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You will now have the ease of simply dropping their trash and recyclables into a receptacle right outside your door. You no longer have the inconvenience of walking to a far away dumpster/compactor or the struggle of carrying heavy loads of garbage down long flights of stairs. What was once a chore is now your 1 amenity! Convenience no more carrying smelly loads or driving trash to a far away compactor to sort waste or recyclables go green recycling is the easiest way to go green! Protect the planet from your doorstep Safety no more late night trips through the parking lot. Stop bag leakage on or in your car! Crime deterrent Uniformed attendants on property during peak crime hours Better living environment : Enhanced beautification of Property and immediate living area never Purchase a trash and/or recycling can/bag again: aws containers become move-in gifts that also act as your kitchen garbage receptacles Service. Middle man States we look to service: doorStep Valet Trash Waste removal Service: Florida, georgia, alabama, louisiana, texas, kentucky, tennessee, north Carolina, south Carolina, pennsylvania, new Jersey, new Hampshire, colorado, nebraska, arizona, california, washington, Oregon, nevada, ohio, west Virginia, maryland, Rhode Island, hawaii, arkansas, kansas.

National service leader, map, here are the rewards of who we serve: Property management, according to a recent national study, full service trash removal is one of the most requested luxuries residents want in their apartment community. Not only does full service trash removal expand your amenity package, it also differentiates your property and gives you a competitive edge. Best of all, aws rex valet Trash Services provides you with a supplemental income stream along with reducing your net operating expense! 1 Community Amenity: 74 of residents rate valet Trash as the most valued community amenity. Achieve higher market rents, supplemental Income Stream Increased noi, doorstep Details daily reporting. Free resident appreciation day, help control my waste bill 59 of renters say they search for communities that offer on-site recycling. Residents are ready to participate! Comply with Mandatory Green Apartment Recycling korte Legislation without Contamination Concerns. Co-mingled Recycling saves at least 10 on property waste bill. Hauling of Recyclable materials available flat Pricing. Lease Up Programs available fully Insured compliance depot: 535542 rmis: 292317 Dumpster to compactor conversions quick valet Trash program deployment for your entire portfolio clean Compactor and Breezeways no unsightly or foul odor dumpster areas no up-Front Costs Start service any time of the year.

trash valet business plan

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Aws is also a-rated by the better Business Bureau, and a compliance depot Certified Vendor (Compliance depot 535542). In addition, doorstep details-valet Trash is a preferred vendor for numerous trunk Management Groups and Waste savings Consultants across the. We ask that you explore. Our Clients page, to better understand the companies benefiting from our savings and service. Ready to discover your communities potential? Please fill Out the valet Trash" form for a free detailed Bid, specially priced for your community. We offer New Construction vendor-Switching Discounts. In addition to, phase-In Pricing Programs with Flexible contracts that dont lock you into bad service. Discover the aws difference and.

trash valet business plan

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Resident focused: to help introduce this value to your residents, all of our newly contracted communities receive. Free resident appreciation day! Event consist of free food drinks, free giveaways, svc. For Residents, hosted by an aws team member. Resident Information Page, to learn more about our resident-focused services. Increased profits peace of mind: take confidence, we offer our quality services with the Affordable Phase-In Rates a price-match guarantee, that allows our Mgmt. Maximize increase their Net Operating Income per Unit!

Powerful insight and peace of mind for you, your residents, ownership. Discover More about our. Doorstep Details Reporting Technology. Reliability convenience: Were proud of our advancements, but its not all about the tech. Its about your Residents! The convenience and reliability we offer your residents is life changing for most. Your residents no longer have to take unsafe nightly trips to compactor/dumpster, or place stinky trash inside or on top of their vehicle to throw it away.

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trash valet business plan

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Our quality-driven services are reinforced by the prose latest advancements report in technology, and supported by the award winning aws management team! Enact the 1 Retention tool in Multi-family. Contact us for free valet Trash" today, call 866.698.2874. Or Please fill Out the valet Trash" form. How does the doorstep Details-Valet Trash System Work? Our proven system starts by delivering a sleek, new 13-Gallon Container to each Unit in the community.

Residents are then allowed to place their Bagged-Trash Inside the container, and place the container outside their doorstep for trash retrieval on the industry standard schedule.m.-8p.m., sun.-Thurs. Doorstep Details-Valet Trash Porters, remove the bagged-trash from each unit with our leak-proof satchels, starting pickup.m. Dd-valet Trash Porters, then dispose of the trash in the communitys onsite dumpsters/compactor. We also clean the area around the dumpsters/compactor, and conclude service by sending Property management a daily doorstep Details Report or dd report for short. Dd reports are easy to understand, pdf documents that report gps-date/Time-Stamped Arrival departure times, Bldg. Pickup Confirmation, after-Service Photos of Bldgs. You now know, when your Valet Trash Porter Arrived Onsite, what they were doing onsite, when they left the community.

