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The release of my very first vivid-Ed flick, "Penny Flame's Expert guide to hand Jobs For Men and Women and the release of Penny Flame, upon the entire european continent. One will only effect me, the other has the potential to effect every single person who watches. In that great way only hand jobs. When Tristan taormino came to me asking if I would like a shot at directing for her vivid-Ed, i jumped at the opportunity. In fact, when she said my first movie should be about handjobs, (because of the lemon juicing technique i used on Tyler Knight in her Chem 4 movie i started clapping, because hands really are one of the most underrated parts of our bodies when. The majority of girls i know, and myself included, have at one point requested that the guys we fuck not play with us with their hands. Like, no fingers in, no clit rubbing. Personally, this is because i always thought it rude of me to ask a guy to go wash his hands so he can play with my pussy.

Remember that the earlier you register, the lower the rate, so sign up now! I'm still in love with Twitter, please come follow me! The latest installment in the avn nominated Expert guide series is here to help! Still just fantasizing about having a threesome? Why not delve into the heart of the subject and report make it a reality! "Tristan taormino's Expert guide to Threesomes" shares the keys to creating a successful threesome in a more humorous and retro style that marks an excellent style departure in the Expert guide dvd line. Sex educator and relationship expert The dvd is a two-hour, turn-on course about one of the most popular fantasies of all time - having sex with two partners - and it is in stores now! "We put a cool spin on the instructional part of the movie, which has the look and feel of an old-school sex-ed film from the 1950s but with 21st Century information says taormino. "we are really pushing the envelope with some blistering sexual reality as we teach people, and the chemistry world between the actors is amazing." "Threesomes" stars Penny Flame, harmony, haileey james, daisy marie, india summer, Christian, jack lawrence and Derrick pierce with a special appearance. Penny's First vivid-Ed release! Re-posted from m In a few short days from now, two things will be happening.

vivid writing

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I am so thrilled that The Expert guide to Oral Sex 2: Fellatio won an avn award for Best Educational Release. That was a brand new category for them this year, and I just want to acknowledge all the amazing groundbreaking work that Nina hartley and Ernest Greene have done to pave the way for other educational videos. In other exciting video news, The Expert guide to Threesomes has spent two weeks on m's bestseller list, jumping from 74 to 32! I plan to spend the rest of the month writing and getting ready for Dark Odyssey, which is only a month away! In case you don't know, dark Odyssey: Winter Fire is Valentine's weekend, february 13-15, 2009, in Washington dc, and the numbers twist are growing everyday. We've confirmed fantastic presenters including Expert guide director and educator - penny Flame! I hope you'll join us there!

vivid writing

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This year, we're really excited to have an incredible lineup of presenters, most notably penny Flame (who, among her other amazing acting credits, directed vivid-Ed's recently released Penny Flame's Expert guide to hand Jobs and Princess Donna of m fame (who also appeared. You can take a book look at their classes, as well as peruse the listings of the other 28 presenters, at the dark Odyssey : Winter Fire website - but hurry and register before time runs out! In other news, we're looking for more questions to answer in our monthly q a column; if you want to ask a question on any area of sexuality, please email it to me at - and keep an eye on this space for more! With lube affection, Tristan avn win, bestseller, and more! Hi all, i hope you had a great holiday season! I was in New York city last month for a best Lesbian Erotica 2009 reading and it went wonderful - as was my return trip to cornell (no protests this time!). January started off really hectic for me, with a trip out to los Angeles and then off to las Vegas for the avn adult Entertainment Expo and Awards. Those of you who follow me on Twitter already got the play by play, but I had a great trip overall. Babeland threw a really nice cocktail party and panel on Thursday, and I had a lot of really great meetings at the vivid booth.

