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This is an extremely important thing to know. One that youre not going to be able to figure out unless you do some digging or followed our earlier advice and asked. You need to know whether or not your gambler is brand new at a particular game or if theyre an expert who has been playing the game for years. Heres a non-gambling related example. Imagine that you are getting a gift for someone who likes football. You decide that youre going to get them a nice football.

So, how do you hero find out what game your gambler likes? Well, you ask them! If you ask them this around the holidays, theyre going to know why youre asking which is totally. This does give them a chance to let you know if they want something in particular or if there is absolutely nothing that they want or need to go with their particular game of choice. The funny thing about gift giving is that people think gifts lose value if you ask the person what they want specifically. This is simply not true. Think about when you get gifts. Would you rather be surprised by a gift that you kind of want or have a pretty good idea that youre getting a gift that you really want? We think that most of you sane individuals would initials say you would want the gift you really want with a little inkling that its on the way. Why would this be any different for anyone else?

gifts for someone who likes to write

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The most important thing that youre going to need to know is what game your gambler plays. Do they play poker? What are their favorite games? You see, gambling is not one big umbrella where everyone plays all of the games. Its very common to see a gambler who plays only one game and has thank never had any interest in the rest. This is especially common with poker players as they are, in fact, not actually gambling (theyre playing a game of skill). Many poker players have zero interest in the casino games, which means a casino related gift would be a miss.

gifts for someone who likes to write

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googleads Alternatives Newer » This thread is closed to new comments. Ho ho hoor Happy hanukkahor Merry KwanzaorWe have no idea what holidays you celebrate, but we do know that most of these holidays involve the act of gift giving. This goes for birthdays, too, and mom a lot of other holidays and special occasions that dont happen around the end of the year. If youre anything like us, you love to try and give the perfect gift. While we love to give the perfect gift, sometimes it can be a challenge. If the special someone that youre shopping for is a gambler and you know absolutely nothing about the matter, weve got you covered. Today, were going to walk you through some ideas to help you figure out exactly what gift would be best for that special gambler in your life. While we dont know you all personally, we think these tips and suggestions should be good enough to help steer you in the right direction.

But if you insist on giving something, i once heard that pearson told his cabinet ministers that they could accept as gifts only things that they could consume with their spouse in one day. I would follow that rule of thumb if you intend to give a gift - a box of chocolates sounds about right. Posted by duck at 12:42 pm on January 29, 2006 I think a donation to a charity or a cause is the only acceptable thing, because she doesn't get any personal benefit out. Unless she sits on the board of the charity or something in which case you're back in ethical-nightmare territory. Posted by AmbroseChapel at 1:30 pm on January 29, 2006 Well-thought-out note of appreciation/hand-made card about the effect she's had, and an offer to "pay it forward." The time and effort spent on a thank you note can be much more valuable than any gift. Posted by theora55 at 4:31 pm on January 29, 2006 If she works for a charity, how about a card and a donation to the charity she works for in her name? Posted by punkrockrat at 4:57 pm on January 29, 2006 « Older How do i get gasoline out of my clothes?

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gifts for someone who likes to write

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I wouldn't buy anything. I have so many friends who are in various professions where they are not allowed to receive gifts, and it's amazing the answers ethical rigmarole that's involved. I have heard definitely more than one case where flowers were allowed to die in a cupboard, or cookies to go stale, while the implications of the gift were hashed out. Posted by gaspode at 12:08 pm on January 29, 2006. I'd go with the card.

It might be worth considering doing volunteer work somewhere or making a small donation (even if it's in work or items rather than money) to a charity 'in honor of' the person. You could possibly include it in your card, or even just do it and know who you're doing it for. Posted by ejaned8 at 12:15 pm on January 29, 2006, echoing the card/letter suggestions. It may not seem like much, but sometimes the least tangible gifts are the ones with the most impact. Words of gratitude have real power, and will totally make her day. Posted by moira at 12:39 pm on January 29, 2006 go with a card.

But I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions or experience in this (possibly on the 'receiving' end). I'm in the uk if that matters. Posted by, clarissawam to, human Relations (18 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite. I would imagine that if she's not allowed to receive gifts from patients, the only possible outcomes of you giving her a gift is that she returns it, or she gets in serious trouble for violating ethical guidelines. Posted by, jairus at 11:55 am on January 29, 2006, how about a letter warmly attesting to what she's done for you?

