Alkane metathesis

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alkane metathesis

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Department website: ml, a plausible mechanism for the consecutive recombination of hydrocarbyl ligands on the ru3 add cluster).

alkane metathesis

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Monitoring the reaction using 1h nmr spectroscopy revealed that the reaction proceeded by way of consecutive recombination of hydrocarbyl ligands on the triruthenium cluster concomitant with cleavage and reforming of the ru-ru bond (as shown in the Scheme). Thus the two C5 ligands coordinated on both faces of Ru3 plane were selectively converted into C2-alkylidyne and C8-alkyne fragments via a µ3-metallacyclobutenyl intermediate. The results demonstrate the potential applicability of cluster compounds in synthetic reactions and shed light on the mechanism of reactions on metal surfaces. Reference, authors: Atsushi tahara, mana kajigaya, makoto moriya, toshiro takao, and Hiroharu suzuki. Title of original paper: Metathesis reaction of hydrocarbyl ligands across the triruthenium plane. Journal, volume, pages and year: Angewandte Chemie international Edition 2010,. Digital Object Identifier (doi.1002/anie.201002235, affiliations: Department of Applied Chemistry, graduate School of Science and Engineering, tokyo institute of Technology.

Encapsulation of ruthenium carbenes represents a new approach to controlling selectivity and improving stability of a catalyst by limiting bimolecular decomposition. This concept may prove broadly useful to other metal-catalyzed applications). Tailoring carbon chain lengths: conversion of two C5 fragments into C8 and C2 on a triruthenium cluster. A process that can yield hydrocarbons of desired chain length has been in continuous demand over the years. Recently, a method for converting lower alkanes into higher alkanes - referred to as alkane metathesis - has attracted considerable attention. Alkane metathesis involves three catalytic reactions: activation of the alkane c-h bond, olefin metathesis, and hydrogenation of the formed olefins. However, the method is hampered by cross-metathesis reactions of alkenes during the recombination process, which result in a molecular weight distribution in the product. Now, hiroharu suzuki and colleagues at tokyo institute of Technology have shown that two C5 hydrocarbyl fragments can be selectively converted into C8 and C2 fragments using a triruthenium cluster as a model compound metal surface for the reaction. Thermolysis of the trinuclear µ3-pentylidyne-µ3-pentyne complex at 140 C resulted in the quantitative formation of a µ3-octyne-µ3-ethlidyne complex.

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alkane metathesis

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N-heterocyclic carbenes are powerful nucleophiles useful both for catalytic carbon-carbon bond formation and as ligands for transition metals such as ruthenium. The macrocyclic ligand is designed to hold transition metals firmly in its interior where selective alkene metathesis reactions take place. Current ruthenium carbene catalysts display high chemoselectivity (preference for alkenes but some of their key shortcomings are addressed by this research, including decomposition, lifetime of a key catalytic intermediate, and selectivity. The restrictive nature of the macrocycle is expected to limit decomposition pathways and will display size selectivity for its chemical reactants, an unknown type of selectivity in the alkene metathesis reaction. Alkene metathesis is an important reaction for the synthesis of small molecules, materials, and for energy applications and is used in large-scale industrial applications, the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, and in medicinal chemistry for drug the support of the Chemical Catalysis Program in the Chemistry division.

Diver and his research team access new chemical catalysts with a wide range of applications based on the metal graffiti occupying the interior of the cavity. Fundamental properties of the strong nucleophilic ligand are investigated in this controlled environment. The investigation of new ruthenium carbene catalysts is expected to produce more durable catalysts for applications in sustainable energy. For example, higher lifetime ruthenium carbene catalysts are critical in producing biodiesel fuel that are economically-viable. The outreach component seeks to increase awareness of chemistry as an experimental science to youth through a catalysis project for high school students and for K-12 students through a chemistry merit badge day, relying on high school students and graduate students to lead activities. Kinetics experiments are ideal to illustrate how natural phenomenon can be controlled through experiment and how data can be presented. Catalysts that display increased activities, longer lifetimes, and higher selectivities are in demand and alkane metathesis, the reaction under scrutiny in this research project, is used as a tool to make probes and dyes for chemical biology.

"Spectroscopic evidence for Extra-Framework heterometallic Oxo-Clusters in Fe/ga-zsm-5 Catalysts. Lett., 2011, 2, 190-195. C.; Singh,.; Scott,. L.; van bokhoven,. "Electronic Structures of Supported Pt and PtSn Nanoparticles in the Presence of Adsorbates and during co oxidation catal.

