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41 The version of the song used in the clip is the extended mix, which is featured on the deluxe edition of b'day. The video was shot over two days and choreographed by Rhapsody, todd Sams, Clifford McGhee and Bethany Strong. 40 41 For the shoot, beyoncé asked former Destiny's Child band-mates Kelly rowland, michelle williams, and sister Solange to appear with her in the video. She said that it "sets the tone of the video". 1 beyoncé's mother and stylist, tina created over 60 outfits for beyoncé and the 50 extras featured in the video. 40 The instructional dance-oriented video was inspired by the 1960s choreographies. Beyoncé cited influences from the Broadway director-choreographer Bob Fosse, southern and Jamaican movement and the Frug from the musical Sweet Charity ; 42 Erika ramirez of Billboard magazine further noted that the video was inspired by the scene "Rich Man's Frug" from the movie. 43 She said: "It tells you how to do all the dances — it's modern, it's retro, it's vintage, it's stylized, it's all of those things put together." 1 The story moves from a tony party reminiscent of the jet set style of the sixties.

32 Commercial performance edit Prior to the official release as a single, "Get me bodied" debuted on the us billboard Hot 100 on may 26, 2007 at number ninety-eight while " beautiful liar " and " Irreplaceable " were still on the chart. 33 It was lurking below top fifty approaching its physical release. On August 4, 2007, "Get me bodied" peaked at number sixty-eight, 34 and spent a total of eighteen weeks on the hot 100. 35 "Get me bodied" fared better on the us hot r b/Hip-Hop Songs, peaking at number ten. It reached number eighty-eight on the us pop 100. 6 The song also received heavy rotation from the urban contemporary radio stations love in the United States. 36 "Get me bodied" was ranked at number twenty-six on the us hot r b/Hip Hop Songs year-end chart in 2007. 37 In 2013, a video of a woman named Deborah Cohan and her doctors breaking out dancing to the song before she underwent a double mastectomy was posted on and went viral. Due to billboard 's then-new streaming rules, the song became eligible to chart on the hot 100, giving it a new peak of number forty-six for the week of november 23, 2013. 38 39 Music video edit background and release edit "Get me bodied" was one of the music videos shot during the two-week filming for b'day anthology video album. 40 It was conceptualized by beyoncé and co-directed by Anthony mandler.

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27 dave de sylvia of Sputnikmusic considered "Get me bodied" as one of the three production triumphs on b'day. 28 Richard Cromelin of Los Angeles Times wrote that "Get me bodied" sounds "like fun" for beyoncé, connecting her with deep, vital cultural roots. He also went on saying that "the playful chant" suggests both children's street game and traditional work song, and the whiff of louisiana in the beat taps her own Creole heritage. 18 In 2007, Shaheem reid, jayson Rodriguez and Rahman dukes of mtv news placed the song at number five on his year-end list of 27 Essential r b songs of 2007. 29 beyoncé earned the r b and Hip-Hop help Song accolade for "Get me bodied" at the 2008 American Society of Composers, authors and Publishers Awards. 30 In 2013, john boone and Jennifer Cady of E! Online placed the extended remix of the song at number four on their list of ten best beyoncé's songs. 31 The same year, the writers of Complex magazine put "Get me bodied" at number 9 on their list of 25 best beyoncé's songs. Heather haynes writing for the magazine, concluded that the song was a proof that beyoncé could "kill any and every dance song" further adding, "There's no way you don't start dancing or slow-winding when 'get me bodied' comes on".

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But listen to way she wails and shouts throughout the song! Gwen Stefani certainly isnt capable of vocal gymnastics like this. You can visualize beads of perspiration coming off of her as she shakes to this song." 17 Spence. Of ign music added that beyoncé's "crisp voice" seems at odds with the beats featured in the song. However, he continued saying that it "when it gets muted and overlapped on the chorus, it sounds purely hypnotical." 15 jaime gill of Yahoo! Music described the track as a "driving" dissertation and "strutting" one. 25 Jon Pareles of The new York times stated: ". Rhythm-driven songs, especially 'get me bodied could be high-tech upgrades of an old African-American form, the ring shout.". 26 Darryl Sterdan, writing for the canadian website jam!, said that the song manages dancing into a contact sport with the help of cheerleader hand-claps.

15 The verses are written like a list where she sings her missions before going to party. 21 It is followed with the chorus and the hook, where beyoncé sings: "Can you get me bodied? I want to be myself tonight." 12 The second verse follows, 9 the chorus repeats giving way to the bridge, 9 and beyoncé sings the chorus again, ending the song with "hey!". 9 Critical reception edit "Get me bodied" received universal acclaim from music critics who praised its party sound and beyoncé's vocals. Chris Richards of The washington Post referred to the track a "club-hungry come-ons" with a "dexterous melody". He further stated that the "skeletal" track "keeps beyoncé tethered to the ground". 22 Jody rosen of Entertainment weekly commented that "a piddly home hi-fi can hardly capture the thunderous grandeur of 'get me bodied which sets beyoncé's harmonies above a pummeling track overseen by rap producer Swiss beatz". 23 Tim Finney of Pitchfork media called the track a "percussive, diwali -esque jam". 13 Us weekly described "Get me bodied" a "snappy dance number." 24 Sasha Frere-jones of The new Yorker noted that the song sounds "anxious." 12 mike joseph of PopMatters noted that the song is very similar to Gwen Stefani 's " Hollaback girl " (2005).

