Data entry operator resume pdf

Data, entry, operator, resume, pdf

Still it is good to have a solid measure when arguing the case either way. In the future as cpus get faster and cheaper, i expect the performance penalty to shrink).

The second major knock against the @-operator is the alleged performance penalty. Lets do some benchmarking: laurence@blog php -v php.3.24 (cli) (built: Apr :38:43) Copyright (c) The php group Zend Engine.3.0, copyright (c) Zend Technologies laurence@blog cat p? Php error_reporting(E_all e_notice operations 100000; / test using @-operator time_start microtime(true for(i0; i laurence@blog php p With the @-operator: Total time:. Time per operation:. Using isset total time:. For my limited testing with php.3.24 on a 6 core box times looks like the @-operator is 13 times slower than using isset. That sounds like a lot, but let's look at the penalty per use, which. Seconds,.82 microseconds. An application could do approximately 550 @-operator uses, and it would impact the response time by just 1 millisecond. If a single page request does 550 @-operator look-ups and every millisecond counts then you have a problem. Probably what matters more is overall memory consumption, transactionality, caching, code cleanliness, ease of maintainability, logging, unit tests, having customers, etc.

data entry operator resume pdf

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The previous error can still be checked for in a sort of poor mans try/catch block. On error resume next sucks and makes me want to hurl just thinking about. Some people really hate the @-operator: Most of the arguments against the @-operator dark come down to misuse and then over reaction. The fact is inexperienced and inept programmers can take any language feature and come back with a hairball of unmaintainable code. As I demonstrated above, the @-operator is great when digging through arrays such as complex dom objects. This is especially true with optional keys. It should not be used when calling external resources like the file system, database, apis, etc. In those situations, try/catch blocks should be used to make sure if something goes wrong it gets logged and cleaned up properly. The @-operator is not a substitute for a try/catch!

data entry operator resume pdf

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Notes about the @ sign in php: If you delcared a custom error handler with set_error_handler that will still get called. It only pdf works on expressions (things that give back a value). So it does not work on if/then statements, loops, and class structures, etc. This was a wise choice by the php community. The fact that it only works on expressions greatly reduces the unanticipated side effects that can result. In this sense it is nothing like. On error resume next, an infamous language feature in Visual Basic and Classic asp, which chugs past errors.

Lets look at an example of where the @-operator shines. Consider trying to get a value out of a nested array, which may or may not be set such as, which is a typical thing to see in soap based xml responses from enterprisey apis. One approach might be: if(isset(response) isset(response'status error_count although isset doesnt have a problem with this shorter version either. Thank you to my friend for pointing this out! error_count with the @-operator: error_count i like the last method because it is cleanest. I dont care if error_count is zero or null. The @-operator, being a somewhat lazy technique pairs well with another of phps lazy at best but deeply flawed at worst features in that. Null, 0, 0, array, and false are falsey and can be used interchangeably when doing comparisons with plain. By using three equal signs the types of the variables are also considered and that is generally the preferred method of comparing things, but that level of precision isnt always required.

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data entry operator resume pdf

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Good luck with the cost Analyst resume sample. In php placing an @ symbol in front of an expression (variable or function call) tells php to suppress any error messages that expression generates. I find this to be a handy piece of syntactic sugar. When used correctly the gains in code readability far outweigh the costs in terms of performance (which I benchmark below). Some people argue that suppressing errors is a mistake and can mask problems so therefore this technique should never be used. I agree with the idea that suppressing errors is bad. At the same time if I dont care if something in a 4 level nested array is null, then suppressing phps chatter is doing me a huge favor.

Maintain communication with the executive management team on all relevant fiscal information. Paul, mn supervisor: Order payment Processing: Order payment Processing jaybird Corporation,. Paul, mn training coordinator/ Data Entry Operator: Order payment Processing education university,. Paul, mn bachelor of Arts, finance 1989 Investment Club leadership roles: public Relations Representative: Promoted club through marketing and public speaking. Fundraising: coordinated funding activities. Investments: Researched investment opportunities.

