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The pdf version of the news release news release charts Supplemental Files Table of Contents Table of Contents Last Modified Date: June 15, 2018. Skip to content, transmission of material in this news release is embargoed until usdl :30. (EDT) Friday, july 6, 2018. Technical information: household data: (202) www. Establishment data: (202) www. Media contact: (202) the employment situation - june 2018. Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 213,000 in June, and the unemployment rate rose.0 percent, the. Job growth occurred in professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care, while retail trade lost jobs.

1,657,700 1,683,000 25,300.5 Oregon. 1,869,300 1,911,500 42,200.3 Pennsylvania. 5,936,200 about 6,014,400 78,200.3 south Carolina. 2,083,900 2,122,300 38,400.8 Tennessee. 3,003,700 3,057,100 53,400.8 texas. 12,190,200 12,542,300 352,100.9 Utah. 1,463,100 assignment 1,512,900 49,800.4 Virginia. 3,947,500 4,000,500 53,000.3 Washington. 3,315,700 3,411,500 95,800.9 West Virginia. 743,200 760,300 17,100.

business summary report

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1,336,800 1,374,200 37,400.8 pdf New Hampshire. 673,000 685,900 12,900.9 new Jersey. 4,122,000 4,179,200 57,200.4 New Mexico. 828,500 841,700 13,200.6 New York. 9,506,400 9,614,800 108,400.1 North Carolina. 4,402,500 4,502,100 99,600.3 Ohio. 5,522,400 5,598,600 76,200.4 Oklahoma.

business summary report

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3,100,200 3,133,300 33,100.1 iowa. 1,569,300 1,586,400 using 17,100.1 Kansas. 1,397,000 1,419,700 22,700.6 Massachusetts. 3,596,000 3,652,100 56,100.6 Michigan. 4,367,600 4,425,400 57,800.3 Minnesota. 2,925,200 2,955,200 30,000.0 Mississippi. 1,148,800 1,164,700 15,900.4 Missouri. 2,860,600 2,894,900 34,300.2 Nebraska. 1,017,000 1,030,400 13,400.3 nevada.

16,783,500 17,089,500 306,000.8 Colorado. 2,650,600 2,723,400 72,800.7 Florida. 8,566,600 8,746,800 180,200.1 georgia. 4,438,300 4,515,000 76,700.7 Hawaii. 652,100 663,400 11,300.7 Idaho. 713,300 735,100 21,800.1 Illinois. 6,048,700 6,108,900 60,200.0 Indiana.

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business summary report

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6.2.1 -1.1 New property York. States with statistically significant employment changes from April 20, seasonally adjusted over-the-month change(p) State april may (p) level percent Michigan. 4,413,600 4,425,400 11,800.3 Minnesota. 2,945,000 assignment 2,955,200 10,200.3 North Carolina. 4,480,500 4,502,100 21,600.5 North dakota. 426,100 430,300 4,200.0 Ohio. 5,576,000 5,598,600 22,600.4 Texas.

12,507,600 12,542,300 34,700.3 West Virginia. 749,700 760,300 10,600. States with statistically significant employment changes from may 20, seasonally adjusted over-the-year change(p) State may may (p) level percent Alabama. 2,011,800 2,034,700 22,900.1 Arizona. 2,765,200 2,835,100 69,900.5 California.

2.6 Ohio.3 Pennsylvania. 4.5 Utah.0 Vermont. Data are not preliminary. States with statistically significant unemployment rate changes from April 20, seasonally adjusted Rate over-the-month State april may change(p) (p) Arizona. 4.9.7 -0.2 Colorado. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. south Carolina. south dakota. States with statistically significant unemployment rate changes from may 20, seasonally adjusted Rate over-the-year State may may change(p) (p) California. 4.9.2 -0.7 Delaware. 5.1.1 -1.0 louisiana. New Mexico.

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The State Employment and. Unemployment news release for June is scheduled to be released on Friday, july 20, 2018, at 10:00. States with unemployment rates significantly different from that of the. S., may 2018, seasonally adjusted State rate(p), united States (1). 4.5 District thank of Columbia. 2.0 Idaho.9 Illinois. 4.3 Iowa.7 louisiana. 4.6 maine.8 Maryland.

business summary report

In percentage terms, the largest increase occurred in West Virginia (1.4 percent followed by north dakota (1.0 percent) and North Carolina (0.5 percent). (see tables d and. thirty-five states had over-the-year increases in nonfarm payroll employment in may. The largest job gains marriage occurred in Texas (352,100 california (306,000 and Florida (180,200). The largest percentage gain occurred in Utah (3.4 percent followed. Idaho (3.1 percent) and Texas and Washington (2.9 percent each). (see table.) the metropolitan Area employment and Unemployment news release for may is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, june 27, 2018, at 10:00.

of a month earlier, though some had changes that were at least as large numerically as the significant changes. eleven states had unemployment rate changes from may 2017, all of which were decreases. The largest decline occurred in New Mexico (-1.1 percentage points closely followed by kentucky (-1.0 point). Nonfarm payroll Employment, seven states had over-the-month increases in nonfarm payroll employment in may 2018. The largest increases occurred in Texas (34,700 Ohio (22,600 and North Carolina (21,600).

Eleven states had jobless rate decreases from a year earlier and 39 states and the district had little or no change. The national unemployment rate edged down from April.8 percent and was.5 percentage point lower than in you may 2017. Nonfarm payroll employment increased in 7 states in may 2018 and was essentially unchanged in 43 states and the district of Columbia. Over the year, 35 states added nonfarm payroll jobs and 15 states and the district were essentially unchanged. Unemployment, hawaii had the lowest unemployment rate in may,.0 percent. Alaska had the highest jobless rate,.2 percent. In total, 13 states had unemployment rates lower than the. Figure.8 percent, 17 states and the district of Columbia had higher rates, and 20 states had rates that were not appreciably different from that of the nation.

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Washington/beijing the Trump administration raised the stakes in its trade dispute with China on tuesday, saying it would slap 10 percent tariffs on an extra 200 billion worth of Chinese imports, including numerous consumer items, sending stocks in Asia skidding. Skip to content, for release 10:00. (EDT) Friday, june 15, essay 2018 usdl-18-0999. Technical information: Employment: (202) www. unemployment: (202) www. Media contact: (202) state employment and unemployment - may 2018. Unemployment rates were lower in may in 14 states and stable in 36 states and the. District of Columbia, the. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

business summary report
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  6. Employment Situation Summary table. Household data, seasonally adjusted ; Employment Situation Summary table. Establishment data, seasonally adjusted.

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