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span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px with the announcement last night, dsv now has the best ceo, cfo and cio in Denmark a triple win. span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px   /span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px br /span /p Thu, 06:52:33 Equipped for e-commerce p Amway taiwan markets more than 400 products in areas such as nutrition and health, cosmetics. p p The volume of daily deliveries from Amway varies greatly, as is the case with all types of e-commerce. On average, 7,000 consignments are picked and packed every day for distribution throughout taiwan, with up to 20,000 consignments in peak periods. p p "Amway is our largest single customer in taiwan and also the largest e-commerce customer in the apac region according to jun tak ong, managing Director, dsv solutions taiwan. p p Amway, short for American way is not a run-of-the-mill e-commerce customer. Because only the 350,000 registered members and business owners (Amway business Owners, abo) in taiwan can order from Amway taiwan.

Br br p The robotics Center of Excellence is situated in dsvs International Service center (issc) in Warsaw, poland. . p p img alt" width"960" height"500" p em Picture: The new issc office building opening in Warsaw in 2020. /em /p Mon, 07:13:00 a triple win: best ceo, cfo and resume now cio p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px /span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px At an industry award ceremony last night, jesper riis won girl the title. span span style"margin: 0px The jurys reason was Jesper riis work integrating 23,000 new it users and many it systems after the uti acquisition in just nine months. Riis also managed to close almost a 1000 it-applications and severely reduce the complexity of dsvs it set. span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px jesper riis is now in great company with ceo jens Jens Bjørn Andersen and cfo jens Lund also topping the ratings this year. They both won the ratings by økonomisk Ugebrev (Economic weekly Update) a danish journal focusing on news and trends in economics and p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px every year, the publication asks 19 industry experts to vote for the best ceo and. When ceo jens Bjørn Andersen was rated top ceo in April, the reasoning for the win was: /span /p p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px "Virtually everything he has touched including large and daring acquisitions - has become a success. This is also reflected in this year's executive p style"margin: 0px 0px.66px span style"margin: 0px Shortly after, cfo jens Lund was awarded the title as best cfo in Denmark. Here, the reason was smooth financial management of dsv combined with a transparent information flow to the stock market.

bege 106 solved assignment

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If the robot detects a oliver delay, it will take a screenshot of the new information, and send it directly to the local organisation whose shipment has been affected. . br br /div div one person can manually handle 25 transactions per hour, while a robot can do 75 transactions. So, its three times more efficient. And a robot does not need breaks or gets tired by the repetitive work. Br br /div div at this point, there are 100 robots working in dsv. They support a wide range of business areas across divisions and countries, ranging from simple business processes like registration of new customers to more complex processes handling large sets of data. /div about the further development of Robotics Center of Excellence, mozer finishes: br br we are seeing more scope for business functions in which we can use robotic technology. So dsv is always looking for talented it specialists to help further this scope and create success using advanced robotics technology.

bege 106 solved assignment

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There was a need for a tool to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks across platforms, marlene Franke mozer, senior Director, finance, explains and continues: br br /div div good we saw potential in using software robotics more strategically and supported by a stronger central governance. In December 2017, we opened dsvs Robotics Center of Excellence in Warsaw to consolidate the different robotic efforts across the company. Br br /div div the technology being implemented is called Robotic Process Automation (rpa and it is used to handle repetitive, data intensive and rules-based business processes in dsv. Rpa does not assess the data it processes, unlike technologies like machine learning or ai, which by the way are also being explored by dsv. Br br /div div we are implementing rpa to secure cost reduction, quality improvement and shorter transaction times. With this technology, we can handle data intensive tasks more effectively but most importantly, we free up human resources to do more critical thinking and less manual work, mozer explains. div div /div h3 From 25 transactions to 75 without getting tired /h3 h3 /h3 div manager in Operational Shared Service, christian Carstensson Olesen, is responsible for one of the business processes aided by robotic Process Automation (RPA) in dsv. Christian elaborates on how implementing rpa has optimised his departments workflow: br br /div div In my department, we have a quite tedious, but very important business process that used to be done manually, says Olesen and continues: br br /div div now, we have. It has been configured to scan airline websites to look for discrepancies between air shipments Estimated Time of Arrival and Actual Time of Arrival.

div div   /div h3 Migration from other platforms /h3 h3 /h3 div as mydsv is replacing several other platforms, the customers are being migrated from these onto the mydsv platform. Pedersen explains: br br /div div we are in the complex process of migrating our customers from our other platforms onto mydsv a process that will take most of 2018. Currently mydsv is available for Air sea customers globally and road customers in Europe. We will continue to work on integrating more systems and processes to give our customers a single access point for all their online interaction with dsv.   /div div   /div div a href"m frontpage" class"more-drop" target blank" go to m /a /div p   /p Wed, 11:33:26 dsv's Robotics Center of Excellence div   /div div since the industrial revolution, there has been an increasing demand for efficient production and. By the 1970s, industrial robots were widely used to aid workers in manufacturing processes. Br br /div div in 2018, the software robots in dsv do not have any arms, legs or wheels but they serve the same purpose as the first industrial robots: to aid humans with repetitive tasks. div div   /div h3 From individual business needs to centralised governance br br /h3 div the use of software robots in dsv began in our road division in 2014.