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"Get me bodied" is a moderate r b, 9 and resume bounce song, 10 which displays influences of dance-pop, 11 dancehall, 12 and funk music. 13 Jim derogatis of Chicago sun-Times wrote that it is a musical mixture of double dutch rhyming and reggae - rap. 14 According to the sheet music published at m by emi music Publishing, the song is written in the key of G minor, and is set in common time at a moderate groove of 100 beats per minute. 9 beyoncé's vocals range from the note of Bb3. 9 "Get me bodied" progresses on a lurching and turgid beat. 15 Its instrumentation includes drum patterns, surging horns, and synthesizers.

13 16 The song also utilizes handclaps 16 and syncopated interlocked clicks, 15 17 which are interspersed with background chants, vocal exclamations, 15 18 vocal gymnastics, and Texas twang. 17 Sasha Frere-jones of The new Yorker commented that some notes which begin as "legato exhalations" constrict into shouts. 12 mike joseph of PopMatters noted that "Get me bodied" is "the glorified version" of Gwen Stefani 's " Hollaback girl " (2005). 17 According to bill Lamb of m, the song "crackles with the spirit and power of a woman who carries her sexuality and spirit with authority." 19 "Get me bodied" features beyoncé as the female protagonist going out an evening; she is suitably dressed. 19 She is determined to steam up any dance floor she steps onto and make sure that no one resists her call to "get her bodied". 20 The lyrics are constructed in the traditional verse-chorus form. 9 "Get me bodied" begins with beyoncé telling her birthdate "9-4-8-1 9 followed by a group of male voices singing "hey's" and "jump's" for four bars ; the first verse then begins.

2 She revealed: "When filming ended I had so many things bottled up, so many emotions, so many ideas". 2 beyoncé contacted American songwriter and producer sean Garrett, and booked him at the sony music Studios in New York city, new York, where "Get me bodies" was recorded. 3 4 She also called American hip hop producer and rapper Kasseem "Swizz beatz" dean, her sister Solange, her cousin Angela beyincé, and songwriter makeba riddick. 2 beyoncé took inspiration from Solange, who helped in the writing process of the song, and former Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly rowland and Michelle williams. In "Get me bodied she mentioned "three best friends" because she was thinking of them while writing. 1 While working on the lyrics, Swizz beatz and the other producers in the team handled its production.

2 Release edit "Get me bodied" and " Green Light " were planned to be released as the next two singles from b'day, following the lead single " Déjà vu ". 5 beyoncé aimed the tracks at the international markets and opted for " Ring the Alarm " as the second single, 5 which peaked at number eleven on the us billboard Hot 100. 6 However, Irreplaceable " was officially serviced as the album's second international and third single in the United States. 5 Instead, "Get me bodied" was released as the sixth overall and final single in the United States after the release of b'day 's deluxe edition's lead single " beautiful liar ". A two-track cd single was released on July 10, 2007 in the United States, containing the radio edit and the extended mix of the song. 7 A ringle of "Get me bodied" was released on October 23, 2007. 8 Music and lyrics edit "Get me bodied" A sample of "Get me bodied which uses synthesized handclaps and syncopated finger snaps, which are interspersed with background chants and vocal exclamations. Problems playing this file?

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The Frug from, bob Fosse 's film adaptation of the small Broadway musical, sweet Charity. Solange, rowland, and Williams make cameo appearances. The video was nominated for Video of the year at the 2007 VH1 soul Vibe Awards. "Get me bodied" was promoted by beyoncé with live performances on her world tours and at the 2007 bet awards. In April 2011, beyoncé re-recorded the song and retitled it as "move your Body" for the let's move! An instructional video of the exercise routine was filmed for distribution to participating schools. Contents Background and development edit When I wrote it, i said "three best friends" because i was thinking about them. They make me laugh so hard, and we are so silly together. Like, we're trying to pretend that we're fierce, but in between takes, we're laughing uproariously at our inside jokes." — beyoncé, billboard 1 beyoncé began working on her second solo studio album b'day following the conclusion of filming of Dreamgirls.

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"Get me bodied" is an, r b and bounce song with dancehall and reggae influences. It features beyoncé as the female protagonist going out an evening in the right dress and the right hair, to steam up any dancefloor and make sure her call to "get her bodied" is irresistible. The song was wireless generally well received by contemporary music critics, who complimented its party sound and beyoncé's vocals. American Society of Composers, authors and Publishers (ascap) recognized it as the best r b and hip-hop song of 2007. "Get me bodied" initially reached number sixty-eight on the. Billboard, hot 100 in 2007, but due to a viral video reached a new peak of forty-six in 2013. Its accompanying music video was co-directed by beyoncé and, anthony mandler, and inspired.

for her second solo studio album. It was written by beyoncé, kasseem "Swizz beatz" dean, sean Garrett, makeba riddick, angela beyincé, and, solange Knowles, while the production was handled by dean, beyoncé and Garrett. Beyoncé was inspired by her sister Solange and former. Destiny's Child bandmates, kelly rowland and, michelle williams for the writing process. Columbia records and, music World Entertainment released "Get me bodied" as the album's sixth and final single in the United States on July 10, 2007.

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  3. It was released on June 1, 2010 by young Money, cash Money, and Universal Motown as the lead single of the album. "Get me bodied" is a moderate R&b, and bounce song, which displays influences of dance-pop, dancehall, and funk music. Jim derogatis of Chicago sun-Times wrote that it is a musical mixture of double dutch rhyming and reggae-rap.

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