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After some discussion with Forge, cyclops and Storm try to reason with him but he is strongly determined to see his plan through. Forge's insistence seems to stem from years of being ignored and neglected and he desires to leave behind a legacy and save the world. Beast has Abigail Brand to send an immensely powerful laser beam into the Ghost Box's portal. Storm urges Forge to escape but he would rather face death than humiliation and the team escapes as the beam destroys both the Ghost Box and the world whence the invaders came. 10 "Exogenetic" (Issues 3135) edit Agent Brand's investigation of an orbiting laboratory in space ends with it self-destructing, damaging her escape ship. As the craft falls toward Earth, she radios the help of the x-men, who save her before the craft can crash into san Francisco. In the crowd, Emma notices deceased former student Wallflower and follows after her. Laurie immediately transforms into a bio-sentinel and the team destroy.

Brand gives Scott and the x-men time to investigate med before she brings. With the help of Wolverine, the x-men locate tian, which is an uncharted area of China that no surveillance or satellite system can get through, not even the Chinese government. The x-men are able to sneak into tian and discover the headquarters of a secret group of mutants informally referred to by hank as the "Chinese x-men." Sadly, they seem to have died because of m-day's associated effects. As Storm and Emma investigate the grounded temple, emma notices they are not alone and that she will have to switch to her diamond form, leaving her without her telepathy. She relays the info to cyclops who is with beast, Armor and Wolverine. As Armor and Logan go off to search the temple for anyone else, scott and beast discuss Forge, m-day and its effects on the multiverse. Armor and Wolverine come across a man response who can fire lasers from his fingers, Storm and Emma lose their powers in the presence of the mutant hiding from them and Cyclops and beast take on a mutant with a strange chameleon mutation. After the x-men take down their foes, they reveal to the x-men they have a mutual friend, forge. 9 Emma continues to interrogate the x-men's captives and the team discovers that Forge created the manufactured mutants (including the victim in the beginning of the arc). He created these "mutants" for a counter-strike against the Annexation using a ghost Box that he acquired. The team head towards where forge is located and are apprehensive about the upcoming meeting.

dangerous minds movie summary

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After analyzing Suspect X's blood, hank finds out that Suspect x is just a essay normal mutant but with his X-gene on a different chromosome. Just like the murder victim, hank believes that Suspect x is a manufactured mutant. Hank wants to bring Abigail Brand from. In to help investigate this matter, but Scott is against that. In the end, against Scott's wishes, Agent Brand is brought in who lets the x-men know that the Ghost Box is a dimensional portal between different realities. Hank then concludes that Suspect x is not a manufactured mutant after all; in Suspect X's reality the x-gene is normally located on a different chromosome. Brand wants to turn this case into. W.O.R.D.-only case but Scott counters.

dangerous minds movie summary

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8 An Astonishing x-men sketchbook was released and showed costume redesigns by bianchi for the upcoming "Astonishing x-men: Second Stage." The characters showcased were dazzler, beast, nightcrawler, archangel, cyclops, emma Frost, colossus, storm, and Wolverine. "Ghost Box" (Issues 2530) edit based in San Francisco, ellis established the x-men as protectors of the city. The new team consisted of Cyclops, emma Frost, beast, wolverine and Armor, and later, Storm arrived. The x-men uncovered a plot of mutant synthesis from an unusual murder. The killer (designated 'x was located, fixing and restarting the eponymous "ghost box" in a spaceship. X was defeated but killed himself rather than surrender information about his intentions and "the Annex." The team returned to san Francisco with Suspect X's "mysterious box" (actually a "Ghost Box in tow and gave it to hank along with a syringe filled with Suspect. After analyzing the box and blood, hank told Scott that after having gone over Suspect X's file there appears to be talk about a secret war between Suspect X's people and the murdered mutant from the beginning of the story arc. There is also talk about a mysterious place called tian which is in China and that piques the interest of Wolverine.

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dangerous minds movie summary

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The final panel of issue 15, in which Shadowcat crouches in a sewer clenching her fists, was an homage to the final panel of Uncanny x-men 132, in which Wolverine did this gesture. "Unstoppable" (Issues 1924 giant-size astonishing x-men 1) edit In the following Unstoppable arc, Whedon wrote an adventure taking place on the alien Breakworld. The x-men square off against the Breakworld leaders, who are intending to destroy earth by firing a giant bullet. The danger subplot is homework also resolved, and Whedon established that Danger is hard-coded not to kill. In the end, Shadowcat phases inside the Breakworld bullet, and when it reaches Earth, makes it intangible, so that the bullet passes through Earth.

However she is unable to remove herself from the bullet and vanishes with it into space. Warren Ellis run edit marvel announced at San diego comicon 2007 that following completion of the Whedon/Cassaday run on Astonishing x-men, the series would continue with the new creative team of Warren Ellis and Simone bianchi. This run was expected to debut in early 2008, but was pushed back to july 2008. 7 Ellis and bianchi's first issue, astonishing x-men 25, featured the team relocated to san Francisco, with a base in the marin headlands. The only addition to the team was Storm.