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bege 106 solved assignment

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Pedersen, director, Programme portfolio management, further elaborates: br br we know that many customers would like to do their own bookings, tracking and reporting online, without having to call or email a freight forwarder. In general, they would like to have more self-service features sound across all dsv products. Knowing this, we are building a platform that meets our customers expectations of a user-friendly and modern digital experience. div bloc" mydsv is easy and intuitive to use. Our experience with the platform demonstrates that dsv really considers the needs and concerns of its customers. Cecilia sánchez, export Manager at polylux in Spain.

bloc" p resume /p div rené falch Olesen continues: br br i would like to stress that mydsv is an added service to our customers. They will still be able to talk directly with a freight forwarder whenever they want. Professional and personal customer service and support is still important and, we believe, what sets us apart. Br br /div div with its intuitive design, mydsv lets you easily book and track your own shipments and access standard reports. The platform gives you full transparency through track and trace and an easily accessible booking history. The aim is to make it easier and faster for dsvs customers to manage their shipping. . br br /div div the platform also works as a collaborative space, where customers can share booking templates and shipment documents with their colleagues.

Similar to what happens at the dsv offices: /p p having joe with his Italian background is incredibly valuable for us, and we use him whenever we need to talk to an Italian customer. We have tommy liu who speaks fluent Mandarin and makes it much easier to land Chinese customers. We have dalah Cherif, sitting in Vancouver, who can speak several languages (including hausa, a west African language) and Mandarin; he can talk to the local decision-makers among Vancouvers vast Chinese population. Not only do we benefit from their variety of experiences, its much easier to speak to customers if we can do it in their own language, martin roos says. p p Until the three divisions are united at one new shared office and freight terminal in 2019, the toronto terminal will be forwarding freight from the large Ontario area, but also from cities like detroit in northern usa, which see the advantage of using. From here, the capacity is notably good, and dsv excels in shrinking volume by combining types of freight and consolidating heavy and light cargo in one and the same shipment.

At the same time, dsv has its own scanners for screening freight, enhancing flexibility and extending cut-off: /p p Our freight can be transported directly on board the plane, because we are certified to screen freight ourselves. This is cheaper for the customer, but above all we shorten the consolidation and check-in processes by many hours. Instead of having to receive the freight at 8 am, we can wait until 5 pm and still make the flight.30 pm, explains Martin roos. p p a href"m" class"more-drop" read more about dsv canada /a /p Fri, 07:37:11 mydsv our customers one stop shop div   /div div the buying behaviour of the modern consumer has drastically changed over the last decade also when it comes to transport and. br br we know that our customers really just want their shipping to be easy and convenient, says Group Chief Commercial Officer, rené falch Olesen, and continues: br br As a business, we need to be where our customers expect us to be, and for. With mydsv we give our customers what they want. div div   /div h3 mydsv offers: /h3 div  Self-administration of accounts  br  booking service br  Detailed shipment overview. Status of shipments and event history br  Notifications br  Basic reporting  br br /div div flemming.

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p p we have a dynamic partnership where we are at eye-to-eye level and have a common understanding of how to achieve our goals and grow. Were convinced that by working together we can achieve exponential growth, compared to working independently, he says. p p Kyle birchard, road division, is also a member of the trio. The division still has only 15 employees, who target key customers in need of shipment of small parcels, ltl, ftl and project freight: weve cultivated a fertile basis for open, candid cooperation, and this relationship also affects our employees. We think of one another first when potential cooperation appears, and we can see how working across our organisations creates value for our customers, he says. p h2 being multicultural sells /h2 p dsv canadas write employees reflect the culture of immigrants who have been influencing the usas northern neighbour for centuries. Large ethnic French, Italian, polish, serbo-Croatian, Indian and pakistani populations dominate the street scene, good and each group has infused Canadian culture with valuable experiences that they have implemented into their communities.

