback trip through moraine hills, steppe meadows, and the Khangai range, to sacred 10,427-foot suvarga mountain. Our 17-person assemblage of Australian, French, and American families (most living in Kathmandu) and guides ranged in age from two to 70, including five children. We rode the short, lean Mongolian horses that seem able to canter and gallop forever. The kids adored the riding. Galen and a four-year-old, gabriel, each joined a parent on a horse; the older children had their own mounts. After each day's ride, when the horses were unsaddled and left to graze, we attempted theory to learn Mongolian, practiced yoga, or gathered wild berries and leeks while the kids jumped back on the saddles and played until it was time for a supper for of pasta.

We dined under the stars, made toasts with jade cups, and listened to the guides' penetrating Mongol songs of the heart: high-pitched tales of sorrow, lost love, and horses. If a mongol feels cramped, he'll simply grunt, "I'm going out to look for my horse." Then he might disappear for days. Every now and then, we all need to go looking for a horse.

Racing at naadam epitomises all of these strengths, and is symbolic of the fact a nomads life is not possible without his animals. The focus of these races is on the horse more than the children, who are mere passengers. The jockeys and their coaches sing to the horses to honour them after the race, and bless them by splashing them with airag, fermented mares milk (white is a sacred colour for Mongolians and considered an auspicious symbol). Even before the last few stragglers come in, the crowds climb over the barriers and rush to greet the triumphant winner, a beaming 11-year-old boy, and touch the sweat of the winning horse for good luck. While about 50 horses compete, only the first five receive prizes. And while some of the younger, less successful jockeys struggle to conceal their disappointment, its clear that the point of this race is in the honour of participation.

Tessa Chan travelled to mongolia with. Tim Cope, author, filmmaker and wilderness guide at World Expeditions (m). Full story to follow soon. Sometimes family life feels too cramped, and a mother yearns for open spaces: a huge desert steppe for a living-room carpet and a vast Asian sky for a ceiling. My cravings are satisfied in Mongolia, where i've traveled with my familymy husband, Thomas, and sons, liam, six, and Galen, twofrom our home in Kathmandu for each of the past three summers. Last July we journeyed to Arkhangai, a north-central district thick with taiga forests of larch, pine, and birch. We spent two weeks in a ger, the traditional yurt of beaten felt, handmade by mongolian friends in the tuul river valley.

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Helmets were officially introduced in the last couple of years in response to hippie safety concerns, but outside of the capital most continue to ride bare back and bareheaded as theyve grown up doing on the steppe. Races go up to some 40km long, and often cover challenging, mountainous cross-country terrain. Competing in naadam is an important rite of passage for the boys, who train for years, taking their horses to different altitudes. While not all children in Mongolia will have what it takes to compete, nearly all nomad children will learn to ride. Survival guide: Mongolia on a shoestring. Horse riding skills and the wisdom to select a good horse are essential to the nomadic life, as is endurance. Once the boys reach their twenties, their role will be to look after the family, and protect them from the cold winter, wolves, report thieves and disease.

my mongolia essay

A long, bumpy off-road wild goose chase follows, as no one we ask seems to know where or when the race will start not kashmir even the tense trainers and jockeys standing around. One policeman snoozing by the barrier tells us he has no idea and not his responsibility, while another sends us in a massive circle which brings us back to our starting point. Then, suddenly all the cars seem to start driving in the same direction, and trucks bearing race horses rattle behind us, overtaking us in their haste to get to the starting line. We soon find a car park where crowds of locals are gathering, crouching between cars drinking salted yak milk tea, mugs of vodka (both of which they generously share with us to take the edge off the early start) and chewing on boiled mutton chops. Winners and losers in Mongolia's mining gold rush. The clouds lift just in time for the race to start, and everybody makes their way to the finishing line to cheer the first jockeys galloping. We can hear them from a distance shouting commands and see them whipping their horses vigorously to urge them. The maximum age for a jockey is 12 to ensure the horses dont need to bear too much weight; some of the jockeys are as young as five years old.

your professional teachers. I will spend all my duty off hours and weekend times and give full attention to prepare toefl test, and get toefl ibt test score above 100 in next three months. I really admire and hope that you fully understand my wish and your scholarship will help me to achieve the goal. Its 6am and raining when we crawl reluctantly out of our sodden tents, pitched late the night before in Uliastai, western Mongolia, where we have set up camp to watch naadam, the countrys biggest annual celebration. Also known as the three manly games, the event is a chance for people to show their skills at racing, wrestling and archery, and many dress in their finest clothes for the occasion. Though the biggest event is held in the countrys capital, Ulan Bator, smaller regional celebrations like this offer a chance to get closer to the action. Crossing the mongolian steppe in a mud-spattered van. We eat a hasty breakfast and get in the cars, as weve heard the horse race will start at 7am.

It oliver is that to study in own interested major, to become a professional, then to do useful things for my family and country and to be proud of my life. First step of my goal was that to enter to one of the domestic top universities and to graduate well. After graduation in 2010, i had aimed to work and try out myself in job field. Therefore, it has been 3 years being a small part of Newcom group, one of leader groups of Mongolia. Now its time to move forward. Next step is entering and upgrading my profession in an international top university and becoming a global man. Worldwide language English, particularly toefl high score, is a key to achieve this goal.

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I'm writing essay to a small scholarship in our country. Please help and give me advice on this essay. How to be successful? What is the key to success? Of course, it is goal. I hope that if you for set a goal in your every step and find the right way and fight to achieve the goal, once it will be successful and your life will be more attractive and effective. Whats my goal for today?

my mongolia essay
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  3. This week in Asia. Handmade simplicity in mongolia. we have nothing but our reindeer : conservation threatens ruination for. Now i am working for another and have lost my independence.for mechanical engineering 10mg frumil pill no script required proper form of a research paper college board synthesis essay rubric benemid in germany argumentative essay computer dependency mba admission essay.

  4. Before my trip to, mongolia, id imagined vast swathes of deserts and empty steppes. And barcelona is my favourite city that I would like to travel. Photo essay : Mongolia s fearless child jockeys race for glory at naadam.

  5. Photo, essay : Mongolia. If a mongol feels cramped, he ll simply grunt, i m going out to look for my horse. Then he might disappear for days. Essay from, mongolia — the land of the Blue sky.

  6. Please help and give me advice on this essay. How to be successful? Please check my essay.

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