With this 2005 arc, Whedon brought back colossus four years after his comic book death in 2001. The "mutant cure" plot was also the basis of the x-men: The last Stand movie plot. The arc was critically lauded and won the 2006 Will Eisner Award for "Best Continuing Series." 5 ign called the arc "best x-men run in a decade" and lauded Whedon for flawless character dynamics. 6 "Dangerous" (Issues 712) edit This Whedon arc features a sentinel attack with a mystery mastermind. The culprit is the danger room, which is becoming sentient and appears as a robot called " Danger." Whedon establishes that Professor x imprisoned Danger and made it an unwilling host of the danger room, leaving the x-men disgusted.

Whedon also revealed that Emma Frost is aligned with the newly formed Hellfire Club. "Torn" (Issues 1318) edit The x-men are manipulated by a new Hellfire Club, consisting of Cassandra nova, emma Frost, the enigmatic Perfection, negasonic teenage warhead, and Sebastian Shaw. It is revealed that when Cassandra nova's mind was imprisoned by Emma into a biological "slug cassandra placed a subtle suggestion into Emma's mind to cause Emma to believe she had to help Cassandra destroy the x-men and free cassandra, and that Cyclops' inability. Nova initially defeats the x-men by manipulating their greatest fears. In the end, cassandra's plot is revealed to Emma by cyclops, but it is unknown whether Emma returned the remaining consciousness of Cassandra to the slug or otherwise. Moments later Ord and Danger burst into the room, where they are all forcibly teleported away. To a spaceship headed for the Breakworld.

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This was previously due to the long delays between issues and Whedon's own stated desire to remain away from big crossovers, good which he personally disliked, and what he saw as hectic and unfollowable x-men continuity, 4 but have persisted almost to the end of the. Joss Whedon run edit "Gifted" (Issues 16) edit The first story arc focused on the introduction of several key characters and their involvement on the team. Whedon introduced a "mutant cure" designed by Indian Benetech scientist. Kavita rao, who was secretly sponsored by warrior alien Ord. The prospect of "real" humanity arouses the interest of a heavily mutated beast, who visits rao only to discover that the drug is the product of illegal human experimentation on an unknown victim. The x-men raid Benetech and reunite with Colossus. With Colossus's help, the team takes down Ord, but not before it's revealed that a mutant (most homework likely an x-man) would destroy ord's home planet, the Breakworld, within the next three years.

dangerous minds movie summary

This team became the usual focus for most x-men limited series published during Whedon's run as well. Whedon/Cassaday's Astonishing x-men run introduced a number of original characters into waitress the marvel Universe including kavita rao, special Agent Brand,. W.O.R.D., hisako ichiki, ord of the Breakworld and Blindfold. Whedon's run on the series was a critical and commercial success. The roster of the book was also the focus of various limited series at the time, such as x-men: Phoenix—Endsong, x-men: Phoenix—Warsong and World War Hulk: x-men. The series is noted for its independence from crossovers and large-scale events in the marvel Universe such as house of m, decimation, civil War, messiah Complex, avengers. X-men, and Battle of the Atom.

led by rogue and consisted of Sunfire, blink, morph, sabretooth and Wildchild. 1999 series edit The second limited series to bear the title Astonishing x-men was published in 1999 and occurred after The Shattering storyline. In the three-issue series, most of the regular x-men left the team over a conflict with Professor. The three-issue series, written by howard Mackie and illustrated by Brandon Peterson, featured an interim team consisting of Cyclops, phoenix, wolverine, archangel, cable, and Nate Grey. This team protected the mannites (a group of super powered, genetically engineered children) from death, a horseman of Apocalypse. Wolverine was apparently murdered by death in the final pages of the series but it was later revealed that "Death" was actually a mind controlled Wolverine, and that the "Wolverine" who was killed was an imposter, a shapeshifting Skrull. Ongoing series edit volume 3 (20042013) edit In 2004, marvel used the title Astonishing x-men for an ongoing x-men series written by joss Whedon and illustrated by john Cassaday. It is a continuation of Grant Morrison 's New x-men title and features a similar line-up of characters, including Cyclops and Emma Frost (as co-team leaders beast, kitty Pryde, colossus, lockheed, and Wolverine.

2, marjorie liu wrote the final 21 issues of the series until its end at issue 68 (October 2013). A new ongoing series, written. Charles soule, was launched during the, resurrXion event. On April 13, 2018, it was announced that soule's tenure on the title was ending, with writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist. Greg Land taking help over as of the series' thirteenth issue, publishing July 2018. Contents, publication history edit, limited series edit 1995 series edit, the original, astonishing x-men was a four-issue limited series that replaced Uncanny x-men during the 1995 alternate universe storyline Age of Apocalypse, in which all X-titles were given new names and issue numbers. In this storyline, professor X was murdered 20 years in the past by his own son, legion. Magneto, witnessing his friend's death, committed himself to xavier's dream and created his own team of x-men.

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Astonishing x-men is the name of four, x-Men comic book series from, marvel Comics, the first two of which were mba limited series. The ongoing series began in 2004, with its first run written. Joss Whedon and art by, john Cassaday. It was then written. Warren Ellis with art by, simone bianchi and, phil Jimenez. 1, daniel way and, christos Gage then took over the title writing alternating stories. They were followed. James Asmus who wrote one issue, then, greg pak, who took over for four issues in november 2011.

dangerous minds movie summary
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