It goes without saying that raising your nascent companys profile in the local community will be a difficult proposition at best. Most people dont spend a lot of time thinking about garbage collection providers, so a niche valet trash pickup business will require you to focus on branding. Use the usual social media suspects like google, facebook and Twitter to bolster your local reputation. Joining the local chamber of commerce to make business contacts is a good idea. Also, leverage word-of-mouth advertising by directly contacting local landlords and real estate rental firms.

Build Out your Operation, once youve established your valet trash pickup service by securing serious, long-term clients, you can work on expansion. If things really take off, youll no doubt need to hire employees to handle the day-to-day bric-a-brac. Choosing the right people to entrust with your side business and maintaining a competitive edge over would-be rivals are the keys to reliable profits. With the right consumer demographics, a sound business plan and a little promotion, a valet trash pickup side business can be a resounding success. D.: 535542, your Residents Deserve the, green lifestyle, your Communities Deserve increased revenue! We at doorstep details, pride ourselves on enhancing the lives of residents, while improving the bottom line for property management and developer ownership. Doorstep details-valet Trash is a national leader in Affordable, 5-day-a-week, apartment/Condo doorstep Trash Pickup. Our specially-trained, Uniformed, licensed insured Valet Trash Porters, service thousands of apartment residents across the.

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There may be special incentives in your area related to recycling things like electronic trash and used motor oil that can significantly reduce your costs. Experiment with Pricing contracts. Last but not least, youll need reviews to fiddle around with your service contracts to determine the pricing sweet spot that will attract oliver the greatest number of clients. Its best to start out with a month-by-month contract at a low rate that can be altered as you. This will allow customers to try your services on a trial basis and give you a way to figure out the best price point for your basket of services. Within a few months, you should have a good idea of what will work on a long-term basis for your trash collection outfit. Market your Venture to the public.

trash valet business plan

In addition, a reliable work truck or van will be a necessity at the outset. Invest in dollies and other transportation tools to make the pickup process as seamless as possible. Furthermore, its likely that youll need to hire a few employees for anything beyond the smallest of trash pickup services. Be sure to acquire the appropriate level of automotive and employers insurance for your business. Locate a good Landfill Operator, before you can start to collect trash and recycling from clients, youll need to set up a contract with the right landfill to receive your trash. Generally speaking, a landfill or dump will charge a garbage collector by the ton. You may want to rent commercial argumentative space to store trash temporarily while you wait to drop it off.

p2P lending service or the. Clear Any regulatory hurdles. While youre sketching out your new trash pickup enterprise, you need to be mindful of any local ordinances that could derail your plans. For instance, some cities will only allow a set number of trash collectors to operate within their jurisdiction. In addition, youll need to read up on the relevant local laws that pertain to recycling hazardous and electronic waste. Once again, the secretary of States office or the local chamber of commerce can help you to negotiate the red tape youll encounter. Assemble your gear and Staff, as far as hardware goes, youll need plenty of garbage and recycling bins to pass out to your customers.

If you dont mind getting your hands dirty, a valet trash pickup venture can be extremely profitable. Identify a promising Niche, regardless of the demographics that you plan on targeting, your valet trash service should cater to customers from a variety of housing backgrounds. Whether you choose to contract with singular apartment renters, multifamily units or senior care facilities, settling on the right mix of trash pickup options is important. Some valet trash pickup outfits only work with standard household garbage while others will take away everything from electronics to furniture. Figure out what you can afford to do at the outset and sketch a broad plan. Structure fund your Business, naturally, you should form an llc or other corporate entity and register your new business with the local Secretary of States office. The necessary licenses will depend movie on how your city or state handles sales taxes and so forth.

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Justin Behrmann is the managing Partner of Central Waste management and co-owner of Asset Solutions Group, a property preservation company. He entered the trash business in 2008 at the start of the subprime crisis after spending years himself in mortgage banking. For the last 8 years, his company has been performing ppr, p p, and reo. Much like indoor plumbing and electricity, efficient and hassle-free trash disposal is a primary hallmark of modern civilization. Long gone are the days of unsightly backyard trash heaps and rusting vehicles being left out in the woods. Nowadays, citizens at every level of the socioeconomic pyramid expect access to effortless trash removal. Unfortunately, municipal services sometimes fall short in the performance department. One sensible alternative gpa in many cases is privatized trash removal.

trash valet business plan
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  3. Our custom waste management plans offer specialized services bringing the. Tras h pick up happens after business hours when management is not around.

  4. But for n ow my 10 year plan is to acquire 100,000 units. I don t believe. Trash Butler is the revolutionary doorstep Valet Trash recycling service for apartments and multi-family communities. We offer door to door waste and.

  5. A growing trend in waste management, known as concierge trash collection, is being increasingly. As a valet trash business owner, your article is spot. I am hoping to create a valet Trash Business.

  6. How do you run a successful doorstep trash valet business? At s tarting a doorstep valet trash business, you should plan on doing both. These 4 tips to creating a successful valet trash business plan wi ll help you become better prepared for running a doorstep trash collection. Regardless of the demographics that you plan on targeting, your valet trash servic e should cater to customers from a variety of housing backgrounds.

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