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Stressing teamwork and organizational skills are key for creating an attractive hospitality resume, as most positions require working closely in teams and with other associates to complete tasks and manage customers. Rg tip Now you know you have the skills, but do you know how to present them persuasively? Learn the advance level of presenting skills on your resume here. Action Verbs for a Hospitality Resume Answer Listen Resolve communicate maintain Respond Conduct Manage sold Consult Post Supply Implement Provide Train Theres more where that came from. Come visit our longest list of action verbs in the universe! Ultimately, a resume with a hospitality focus will look much like the sample above, focusing on customer interactions and coworker communication skills. Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you.

The applicant already had solid hospitality experience due to resume his previous jobs as a bellhop and a front desk clerk. These are great examples because he quantified (added numbers to) the bullet points. Think about your own professional experience in terms of where you can showcase your talents and abilities, and grab the attention of the hiring manager. A brief look at How to quantify your Resume heres an example of a poorly written bullet point lab — can you see why? Poorly Written Job Description Greet and register guests does it seem complete? We dont think. A better one would be written like this: Well-Written Job Description Greet and register guests in a 200 room hotel using a point of Sale (POS) Terminal, memorizing faces and names to ensure personalized service throughout guest stays The bottom description gives the hiring manager. Is your Professional Experience formatted Correctly? Be sure to read our resume formatting page to understand why your resume should be written in either a functional, reverse-chronological, or combination style. The way you present your experience can actually have a huge effect on your chances of getting an interview. Target your Additional skills Including skills like communication skills, organization skills, software/technical knowledge and language skills are all abilities that can be used in a hospitality position.

front end resume

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Prove yourself in the Professional Experience section All of the claims you made in the career Objective should be proven with your homework bullet points. Aim to describe your work experience with numbers and achievements, rather than bland duties. Heres how this candidate did it — with attention to the bolding. Greet and register guests in a 200 room hotel using a point of Sale (POS) Terminal, memorizing faces and names to ensure personalized service throughout guest stays by describing the size of the hotel numerically, a hiring manager gets a much better idea about the. Maintained a 95 customer satisfaction rating over two years, a covering categories such as friendliness, efficiency, helpfulness, and knowledgeability If your performance is being tracked in any way, find out the numbers and include them on your resume (only if they are good, of course.) Customer. Maintaining a 95 rating is an excellent boon for any hospitality resume. Trained two new front desk clerks in using pos terminals, room inspection, providing guest services, and confirming online room reservation services If you have ever trained any employees, mention it, and specify what you trained them. We highlighted trained in red because its a powerful resume building keyword to include on a resume, — it means you have management skills, in depth knowledge, and that other people trusted you with important tasks. Why Else Are These good Examples?

front end resume

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Bearing these three general hospitality customer service skill sets in mind, lets dive into the specifics of this resume sample to see how this candidate wrote a fantastic resume. The hospitality industry is bigger than simply hotels and lodging. Begin with the career Objective the career Objective is where you will hook the hospitality hiring managers attention you by giving them everything they want and need to know about your experience right away. Heres the objective from the above example, with the critical parts bolded and numbered: Experienced hospitality worker (4 years)1 with a ba in Hospitality management2. Responsible, knowledgeable, and technically savvy3, the perfect candidate your Hotel Front Desk manager4 job. Why is this objective successful? With reference to the numbers: he mentions the number of years of experience in the field he presents his relevant college degree he lists the traits that make him a strong candidate he tells the hiring manager which position hes interested in Follow those guidelines.

