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Appeared in the ieee transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2010. Sanjeev kumar, daehyun Kim, mikhail Smelyanskiy, yen-kuang Chen, jatin Chhugani, christopher. Hughes, Changkyu kim, victor. Lee, and Anthony. Nguyen, Atomic Vector Operations on Chip Multiprocessors. To appear in the 35th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (isca china, jun 21-25, 2008.

Hash revisited: Fast join Implementation on Modern Multi-core cpus. Appeared in the vldb, 2009. Guy, jatin Chhugani, changkyu kim, nadathur Satish, ming Lin, dinesh Manocha, pradeep Dubey. ClearPath: Highly parallel Collision avoidance for Multi-Agent Simulation. Appeared in the acm siggraph symposium on Computer Animation, 2009. Jatin Chhugani, akram Baransi, anthony. Nguyen, william Macy, mostafa hagog, sanjeev kumar, victor. Lee, yen-kuang Chen and Pradeep Dubey, efficient Implementation of Sorting on Multi-core simd cpu architecture. Appeared in the vldb 2008, 34th International Conference on Very large data bases, auckland, new zealand, aug 24-30, 2008. Mikhail Smelyanskiy, david Holmes, jatin Chhugani., mapping High-Fidelity volume rendering for Medical Imaging to cpu, gpu and Many-core Architectures.

hybrid modern resume

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Lee, changkyu kim, jatin writing Chhugani,., debunking the 100x gpu. Cpu myth: An evaluation of Throughput Computing on cpu and gpu. Appeared in isca, 2010. Nadathur Satish, Changkyu kim, jatin Chhugani,. Fast In-Memory sort on Modern cpus and gpus: a case for Bandwidth-Oblivious simd sort, Appeared in sigmod, 2010. Changkyu kim, jatin Chhugani, nadathur Satish,., fast: Fast Architecture sensitive tree search on Modern cpus and gpus. Appeared in sigmod, 2010. Sigmod best paper award. Changkyu kim, Eric Sadler, jatin Chhugani, tim Kaldeway, anthony Nguyen,.

hybrid modern resume

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Palm: Parallel Architecture-Friendly latch-Free modifications to b trees on Many-core Processors. Appeared in vldb 2011. Jens Kruger, Changkyu kim, martin Grund, nadathur Satish, david Schwalb, jatin Chhugani, hasso Plattner, Pradeep Dubey, alexander zeier. Fast Updates on read-Optimized Databases Using Multi-core cpus. Nguyen, nadathur Satish, jatin Chhugani,.,.5-d blocking Optimization for Stencil Computations on Modern cpus and gpus. Appeared in SuperComputing 2010. Guy, jatin Chhugani,., pledestrians: a least-Effort Approach to Crowd Simulation. Appeared in Symposium on Computer Animation 2010.

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hybrid modern resume

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Fast and Efficient Graph Traversal Algorithm for cpus : Maximizing Single-node Efficiency. Appeared in ipdps 2012. Nadathur Satish, Changkyu kim, jatin Chhugani,., can traditional programming bridge the ninja performance gap for parallel computing applications? Appeared in isca ten 2012. Changkyu kim, jongsoo park, nadathur stereotype Satish, hongrae lee, pradeep Dubey, jatin Chhugani Cloudramsort: fast and efficient large-scale distributed ram sort on shared-nothing cluster. Appeared in sigmod 2012.

Mikhail Smelyanskiy, karthikeyan vaidyanathan, jee choi, balint joo, jatin Chhugani, michael. High-performance lattice qcd for multi-core based parallel systems using a cache-friendly hybrid threaded-mpi approach Appeared in SuperComputing 2011. Changkyu kim, jatin Chhugani,., designing fast architecture-sensitive tree search on modern multicore/many-core processors. Appeared in acm trans. Jason Sewall, jatin Chhugani, changkyu kim, nadathur Satish, Pradeep Dubey.

Publications papers : complete list, citations. Jatin Chhugani, changkyu kim, hemant Shukla, jongsoo park, pradeep Dubey, john Shalf, horst. Billion-Particle simd-friendly Two-point Correlation on Large-Scale hpc cluster Systems. Appeared in SuperComputing 2012. Gordon bell prize finalist.

Venkatraman govindaraju, chen-Han ho, tony nowatzki, jatin Chhugani, nadathur Satish, karthikeyan Sankaralingam, Changkyu kim. Dyser: Unifying Functionality and Parallelism Specialization for Energy-Efficient Computing. Appeared in ieee micro, 2012. Valgenti, jatin Chhugani, yan Sun, nadathur Satish, min sik kim, Changkyu kim, Pradeep Dubey. Gpp-grep: High-Speed Regular Expression Processing Engine on General Purpose Processors Appeared in raid 2012. Nadathur Satish, Changkyu kim, jatin Chhugani and Pradeep Dubey. Large-Scale Energy-Efficient Graph Traversal - a path to Efficient Data-Intensive supercomputing. Jatin Chhugani, changkyu kim, jason Sewall and Pradeep Dubey.

