I lied on my resume

I, lied, on, my, resume, and Got The job, i, lied, on, my, resume, and Got The

They could all shut down or close your account and youd be left with zilch. You own your website. So when it comes down to it, a well-designed website that doesnt crash once a month was worth every penny. That being said Im glad its behind. I was utilizing the left side of my brain for so long that I felt creatively zapped! What has been one of the most exciting moments since creating your blog?

Back in the day i would just throw anything up, see if it stuck, and move. I put so much less pressure on myself and I think the bar across the board just wasnt as high. As ive been doing this longer, ive tried to expand to more home décor, travel and personal content that isnt just fashion-centered. The blog started with a focus on fashion and I think that will always be a pillar, but I want to continue to grow other verticals because lets be real sometimes not being the subject of a photograph is freeing! Youve been very runner vocal about the problems youve encountered with your site over the past year. What have you learned from this experience? Oh my this year has been a tech doozy. I essentially redesigned my website from scratch and it ended up costing me about double what I had budgeted. Still worth it though and I would do expository it again. You dont own your social media instagram, facebook, twitter owns that.

i lied on my resume

I, lie on, my, resume?: Strategies That Win the career

I film it once resume and if I walk into a door or cut myself off I post. I want the real-ness! Instagram started out that way and now its essentially a pinterest feed so i want to keep the video aspect fun and less staged. But, everyone has a different skillset. Maybe youre more reserved and the thought of posting a video without makeup on terrifies you. Its about knowing your strengths and finding the ways to best utilize them. How has your content changed since you began your blog?

i lied on my resume

I, lie on, my, resume 2017?

We love how personal you are on Instagram stories. How do you utilize instagram and Instagram stories to connect with your audience? What do you find works for you best? It sounds so cliché, but be you. Ive always had this loud, sassy, outspoken personality. I have actually wanted to start a channel movie for years but havent had the bandwidth as a team of one, so when Snapchat/Insta stories came out I was like, jackpot! What you see is what you get. I dont film things 4x until theyre perfect.

Everyones business model is a little different and therefore each person generates income in different ways. This might be unlike the majority, but because i had a full-time job and managed cbl on the side/weekends for so long, i just blogged about whatever I wanted to until brands started reaching out. I was like, whoa! You want to send me a scarf? I guess Im beyoncé now. For every yes I give a collaboration proposal, i probably give about 10 nos. Its really important that Im genuinely sharing products I love and use. Once my readers cant trust me, thats. There are thousands of blogs they could read instead of mine so i really value their trust and respect.

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i lied on my resume

Lied, on, my, resume

It was always my husband until I started blogging full-time and I promised him that once i had more time to professional focus on it, i would give him his weekends back. He was 100 persuasive okay with releasing that responsibility. But he still gets roped into some projects. Its his own fault because hes quite talented! How do you set your photos and your brand apart from those of other bloggers? Sometimes this means not necessarily reading other blogs or scrolling Instagram all the time so i can focus on creating original content that stems from inspiration around.

In any industry, mimickers or copycats are inevitable, so i really try to do what I can to authentically be myself. A lot of people wonder how sponsorships work for bloggers. Can you walk us through that process? Additionally, how has the process changed for you since you began your blog (and since you began monetizing your blog)? I dont think there is really one answer for this.

In any industry, mimickers or copycats are inevitable, so i do what I can to authentically be myself. When were you able to turn your blog into a full-time job? Which facets of the business (if any) had to grow before that step could be taken? I actually blogged on the side for about five years before taking my site full-time. I didnt really take it seriously for the first three or so years, and once i started tracking it more accurately, i realized it might be able to stand on its own if I set short-term goals for myself. My husband is still training in his medical residency, so i felt irresponsible leaving a great job with benefits unless I felt confident I could succeed on my own.

He had actually been telling me to blog full-time for years, but i am so type a i was like, boy you crazy! Once i matched my corporate income for three months, i knew I could confidently focus on it full-time. I kept an itemized spreadsheet of income, expenses, billing, etc. I hired my accountant cousin who is young and understands this digital influencer space to help me with areas that were over my head, and I just went for. Who takes your photos? Have they always been the one to take your photos? A combination of my husband and a local photographer in Orange county.

