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Interdisciplinary Study: It is possible for students to select some cognate courses from outside the department, for example: from political science, economics, education, sociology, anthropology, and African American Studies. Non-Degree student Policy: Students are directed to continuing Education for information on registrating as a non-matriculated student. A student may take up to 9 credits as a non-matriculated student. If accepted into the program, these credits may be applied toward the degree. Financing Opportunities The department offers teaching Assistantships. The principal duties of a teaching Assistant (TA) include assisting faculty members in the classroom, preparing material for the instructor, conducting tutorials and discussion sections, and grading quizzes, tests, and papers. TAs are expected to spend 20 hours per week on their duties.

Others have found employment in private sector firms whose business requires an understanding of urban and spatial dynamics. Affiliation(s david Elesh, Associate Professor of Sociology,. D., columbia university; Barbara ferman, Associate Professor of Political advisor Science,. D., Brandeis University; Judith goode, professor of Anthropology,. D., cornell University; Kenneth Kusmer, Professor of History,. D., University of Chicago; resume george rengert, Professor of Criminal Justice,. D., University of North Carolina; William Stull, Professor and Chair, Economics,. D., massachusetts Institute of Technology; Morris Vogel, Professor of History,. D., University of Chicago; Conrad weiler, Associate Professor of Political Science,. D., syracuse University; William Yancey, professor of Sociology,.

internship paper

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Time limit for Degree completion: 3 years Campus Location: main Campus Students are able to complete the dissertation degree program through classes offered after 4:30. Students are able to complete the degree program on a part-time basis (8 credit hours or less per semester). Of geography and Urban Studies 309 Gladfelter Hall 1115 West Berks Street (025-27) Philadelphia, pa ranking: Not applicable. Areas of Specialization: The graduate program in Urban Studies emphasizes study and research related to public policy in urban areas of the United States. The program's faculty have particular expertise in the areas of housing, neighborhood quality, land use planning, urban economic development, and provision of public services. The Philadelphia region receives considerable attention in both the curriculum and the research activities of the department. Job Placement: Graduates of the Urban Studies program have continued with their education by pursuing doctoral degrees in some of the nation's most prestigious. Programs; other graduates find employment in a variety of government agencies at the local, county, state, and federal levels. Graduates of our program have also taken professional positions in public sector agencies and organizations including economic development corporations, nonprofit research organizations, and community-based organizations that deal with urban problems.

internship paper

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Carolyn Adams Graduate Chairperson:. Carolyn Adams Chairperson:. Jerry Stahler About the Program The department of geography and Urban Studies offers graduate work leading to the master of Arts degree. The program prepares students for further study and for careers in planning and public administration, environmental management, economic development, geographic systems management, community organizing and social change efforts, and careers in academia. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the development of research techniques and analytical skills applicable to problem solving. There is also an emphasis on experiential and service learning, and community-based applied research. The department's faculty is complemented by faculty drawn from Anthropology, criminal Justice, economics, history, political Science, sociology and other departments. Graduates of the Urban Studies program find employment report in public sector agencies that deal with environmental planning, land use, and urban problems. They also work for quasi-public social service institutions that address various needs of urban residents, as well as for private sector firms whose business requires an understanding of urban and spatial dynamics.

Comprehensive exam Grade - the examination members look for (a) an understanding of core concepts, (b) the application of principles, and (c) an ability to write a coherent and well-constructed essay. Comprehensive exam Pass - a student must satisfy all three examiners to pass the ma exam requirement. Comprehensive exam Schedule - the student is given a specific time to take the examination home. Usually, the student takes the exam home on a friday and submits it on the following Monday. The exam normally requires that the student write on three questions selected from a list of six-one from each pair of questions. Contacts Program Contact Information: www. Department Information: Dept. Of geography and Urban Studies 309 Gladfelter Hall 1115 West Berks Street (025-27) Philadelphia, pa department Contacts: Admissions: Oloma tillman Program coordinator:.

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internship paper

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The advisor will help the student obtain faculty assistance in securing an internship placement that suits the student's interests. The advisor will also help the student select an internship paper committee from the department faculty. Language Examination: no language examination is professional required. Culminating events: Comprehensive examination: The purpose of the comprehensive examination is to determine the breadth and depth of the student's knowledge in urban studies. The examination evaluates the student's ability to utilize and integrate theoretical and applied principles relating to urban studies. Comprehensive exam Subject - the exam may be composed resume of two parts: written and oral. The written examination is normaly tailored to the coursework, research, and internship experience of the individual student.

The written exam requires answers to three questions selected from a choice of six. Comprehensive exam Complete - the comprehensive exam is generally administered during the second semester of the second year. Comprehensive exam Write - the graduate secretary makes copies of the written answers available to the committee members who grade them Pass or fail. Within one week, the committee chair polls committee members and passes the results on to the graduate secretary and the student. The oral exam is generally a follow-up to the written answers. Not all students are required to sit for an oral exam.

General Program Requirements: Number of Didactic Credits Required beyond the baccalaureate: 36, required courses: gus 410, modern Urban Analysis; and gus, 482 field Methods. 3 credits in Research Methods from the following: gus 430, Program evaluation; gus 411, community based Research; or other course approved by the Graduate Chair. 3 credits in Policy Analysis from the following: gus 415, land Use Planning; gus 440, Economic development Planning for Cities; gus 444, Urban housing; gus 445; poverty and Employment in the Changing Urban Economy; or other Policy Analysis course approved by the Graduate Chair. 5 elective courses; a basic statistics course (if statistics has not been taken as an undergraduate). 6 credits for the Internship, gus 481, and 3 credits for the Internship Paper, gus 482.