Today, 2011, 160, 137-143. "Clay-polyolefin Nanocomposites by In Situ polymerization in Advances in Polyolefin Nanocomposites,. Mittal,., taylor-Francis: Boca-raton, fl, 2011,. 1300702Selective catalysts with an Inward Facing n-heterocyclic Carbenechechemical Catalysis08/30/2013Steven uny at BuffaloContinuing grantCarol Bessel08/31/ Crofts HallBuffalony mps amppmanuthe Chemical Catalysis Program supports research led by Professor Steven. Diver at the State University of New York (suny) at Buffalo on the synthesis of a new macrocyclic N-heterocyclic carbene. This unique macrocycle design features a versatile ligand pointing inward toward the inside of the molecular cavity.

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S.; and Scott,. "Reactions of Phosphinites needed with Oxide surfaces: a new Method for Anchoring Organic and Organometallic Complexes dalton Trans. Lee,.-Y.; Scott,. "Quantitative investigation of a hybrid ziegler-Natta catalyst Support Prepared by Grafting Di(n-butyl)magnesium onto partially dehydroxylated Silica chem. "Evidence for the pairwise disposition of Grafting Sites on Highly dehydroxylated Silicas, via their reactions with Ga(CH3)3. Soc., 2011, 133, ; featured on the journal cover (issue 13). Xia,.; Fleischman,. D.; li,.; Scott,.

alkane metathesis

"Acid-Functionalized sba-15-Type silica catalysts for Carbohydrate dehydration acs catal., 2011, 1, 719-728. Perrotin,.; McCahill,. J.; wu,.; essay Scott,. "Linear, high Molecular weight Polyethylene from a discrete, mononuclear Phosphinoarenesulfonate complex of Nickel(ii chem. W.; Chattopadhyay,.; Scott,. "Interactions Involving Lewis Acidic Aluminum Sites in Oxide-supported Perrhenate catalysts. C.; huang,.; Brookhart,.; Goldman,.

Nanocomposites macromol. A.; li,.; Schladt,. R.; ouyang,.; davis,.; Miller,. "Pd2/Pd0 Redox Cycling in Hexagonal YMn0.5Fe0.5O3: Implications for Catalysis by pgm-substituted Complex Oxides Inorg. H.; lee,.-Y.; Jang,.-G.; Dumesic,. A.; and Scott,.

"Spectroscopic and structural characterization of Cr(ii sio2active site precursors in model Phillips polymerization catalyst. Catal., 2012, 293, 1-12. "Origin of the ZnCl2 Effect on CH3ReO3/?-Al2O3 in Olefin Metathesis top. Catal., 2012, 55, 530-537. Wanglee,.-J; hu,. E.; lee,.-L.; Stewart,. M.; Perrotin,.; Scott,. "Borane-Induced Dehydration of Silica and the Ensuing Water-Catalyzed Grafting of B(C6F5)3 thank to give a supported, single-site lewis Acid, siob(C6F5)2.

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Selected Research Publications, wigington,. R.; Thorn,.; Hanson,. "a biomimetic Pathway for Vanadium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols: evidence for a base-assisted Dehydrogenation Mechanism Chem. N.; Phadke,.; Alamillo,.; Zhang,.; Scott,. "Acid-Functionalized sba-15-Type periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas and their Use in the continuous Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural acs catal., 2012,. Featured on journal cover (issue 9). Zhong,.; lee,.-Y.; liu,.; Wanglee,.-J.; liu,.; Scott,.

alkane metathesis
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  2. Metathesis, reaction of Functionalized and Substituted Olefins Using Group 8 Transition Metal Carbene complexes. Alkane, oxidation by modified Hydroxylases.

  3. Some of our current research projects include: redox reactions catalyzed by pgm-substituted complex oxides controlled, autocatalytic synthesis of supported metal nanoparticles well-defined supported catalysts for olefin metathesis and tandem alkane metathesis. Catalysts that display increased activities, longer lifetimes, and higher selectivities are in demand and alkane metathesis, the reaction under scrutiny in this research project, is used as a tool. Alkane metathesis involves three catalytic reactions: activation of the alkane, c-H bond, olefin metathesis, and hydrogenation of the formed olefins.

  4. Alkane metathesis via surface organometallic chemistry. Catalytic production of light olefins. Selective c-h bond activation and c-c bond Functionalization.

  5. Organoiridium complexes catalyze the dehydrogenation of alkanes and alkyl groups, a transformation with tremendous potential applicability. Introduction Iridium pcp-catalyzed Activation of C(sp3)—h bonds in Unfunctionalized Alkanes Scope of the reaction Mechanistic Considerations Catalyst Optimization Application. Alkane, functionalization, alkane, metathesis, polymer Functionalization Arene.

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