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Sample, data, entry, operator, resume

designed and implemented Excel-based staffing models, balancing cost efficiency with adequate ratio. coordinated the Employee recognition program, fostering staff empowerment and value. coordinated and led ongoing in-house classroom training for 5-10 data entry operators on Order and payment Processing protocol, review policies and standards. Continued to access and document individual performances. Exceeded corporate standards (120 over 70) for personal data entry performance. Paul, mn, cost Administration Analyst: Office Operations 1997 - present, manage budget/accounting/cost aspects of order and payment processing departments, and supervise administrative support staff. Oversee budgets, forecasting, and all data analysis related to costs and accounting.

data entry operator resume pdf

Paul, mn, selected leadership and Successes 1985 - present. Participated as team member researching fiscal soundness of company's outsourcing of Order/Payment Processing data entry to assignment mexico to save labor expenses. Data showed that increased costs due to poor-quality work (increased return staffing/processing and postage expenses) exceeded labor savings from outsourcing. Senior management brought data entry back in-house, saving 1 million. managed the Order Processing Postage budget.8 million. led team that created an Attendance policy for office operations/staff. New policy fostered flexibility in scheduling, and remains in place.

dollar operations. Articulate written and oral communicator who leads by modeling quality performance and enthusiasm. Trained and experienced with ms word, Excel and Access. Expertise: budget Models, forecasting, capital, fixed and Variable budgets. Budget/Forecast Variances, capital Expenditures/Requests, expenditure Projections, financial Data/Graph Analysis. Lease Tracking, work comp Tracking, staff Models, policies programs, maintenance contracts. Credit Card and Bank fee budgets/Spending. Career highlights, jaybird Corporation,.

Jj skivvee clothing., sales Clerk 1998 Duties: Change displays, light cleaning, stock sales floor, inventory, customer service volunteer Work: National Cherry festival Junior intermediate Ambassador Munson Medical Center 1995 Patient Escort Services Munson Medical Center 1997 Med-Care walk-in Clinic References: available Upon Request Pictures. This combined resume gpa format combines the elements of the reverse chronological resume and functional resume types. This format is the most flexible, allowing you to highlight those sections of your resume that are most relevant to your career objective. This is an increasingly popular resume format. In addition, you may search resume samples by industry or by career situation and enhance your resume with keywords by industry. The cost analyst resume sample provides stylistic ideas that you may use in your resume. FirstName lastName, street Address, city, st zipCode, country, phone.

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Personal Resume, jamie lyn Wiltzer 3039 Parterre Place, traverse city, mi 49684, education: Traverse city senior High School. Graduation: June, 1996, high School Diploma, desk northwestern Michigan College (Dual Enrolled). Non-Degree seeking, grand Valley state University 1996-present, graduation: December, 2000, health Communications Major. English Minor, work Experience: McDonalds, front counter grill Area, duties: Store cleanliness, food preparation, customer service, target. Fitting room Operator, duties: Open/closing duties, assist customers, upkeep of sales floor, answer multi-line telephone, data entry, grand Valley state University, career Services. Duties: Assist students with re disks, clerical work, answer telephone, special projects, grand Valley state University, robinson Hall Front Desk 1997 - present. Duties: Assist students, answer phone, special projects for RAs, sort mail, project Consulting, office manager 1998 - present, duties: Answer telephone, clerical duties, computer data entry, project design, some road travel.

data entry operator resume pdf
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Cost Analyst resume sample for job seekers writing resumes for the finance related professions. Most of the arguments against the @- operator come down to misuse and then over reaction. Resume, next sucks and makes me want to hurl just thinking about.

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  1. Education Class 12 pass. Paul, mn training coordinator/. Data, entry, operator : Order payment Processing.

  2. Operator Duties: Open/closing duties, assist customers, upkeep of sales floor, answer multi-line telephone, data entry, grand Valley state University career Services Duties: Assist students with re disks, clerical work, answer telephone, special projects. Full Time jobs jobs in Sasaram - requireashier cum. Data, entry, operator male or female candidate is required for sasaram branch interested candidate may send their resume in the. Hiring for home based data entry operator - bettiah.

  3. Job vacancy in ur area. Wanted computer operator persons. Salary commision, 101,c-28, sec-11, behind tmt. Target - fitting room.

  4. Data, entry, operator (Dallas) Desired requirements: 2 plus year data entry experience pc skills a plus Previous data entry production experience detail oriented How to Apply: Click on the apply. Data, entry, operator, data, entry. Jobs Mumbai 04-Jul-2015 Salary: Negotiable.

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