It's not a gift, but she's more likely to value you it than she would some inexpensive gift. Posted by jacquilynne at 11:56 am on January 29, 2006. It's very possible that because your counselor-patient relationship is ending, the professional rules regarding gifts from patients will not be in effect or will be more lenient. If in doubt, ask the receptionist or one of your counselor's colleagues what is appropriate. Posted by awesomebrad at 12:00 pm on January 29, 2006. I think i would bring flowers or a food gift like cookies or (not super expensive) chocolates. That way if it's not ok for her to keep the gift, she can just leave it in the office for everyone there to enjoy. Posted by crabintheocean at 12:05 pm on January 29, 2006. I would make a card, make cookies or write a letter, leaning towards the card.

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Index of, thank you letter, examples. EtiquetteFilter: what to give someone who's not allowed to accept gifts? Next week is my last session with my counsellor so i want to get her a little something to say thanks. However, she told me at some point they were not allowed to accept gifts from patients (this is a charity so treatment for gpa me was free and she's not getting paid). What would be considered "acceptable" despite this rule? One friend suggested flowers (as these are 'perishable' so not a real present another "Body Shop" type stuff. This thread sets a 25 limit for business gifts, could i apply that here too? Food/drink are not ideal for various reasons. Of course a (home-made) card would be an option and I'll fall back on that if all else fails.

gifts for someone who likes to write

be a nice gesture. If the gift you are giving thanks for is one of money, it is considered in poor taste to overtly reference the dollar amount directly. Some etiquette experts even go so far as to recommend that you dance around the issue of money altogether, referring to it as "your gift" or perhaps "the generous gift." However, most agree that it is appropriate to let the giver know how her. Consider referencing the giver's presence at an event, such as a baby shower or wedding, with a specific memory. You could also mention your eagerness to see the person at an upcoming event, or some undetermined time in the future. This would also be another chance to reference the gift. For example: "I am looking forward to using the serving set the next time we all get together for bunco." Alternatively, mention something the giver has coming up in his or her life, such as a trip, new grandbaby or other adventure. Most thank you letters, at the risk of being redundant, thank the recipient one more time in the final paragraph. While thank you letters for business-related gifts will obviously be more formal than a note to a friend or relative, don't be afraid in either instance to use humor and write creatively rather than in a stilted manner.

Today, that is considered discourteous, not only out of etiquette concerns but for practical reasons: givers will want to know whether or not you actually received movie the gift. With that being said, don't opt not to send thank you notes because "it's already been too long." Better late than never is an adage that can be applied to the matter of thank yous. It may seem obvious, but be certain to clearly express your gratitude for the gift. Very important is the need to specifically reference the gift itself, including how you plan to use or enjoy. If the choice of gift reveals the givers' intimate knowledge of your likes and dislikes, be sure to acknowledge that. Also mention it if the item matches your décor, completes a collection, will make your life easier, etc. It may sound cliché or overdone, but it is also nice to say something along the lines of, "I'll think of you every time i wear." If you don't like the gift, don't say. Try to find something-anything-to compliment about.

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In the age of cell phones and email, you advantages might think that thanking someone for a gift is a lost art. With few exceptions it is not only classy, but required by common decency, to thank someone who has given you a gift by way of a thank you letter or note. Thanking someone for his or her kindness is also an important lesson to teach children. While a genuine, from-the-heart thank you letter should flow easily, there are a few key points to be certain to include. Knowing what you need to address in a thank you letter will give you the basic structure of the message, and you can "fill in the blanks so to speak, with sincere sentiments regarding the specific gift and occasion at hand. Be aware that some things you have seen done-such as having guests fill out the envelopes for their own thank you cards at a baby shower-are considered in some circles to be in poor taste. Also, you may have heard you have up to six months, or even a year, to send thank you letters for wedding gifts.

gifts for someone who likes to write
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I would make a card, make cookies or write a letter, leaning towards the card. I wouldn't buy anything.

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  1. I realize it is easy to just go and pick up a sewing machine or needle kit for them. However, keep in mind that they probably have the items at home (or will get the same things from other gift givers). EtiquetteFilter: what to give someone who 's not allowed to accept gifts? I think i would bring flowers or a food gift like cookies or (not super expensive) chocolates.

  2. You need to know whether or not your gambler is brand new at a particular game or if theyre an expert who has been playing the game for years. Heres a non-gambling related example. Imagine that you are getting a gift for someone who likes football. Yet what about for someone who loves to sew or quilt?

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