Natural born killers essay

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The setup interview They wanted to know what i use to get work done. I told them.a bemused journey into the heart of the south American Dream. Five days at the intersection of politics and technology in the Third World, and what I found there. Another travel tale, in which I go to Greenwich on a boat. Many in-jokes for fans of the aubrey/Maturin novels.or, i left my heart In Shin-Osaka. An account of my first time in Japan. Chock full of adventure, enlightenment, romance, and even a few photos. I learned a lot - about exogamy, crazy zen masters, and where the set designs for Bladerunner came from.a norse is a norse, of course, of course.

The doj lawsuit against Microsoft seems to have thrown business a good many libertarians into confusion. In this essay, i argue that friends of the free market should condemn both antitrust law and Microsoft. I wrote this in April 1997 for a newsletter called "Editorial eye" targeted for writers and editors. A letter to the editor, with some thoughts on why self-conscious art has been such an esthetic disaster area in this century. Wherein i explain why we don't need the gpl anymore. Where i lay out the case that the open-source community needs to compromise biography on proprietary codecs. Federico biancuzzi interviews several early members of osi. I am among them. My ten-years-on retrospective on how far we've come since 1998. An Ask me anything in which I divagate about languages, sanity in software architecture, my first hardware design, and many other topics.

natural born killers essay

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Perhaps that's why there's a media rush to turn him into a demon? On August 19, 1934, 90 of the german people - educated citizens of a modern constitutional democracy - voted Adolf Hitler dictatorial power over their country. In this essay, i explore the stark and terrible implications of this fact. My remarks to computer Professionals for Social Responsibility on the occasion of co-receiving the 1999 Norbert weiner Award. An essay on Open source advocacy, with particular focus on why talking about freedom' or other kinds of ideals is counterproductive in promoting our values. An adventure in ethical philosophy; japanese what bearing weapons teaches about the good life. If you are politically correct, this will give you absolute hives. I wrote this around 1990 after a particularly outrageous series of newspaper stories. The Philadelphia inquirer published an edited version as an Op-Ed piece in "Community voices" on Sunday, february 8 1998.

natural born killers essay

Natural, born, killers essays

I still get questions about it, so i've made the reviews available on the web here. An essay on how readers understand science fiction. The largest pattern in the history of modern science fiction has been the four failed revolutions against Campbellian hard. In this essay i examine the roots of these revolutions and the reasons for their failure. A few hours after the destruction of the world Trade center on 11 September 2001, some friends asked me to speak out against the worst long-term damage it could mean for our country - not the terrorism itself, but our political reaction. My attempt to distill a lot of post-2001 talking and thinking in the blogosphere into a coherent set of principles and guides to action. A declaration of war on terrorism and the friends of terrorism. Timothy McVeigh raises moral questions we seem ill-prepared to answer.

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natural born killers essay

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My most recent book, an extended meditation on how to essay think like a unix guru. How some friends and I restored the final version of Colossal cave adventure. With more general thoughts about restoring software Old Masters: reasons, goals, best practices. Most people believe that human harry beings are uniquily violent animals, natural-born killers. This belief is not only wrong, it prevents clear thinking about the actual causes and mechanisms of violence.

In this essay i show that our original sin is not murderousness but obedience Why does love got to hurt so bad? Or, to put it another way, why aren't humans wired to mate faithfully for life, like swans? An essay in evolutionary psychology. An essay, originally written for the Extropians list, on why mathematical formal systems are so mysteriously applicable to the real world. From 1990 to 1992 I wrote and posted to usenet an sf review column which became rather popular.

My article on open source development that apppeared in the june-july 2004 issue of Analog magazine. Focuses on some ideas from complexity theory and on connections with the sf tradition. This paper, written with Rob Landley, explains why 2008 is a deadline for popular Linux acceptance on the desktop, and examines the strategy and tactics necessary to achieve that. A comprehensive essay on the design of gpsd, which I believe has significant lessons for other projects. My article on building good Linux hardware cheap, written for Linux journal 36.

I was a bit surprised at how popular it proved. Some book reviews from just before i discovered Python. Guido van Rossum told me once he thought this article was the single most effective piece of Python evangelism ever. For some years it was the single most popular back article on the lj website. This article is a sequel to my 1996 "Building the perfect Box" article. Where that was a guide to building Linux workstations on the cheap, this examines a slightly different question: What do you build when money is no object? A severely truncated version edited down to about 25 of its length, appeared in the november 2001 Linux journal. A technical presentation on Windows-to-linux end-user migration that is also a cheesy vaudeville routine - performed at the winter 2002 LinuxWorld with Rob Landley and Catherine raymond. A detailed and in-depth analysis of the so-called evidence of massive code copying that sco revealed on While working on The Art of Unix Programming, i became aware of a fascinating archeological discovery — the recovery of the lost teachings of an ancient Unix master.

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There are lessons here for other projects. A followup to The luxury of Ignorance: An Open-source horror. Story in which I discuss the community reaction, develop the concept of the luxury of ignorance further, and call for a sea-change in attitudes towards. I offered the Alexis de toqueville instutute a private critique of their book on the supposed theft at the heart of the linux operating system, in the fond hope that they would correct the errors. In early 2004 Sun Microsystems and Microsoft started talking up a vision of the future in which hardware would come free with software subscriptions. This essay thank makes clear why this offer is a dangerous trap. Who use the terms "open source" and "free software"? What is their relative frequency on the web? This paper has the answers.

natural born killers essay

A transcript of my conference call with some big-time Prudential Securities investors. If you're looking for an example of how to do effective advocacy to a business audience, this interview is representative of how I. An essay examining the convergence between open source and agile programming. At Sun's February 2004 meeting, ceo scott McNealy said "The open-source model is our friend". This is the open letter I wrote to urge him to demonstrate that. The biggest obstacle between open-source software and world domination is not Microsoft, it's pooh our own endemic cluelessness about how to design software that won't make nontechnical users run screaming. I ran into a particularly poignant example when I tried to configure cups for remote printing. A glitzy gui interface fails to compensate for some astonishing blunders.

the release had enabled some cheats. Does this mean open source is a security problem? In this essay, i discuss the security lessons of quake. Because some visions are too audacious not to approached with a sence of humor. A senior Microsoft executive is telling lies in public. In other startling news, the sky is blue and water has been seen flowing downhill. My talk at AgileCultureCon on culure-hacking and linguistic maps. Some thoughts on Sam Williams's excellent biography of Richard Stallman.

Here are some of the homework screeds i've uttered over the years. Probably the most popular thing i've written. It's in demand in a lot of different forms, so i've given it its own subsite. Homesteading the noosphere, the magic, cauldron, and a brief History of Hackerdom. My original February 1998 call to the community, issued immediately after the netscape breakthrough, to start using the term open source'. This is the beginning that osi and the mainstreaming of Linux built. And this is what followed, when the chieftains of the hacker tribes met and threw their weight behind "open source".

Natural, born, killers, essay

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natural born killers essay
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I think that this way deprives the person of a lot of opportunities. The script runs as expected in idle but when i run it in atom.

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