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Professional activities technical Paper reviewing: Served as reviewer for top tier conferences and journals like siggraph (acm tog acm i3d, vldb, superComputing, etc. Intel Graphics ip committee: Served on the internal Intel Graphics ip committee ( ). Was responsible for reviewing the submitted disclosures and assessing their suitability for being filed. Technical Paper Committee: Served on program committee of ParLearning 2012, a workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Machine learning and Inference Problems. Delivered technical presentations for accepted papers at conferences. Delivered several internal Intel presentations. Invited Talk on "Feasibility of Hybrid Multi-core computing" in High Performance computing, 2012. Served on the Phd committees of Jason Sewall (unc, 2010 jonathan su (Stanford University, 2011) and and Stephen. Served on the Industry panel on "Future direction in Parallel Processing in ist/spie pdf electronic Imaging: Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications 2011.

hybrid modern resume

Senior cad engineer, technology cad group, Intel Corporation (October 2004 - january 2006) Research Assistant, johns Hopkins University (Spring 2000 - summer 2004) developed and implemented algorithms to interactively walkthrough large geometric models, and render the models by exploiting the current graphics hardware pipeline. Also, developed schemes for real-time rendering of models comprising of parametric surfaces. Also developed algorithms for fast updates to isosurfaces of a scalar field. Teaching Assistant, johns Hopkins University (Fall 1999) Created homework and exam problems and taught lectures for graduate level Algorithms course. Summer Intern, ibm solutions Research Center, India (may '99 - aug essay '99) Involved in developing a novel algorithm for fingerprint recognition. Proposed a scheme which assigns a unique signature for each fingerprint. Summer Intern, ibm solutions Research Center, India (may '98 - aug '98) developed and implemented a scheme for protecting the authenticity of digital images by embedding a lossy compression resistant invisible watermark inside the digital image.

20). Developed and coded (using C/C/other parallel programming languages) algorithms for exploiting thread- and data-level parallelism on modern and upcoming computing platforms, including cpus, gpus and mic. Published the fastest single-/multi-node sorting, search, join, stencil and classification algorithms on current processing platforms. Made significant contribution to the definition of Intel Many-Integrated Core (MIC) architecture and the development of the. Intel xeon Phi coprocessor. My research and development in the areas of physical simulation, high performance computing, high performance databases, qcd, and stencil-based operations helped improve mic and other multi-/many-core architectures, as well as demonstrate its full performance potential. I was Intel's technical lead behind its Top-10 ranked position in Graph5, and the lawrence berkeley national Labs isaac project, where we devised and implemented the Optimized tpcf (Two-point Correlation Function) application, which was chosen as a finalist for the gordon Bell Award (highest hpc. I was awarded Intel's highest honor (the Intel Achievement Award) in 2012.

Computing and writing Computer Graphics. Research/technical interests: Interactive graphics, high-Performance computing, computational geometry, big Data/Graph Analytics, Throughput Computing, Image Processing, many-core Architecture. Education, johns Hopkins University, baltimore,. September '99 - september '04. Thesis: High-Fidelity walkthroughs of Large virtual Environments. Indian, institute of Technology, delhi, india. Bachelor of Technology, computer Science and Engineering. Thesis: a model Based, online teleconferencing System. Experience, co-founder and cto, phiSix Fashion Labs (June 2012 - present).

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Die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem dienstanbieter in irgendeiner beziehung. Sollten markenrechtliche Probleme auftreten, wenden sie sich bitte direkt an den Domaininhaber, welcher aus dem Whois ersichtlich wird. Kravchenko department pulpit of animals breeding swinging and genetics, national University of Life and Inviromental Sciences, tree kievkyiv ukraine, e-mail: somatic mutagenesis of mammals as indicator microevolutional processes. Keywords: chromosome, karyotype, aneuploidy, premature separation of centromeres, Chernobyl accident, microtus oeconomus, Clethrionomys glareolus, kostenko. Post-graduate student, national University of Life and Inviromental Sciences, avchenko department of animals breeding and genetics, kiev, ukraine. Selection of alleles of qtl (quantitative trait loci) in rockforming and domestication of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa keywords: Sus scrofa, domestication, rockforming, quantitative trait loci, prlr, esr, mc4r, myog). Jatin's Resume, jatin Chhugani. Objective: Create transformative products using my expertise in High-Performance.

hybrid modern resume
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  1. Hash revisited: Fast join Implementation. Appeared in the vldb, 2009. We have a small team of developers, an artist and a story writer working on a light hearted strategy / action hybrid game. Keywords: Darwin species, species-criteria, willows variation, vicarious species of willows, monotypic species of willows, polytypic species of willows, hybrid zone, hybrid willows.

  2. Provide hybrid microcircuit designing and representation management on behalf of production. Invited Talk on feasibility. Hybrid, multi-core computing in High Performance computing, 2012.

  3. The city University of New York. The verrazano School Professional development. Resume development and career workshops. Past work experience as a drafter also needs to be mentioned on the resume.

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