Tristan was thrilled with the news: "It's incredibly groundbreaking for such a festival to exist in Slovenia, and i am so honored to have my movie be a part." A little closer to home is the annual CineKink film Festival, which runs from. CineKink, which was created in 2003, exists to recognize and encourage the positive depictions of sexuality and kink in television and film, and this year they will be screening an excerpt of Chemistry 3! The organizers selected a scene starring Roxy deville - which pleased Tristan immensely, as it's one of her favorites! If you'd like to check out the festival, you can go to their website. In the next few weeks, we'll have news on a new vivid-Ed title that hits the streets later this spring, as well as a new q a from Tristan herself - so check back soon! Dark Odyssey is Almost Here! Happy february to you all. I know many of you are buried in the snow and ice, but things are heating up for Dark Odyssey : Winter Fire, an event being held February 13-15 in Washington dc that brings together the best of the sex positive communities for one weekend.

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vivid writing

Award-Winning English Scholar Illuminates Visions

She covers: how to short communicate, establish consent, and set limits which parts of the body can be roughed up and which cant how to choose an effective safeword tips for spanking, face slapping, and hair pulling in a safe way three different kinds of slapping. No one has ever seen Penny this disease rough, dirty, and nasty on film. Her fans will be surprised to see her scorching, one of a kind scene. Says Penny: "Although I like it in my personal life with the right person, i've never had rough sex on camera before. I hand-picked Derrick, who i really trust, for my scene. We felt really comfortable, and I went to a place i've never gone before.

It's one of the best scenes i've ever shot.". Two other scenes follow hers with an cast that includes: Lexi belle, aiden Starr, mark davis, derrick pierce, devin, mia lelani and of course penny Flame! Written and Directed by penny Flame *Executive produced by Tristan taormino, it comes out on April 1, 2009 - you can order it at several stores online including Gamelink! Vivid Titles Selected to Screen at 2 International Film Festivals! In case you haven't heard yet, vivid-Ed's very own Tristan taormino has had two of her works selected to screen at two very international film festivals this spring! Her 2007 film, Chemistry 1, is going to be making an appearance at the 10th Annual Red Dawns Feminist queer Festival in Ljubljana, slovenia - it was one of only three films selected by the event's producers for screening at the festival, and will.

Some smoking hot pics for sure! I'm also gearing up for some trips out of town in April; those of you in the baltimore md / Washington dc area will get a double-dose, with my Anal Pleasure class at Sugar in Baltimore, md on April 6, and my rescheduled discussion. New Jersey-ites can catch the same lecture on April 8 at Drew University in Madison,. I'll also be visiting Connecticut, massachusettes, new Hampshire, vermont, and Wisconson during April - so there are lots of chances to catch up with me in person! Finally, for those of you that are fans of Derrick pierce (who's appeared in a bunch of vivid and vivid-Ed titles there's a brand new fan site on the net just for you - you can find it. This is a fan run site, so there are plenty of awesome photos of the man himself - which gives you plenty to enjoy!

That's it for now. I'd better start packing! With lube affection, Tristan, penny Flame's Expert guide to rough Sex. Are you ready for it? I am so exited to announce that. Penny flame's expert guide to rough sex is here! Penny leads a workshop where she teaches and demonstrates with the help of mia lelani.

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Coming out later this summer is rough Sex 2, with some amazing new faces (and your familiar favorites) exploring their fantasies of sex with a bit of an edge. Are you following me on Twitter? If you're not following me on Twitter, you're missing tons of "behind the scenes" shots of some of the hot stars of my upcoming Expert guide dvd's. I'm filming this week and the sex is hot! Check them out by following me on Twitter: TristanTaormino! Hey folks, i just wanted to stop by and tell you all how busy things have been here lately. As you know tree from my last blog entry, penny Flame's Expert guide to rough Sex is out, and I'm so excited for it (and so are many of you, if the pre-orders are any indication)! Want to see a preview? Check out the great review and online photo gallery that m put.