Internship: Yes, an internship is required. Internships provide the student with the opportunity to gain work experience and personal contacts outside the university. Any graduate student may opt to take a field placement. When combined with an internship paper, the experience may substitute for a thesis in the Internship track. Placement normally occurs during the summer between the first and second years of study, although internship placements during the student's third or fourth semesters of study can also be arranged. Both paid and unpaid internships are available. Students who are interested in the Internship Track should consult with the director of the Internship Program during their first semester of graduate study.

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Minimum toefl score or range of scores needed to be accepted: 575 on the paper-based test or 230 on the computer-based test. Applicants who score below 600 on the paper-based test or 250 on the computer-based test will be required to take and pass a remedial English course during their first semester at Temple University. Resume: A resume is required. Writing Sample: The Graduate Admissions Committee may request a writing sample at its discretion. Transfer Credit: A total of 6 graduate credits from an accredited institution may be transferred into the geography and Urban Studies program. The credits must be equivalent to coursework offered at Temple. In addition, at least half of the grades in the courses to transfer must be an "A" homework in order to transfer and no grade below a "B" is acceptable. The maximum number of credits a student may transfer. Program Requirements, campus Location: main Campus, full-Time/Part-Time Status: Students are able to complete the degree program through classes offered after 4:30.

internship paper

Although students are admitted for the Spring semester, the department encourages applicants to apply for the fall semester since the program sequence is designed to begin at that time. Letters of Reference: Number Required: 2, from Whom: Letters of recommendation should come from college/University faculty members familiar with academic competence. Coursework required for Admission Consideration: tba, bachelor's Degree in Discipline/Related Discipline: Yes. All social sciences but other disciplines may be considered. Statement of goals: The Statement of goals should be approximately 500-1,000 words and homework should include the following elements: why you are interested in Temple's geography and Urban Studies program; your research and academic goals; your future career goals; your academic and research achievements; and any. The Graduate Admissions Committee is particuarly interested in the student's interests and goals and whether they fit with our program offerings and faculty interests. Standardized Test Scores: The gre is required. 500 Verbal 500 quantitative.

As Professors-in-Residence, we join all those who have read these papers in saluting the winning writers, and acknowledge that we have been pleased and honored by the opportunity to teach these students. Congratulations to all our winning authors! New York State Assembly Internship Program and, associate Professor, nyu wagner School of Public Service. New York State Assembly Internship Program and, professor of Political Science. The college. Concentration: Internship, college of liberal arts, admission Requirements and deadlines. Application deadline: Fall: January 15, spring: October 15, applications are processed on a semi-rolling basis in that applications may be reviewed prior to the deadlines.

Were there any policy windows and policy entrepreneurs? Does the conflict involve large groups, or is it relevant to only a small group? What does the legislation propose to do to resolve the conflict? Who is in favor of, or opposed to, the bill and why? What role does policy analysis play in this policy story? What are the implications of the legislation for your Member's district? What do you think are the prospects for the legislation? What are the lessons about the intersection of politics and policy around this issue? What does this policy case study tell you about democratic decision making?

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Research Papers, the new York State Assembly Internship Program has two vital components: the practical educational experience in an Assembly office, and the academic component. Each year the Assembly Intern Program has published a volume, where we honor the best writers in the Internship Program's challenging academic curriculum of 2015. Of the 139 Session Interns, 18 papers were nominated for consideration for publication in this prestigious volume; the eight winning research reports are published here for the appreciation and education of all pdf of us, especially future intern classes. We are proud of these student authors; their research reports make us hopeful for the future of citizen and practitioner understanding of legislative politics and policymaking in New York State. The Internship Program's academic curriculum includes weekly classes and intensive discussions, issue forums, significant required reading every week, frequent reports and written assignments, regular quizzes, and a required 15-20 page research paper. It is the best of these research papers that are included in this volume. These research reports display creativity, writing ability, perceptiveness and understanding of the political process, as well as strong academic and legislative research capabilities. Every student was asked to write a substantial paper focusing on the following questions: What is the specific bill that you are analyzing? What conflict or catalyst precipitated the bill?

internship paper
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The experience may be either paid or on a voluntary basis. Many of these are listed on our. Internship, groups page and the es blog.assessed at the end of the semester by the Environmental Studies.

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  1. For graduate students, this work could include a thesis chapter or a final thesis or internship paper. Research, paper and Thesis guidelines. Home / Graduate /.

  2. Download the documents below, starting with CM408 Exhibit 1: field Work Experience Check list. During your internship, monthly progress reports must be given to the faculty sponsor. Depending on the topic, nature of the internship, and discretion of the sponsoring faculty, a daily journal.

  3. Internship, report and the, internship, research, paper. Complete start of internship paper work. Click for Detailed guidelines for Students.

  4. The new York State Assembly. Internship, program offers college students the opportunity to participate in thr State of New York government. The advisor will also help the student select an internship paper committee from the department faculty. If you choose to do an internship you are advised to visit this website.referencing) The feedback on and the grades for the.

  5. This Site contains all the resources that 12th grade students at brvgs will need to conduct their Senior. Job and, internship, opportunities. Students must write a project summary paper related to the work performed during the internship ; the paper must be approved by both the field mentor and the faculty advisor.

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