However, there are some that do — and even if its not required, getting them can help you earn a higher hourly wage and make you a more competitive job candidate. Please see the hospitality certifications on this page from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (ahlei). Displaying your relevant certifications at the top of your resume is the fastest way to keep a hiring manager interested. Personality: Hospitality is all about the old adage, service with a smile. Hospitality establishments are looking for outgoing, personable, and friendly people who can keep guests comfortable, entertained, and relaxed. Are you skilled at conflict resolution, an inevitable aspect of dealing with guests and customers? This is yet another skill that you can get training in and display prominently on your resume. Technical: Whether youre operating point of Sale (POS) Terminals, captaining a tour boat, driving a horse and buggy carriage, handling credit cards and cash at the front desk, or working a security system, hospitality jobs require some specialized technical ability of some sort. Displaying your technical experience on your resume is a fast way to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you will require less training and therefore will be a stronger candidate.

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front end resume

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Trained 4 new bellhops to do room maintenance, customer service skills, and cleaning tasks. Assisted physically challenged travelers and other guests with special needs. Delivered messages and room service orders, and ran errands for guests. Education, the college of charelston, charleston, sc, bA in Hospitality management, june 2012 gpa :.7/4.0 read More: How to Write the Education Section additional skills experience with two kinds of point of Sale (POS) Terminals Excellent at Conflict Management resolution Microsoft Office powerPoint, word. Hospitality resume tips writing guide hospitality covers a broad range of job titles, all of which are a form of customer service related to hosting, catering to, and entertaining guests. The resume above covers a person who worked as a front desk clerk and hotel bellhop. If you did not work in those specific jobs, dont worry — all hospitality jobs require the same customer service skill sets, so you will still be able to learn from who this resume example.

A hotel bellhop provides excellent customer service. Ultimately, the ability to deal with customers in a proactive and professional manner is a skill every hospitality business seeks in its erefore, a hospitality resume that emphasizes these key abilities can definitely help you find a long lasting career. This is a fantastic sample resume — one that would capture the attention of any hiring manager. Well break it down, and help you understand how to write your own in a similar fashion. Three key skills for Hospitality workers Training: administrative There are many hospitality jobs that dont require a degree or special certifications.

Proven ability to run a hotel front desk, keep customers satisfied, and resolve conflicts. Responsible, knowledgeable, and technically savvy, the perfect candidate your Hotel Front Desk manager job. Read More: How to write a career Objective, please click here. Professional experience, old south inn. Charleston, sc, front Desk Clerk  September 2013 Present. Greet and register guests in a 200 room hotel using a point of Sale (POS) Terminal, memorizing faces and names to ensure personalized service throughout guest stays.

Maintained a 95 customer satisfaction rating over two years, a covering categories such as friendliness, efficiency, helpfulness, and knowledgeability. Balance daily 5000-10,000 in cash at end of shift and create reports to ensure accurate accounting of all transactions. Trained two new front desk clerks in using pos terminals, room inspection, providing guest services, and confirming online room reservation services. Take and confirm reservations over phone, email, airbnb, and in person, ensuring no reservation overlaps or hotel over-booking. Refer and report customer inquiries and complaints to the appropriate departments, and offered free items and services to dissatisfied customers. Read More: How to write the most persuasive resume possible. Charleston place hotel, charleston, sc, bellhop  September, transferred luggage, trunks, and package to and from rooms, loading areas, and vehicles by hand or using baggage cards in a 400 room hotel. Supplied guests with directions, travel information, and other information such as available services and points of interest.

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Table of Contents: Hospitality (Front Desk Clerk) Resume plan sample. Related Resume report cover Letter, hospitality resume (Text Format hospitality resume tips writing guide. Additional Resource for Hospitality workers, hospitality (Front Desk Clerk) Resume sample. Candidate emphasizes 4 years of experience and having a ba in Hospitality management. Candidate quantifies the size of hotel, how many employees hes trained, and customer satisfaction rating. Candidate is looking to upgrade to a hotel Front Desk manager position. Make a resume in minutes click here to download, this ms word Hospitality resume, click the following images to view the sample. Popular Resume samples by industry, hospitality resume (Text Format) 3423 south Street, boston, ma 02112 (843)-204-5645, experienced hospitality worker (4 years) with a ba in Hospitality management.

front end resume

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front end resume
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