I, lied, on, my, resume, and Got caught

I feel like its so true! How do you hone these skills? How do you grow professionally? By continuing to challenge yourself, educate yourself and putting in writing the time. I think sometimes bloggers (including myself) can dissertation be so focused on growth that we arent necessarily appreciating the audiences we do have. I remind myself regularly that my readers are why i have a job. I may be my own boss but really, i work for my readers. You know, i really believe in the power of the subconscious. I fully respect and admire other influencers, but I try to stay in my own lane.

i lied on my resume

I was like, but Carrie bradshaw had Manolos, her own apartment, and was at every restaurant opening and she wrote a column for the new York Star! What skills and qualities do you think are necessary to succeed as a professional blogger? I think its easy to look at other social media superstars and think, that looks easy i can do that! And maybe you can! But its probably taken those girls you admire years to hone their skills and create a dedicated following. If youre truly passionate about joining this industry, my advice is not to expect overnight results. You have to love it enough to continue putting in the time it while your audience list builds. That saying, choose a job you love and youll never work a day in a life?

I never envisioned it becoming a career. I think that is what makes some of the girls who have been around in the blogging world for a while so successful that they truly started their sites out of love and passion and not necessarily for income. Not that starting a blog for income is bad by any means — its just two different angles. Youve said that the inspo for the name of your blog came after college, when you realized that post-grad life is not as glamorous as Carrie bradshaw led you to believe it would. What aspects did you feel were less glamorous than expected? I thought I would be going out with new friends, dining at all the coolest restaurants and shopping on the weekends. With my entry job salary, i could only afford to eat or shop (at Forever21 and h m)—not both.

My first job was working in the marketing/PR department of southern living Magazine. I actually knew this was my dream job about halfway through college, so i curated my resume and internships around the goal. I landed the job, and in my first month, half of my floor (the southern Accents team) was laid off when their magazine folded. I thought I might need a new dream job. You were a blogger before blogging was as wallpaper common as it is now. Did you ever think it would become so popular? During that time of panicking about my magazine dream job not panning out how I had envisioned, i started my blog on the side.

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So lets be honest. When scrolling through your Instagram feed, you have the accounts you scroll straight past — and the accounts you cant get enough. For us (and for nearly 350,000 others kathleen Barness @carriebradshawlied, the account which corresponds to her blog of the same name, is one essay of those we love to love. What began as a fashion lovers creative outlet turned into one of the most well-loved blogs on the Internet, and Kathleen has since made an incredible career out of her love for sharing her words, thoughts, outfits, and ideas. Here, kathleen tells us how her career trajectory took an unexpected turn, the advice she has for those hoping to break into professional blogging, and the secret behind her blogs memorable name. Name: Kathleen Barnes, blogger at, carrie bradshaw lied, age : 30, location: Orange county, california. Education: Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Broadcast journalism and Emphasis in Public Relations from The University of Mississippi. What was your first job, and how did you land it?

i lied on my resume
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  4. How Carrie bradshaw lied Became One of The Internets favorite Bloggers. Nevertheless, after she apologized for this (and because she is not a conservative reid was allowed to resume a media career that traffics in conspiracy theories, race-baiting, and uninformed Trump-bashing. A common question: Should you add degrees or credentials after your name on your resume and LinkedIn profile? Because you are marketing yourself in the job market, be careful how you present yourself so your target employers see you as a viable candidate.

  5. Is it all right to put just years on a resume, or should you include months on a resume? What if I have a gap in work history? My reference lied to make me look better I have a strange sort of reference question: What should.

  6. A little fibbing on your resume might not seem like a big deal when you're applying for a low-ranking position, but you never know where your professional career will end. Its five answers to five questions. Here we. I lied to quit my job and don't know what to tell my former coworkers now I lied to quit my old job.

  7. I lied about my degree on my résumé for years—and now ive been found out. Decades ago, looking for an "in" into hollywood, david Geffen lied about attending and graduating from ucla in order to obtain a mail room job at talent agency william Morris. Consumer complaints and reviews about my perfect Resume. It is a fraud.

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