bege 106 solved assignment

We have very stable growth and economy, a favourable and stable political climate, good infrastructure and excellent airports, he says, and continues to mention the new ceta trade agreement, which exempts 98 of all exports from Europe to canada from customs duties. p p we have a government that is actively working to increase trade with Europe, so there is lots of potential for growth with countries like the uk and Germany, not least because we havent developed sales so eagerly before, he explains. p p And Martin roos from the air business sea division is not the only one putting dsv canada on the agenda. Both the road and Solutions divisions recently received new management, where kyle birchard is leading the road activities and Rob Chanona heads up Solutions, whose six warehouses in Ontario command more than 100,000 m2, 14,000 m2 of which is climate-controlled storage space. Their customers are in the automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, retail and e-commerce industries, and the divisions work closely together. p p img style"width: 960px; height: 320px alt"dsv canada 2018" src"g?revision0be774de-1f6c-4a br em em Rob Chanona (left kyle birchard and Martin roos work together to sell dsv canada. Their excellent cooperation rubs off on all the other h2 Acting as one company /h2 p we have an excellent client base and, in 2018, we will get a reinforced sales organisation to sell our products, explains Rob Chanona, managing Director, solutions Canada. And he lauds the cooperation with his colleagues in the other divisions, which, in 2018, will result in a new common website designed to present dsv canada to the rest of the world.

elements. p p Therefore, the canadian organisation started to identify the biggest lanes for all products: incoming/outgoing air, and incoming/outgoing sea from all the offices in Vancouver, montreal, toronto and Halifax (the niagara falls office serves solely as a customs clearance office for goods entering Canada). This resulted in sales reps focusing on the five biggest lanes for each product to determine where dsv canada is truly competitive: /p p do you want to discuss imports from China? We know the product, and we consolidate and forward freight every week. The shipping companies and airlines are familiar with us, and everything runs like clockwork, says Martin, who tells how renewed expertise and self-confidence make it far easier to sell the products. Br At the same time, martin has opened the doors to the rest of the network (China, germany, italy, etc. which have paid visits to canada and seen how strong the organisation actually is: /p p Most are quite surprised to see our size and enthusiasm, and this is what they take with them to their customers, says Martin, who asks his colleagues directly how. h2 p If the entire network joins and plays along, we have undreamt-of growth potential in Canada.

The appointment of Martin roos as new managing director of the countrys operations 18 months ago has intensified local sales plan activities. Today, dsv canada is the one signing the invoices just as frequently, which increases the control and spending power of the freight forwarders. p p Focusing on local sales is a trend we have pursued from day one, says Martin roos, managing Director, air sea, canada. Martin took over the helm in Canada after having led dsv india, where keeping customers in the fold for more than just a single shipment was an art in itself. A competitor would always come along offering a lower price and then goodbye, customer. p p For the same reason, Indias sales force was no fewer than 50-strong, because each individual order took lots of legwork. That is until Martin decided to upgrade their products and leave competitors in the dust: focusing on transport solutions where dsv truly excelled and offering these to customers rejuvenated the sales staffs self-confidence and led to better sales meetings and results and customers who actually. p p This notably reduced operational faults and delays, and made for smoother customs clearance, etc. It paid off and built up loyalty among Indias logistics purchasers, and the same model has now been implemented in Canada.

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Dsv rss news feedm/rss/Latest-news dsv rss news dsv receives Supplier Award from Vestas p em From left: Albie van buel, Chief Procurement Officer (Vestas jean-Marc Lechêne, chief Operation Officer (Vestas rené falch Olesen, Group cco (dsv torben Andersen, vice President (Vestas) /em /p p Group. p p "we are grateful and proud of this award from Vestas, which is the result of many years of hard work in all corners of the dsv organisation. We apply a global approach, not least when coming up with new ideas that improve operations. We have a strategic partnership with Vestas, and we look forward to many more years of close cooperation says René falch Olesen. . p p Vice President of Market sourcing at Vestas Torben Andersen emphasises the importance of strong supplier relationships as paper key to operational excellence. p p "dsv receives the award for professional and dedicated operational performance on existing business, solid engagement on yearly tender negotiations and their global and competitive transport and logistics services. We expect operational excellence from all of our suppliers and are happy to see the great development and collaboration between dvs and Vestas." /p p a class"more-drop" read more about our project transport 12:19:30 dsv canada on its own two feet p em Martin. em /p p Until the acquisition of uti, dsv canada primarily served as a handling office for the overseas network.

bege 106 solved assignment
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  4. The buying behaviour of the modern consumer has drastically changed over the last decade also when it comes to transport and logistics. We know that our customers really just want their shipping to be easy and convenient, says Group Chief Commercial Officer, rené falch Olesen, and continues.

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