vivid writing

Did you know that my rough Sex series just released the second edition? This dvd is packed with hotter rough sex, more kink, more bdsm, and more amazing will fantasies then ever! If you're a fan, you'll definitely want to check it out - the video listing is on my website at hope you love watching it as much as I loved making it! With lube affection, Tristan. Time for editing fun! We wrapped up shooting for our new dvd's last week; now I get to start the editing process. I'm so excited - these shoots were amazing, and our talented actresses actors gave 110 to their work! I wish I could get them all out the door for you tomorrow, but unfortunately, it'll be a while. On the positive side?

boards, find great workshops in your area, and, most importantly, give us feedback about what you want. New Expert guide Ships Dec. I'm so excited to announce finally that my newest Expert guide title, "Expert guide to female Orgasms", is wrapped up will be released on December 13! That's right - a new way to learn about the ultimate female pleasure - and how to make it happen even better, starring some of my favorite stars including Katie. Ives, evanni soliel, jiz lee, madison young, dylan ryan, and Adrianna nicole. We talk about (and show!) oral sex, g-spot play, vibrators, anal d more. You'll definitely want to pick this dvd up - and if you pre-order it through my website, i will guarantee it to arrive to you by december 24! Click one of the links above for more d hope you enjoy it! Rough Sex 2 is out!

What sort of trees do you want your reader to visualise? Fir, pine, redwood all dissertation conjure up dark, virtually changeless evergreens, completely different from, say, oak, liquidambar, elm and poplar, which change with the seasons. And to say your hosts home was full of expensive polished furniture and they entertained you with exotic food is nowhere near as evocative as mentioning the eighteenth-century burr walnut (or mahogany or rosewood) table on which you dined on Lobster Mornay, boeuf Wellington and. So, in summary, instead of vague adjectives and nouns, use more specific ones and your writing will come to life. arker Enterprises, all rights reserved, for further writing tips, see other links. Back to top, well, i do hope ive been able to help you. You can send any comments or questions by emailing. Vivid-Ed is the newest imprint of vivid. Entertainment, and it is dedicated to sex education.

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Format for a friendly letter, format for a friendly or Personal Letter. The following picture essay shows what a one-page friendly or personal letter should look like. The horizontal lines represent lines of type. Click your mouse pointer on any part of the picture for a description and example of that part. More on Personal Letters. Complete contents, glossary, grammar Contents, copyright, english Plus, All rights reserved. Dont automatically reach for obvious words like tree, fruit, polished furniture, food, drink.

vivid writing
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Write better descriptions with rich, engrossing details and imagery. There are seven major types of imagery, each corresponding to a sense, feeling, action, or reaction: Visual imagery pertains to graphics, visual scenes, pictures, or the sense of sight. Learn how to write a descriptive essay.

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  1. Format for a friendly or Personal Letter The following picture shows what a one-page friendly or personal letter should look like. The horizontal lines represent lines of type. We hear it all the time, but how can we incorporate it into our fiction writing?

  2. Show; Don't Tell!: Secrets of Writing Josephine nobisso, eva montanari. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Innovative yet accessible writing strategies appropriate for both fiction and nonfiction are presented in this enchanting tale of a writing lion who holds court for a cast of animal friends.

  3. We bring you sex ed videos that are smart, sexy, educational and entertaining. Christy canyon began her career as a vivid girl in September 1990. In 1998, the avn hall of Fame star took a break from making films to concentrate more on her feature dancing as well as writing her autobiography, "Lights, camera, sex!". "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood is ready for the next stage of her career - and it's looking like it could be in porn, because she's met with porn giant vivid.

  4. I was talking to a friend and fellow writer about how I didn't know the best way to use settings, and later I checked a romance on Amazon and saw this book, "Writing vivid Settings". Contrary to popular belief, you dont get vivid writing by using vivid adjectives. Your writing is more likely to be vivid when you delete unnecessary words (especially unnecessary adjectives) and use more specific rather than general words. Vivid-Ed is the newest imprint of vivid Entertainment, and it is dedicated to sex education.

  5. What is vivid description? How does it help in writing? This post answers the two questions, and much more. Funny, how timing is perfect sometimes.

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