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Reader's advisory, finding an author's name based on a description of a character. New medical online sources for medical questions and information on Harry potter. By browsing, i found the mla online site. Within the week, a patron was looking for an example of a bibliography. I was able to refer them to the site and they were very happy. Looking at an open records government site brought me to a pictorial listing of sex offenders. A patron later needed such a listing. It has been a valuable exercise to shelf study my entire career.

Another common question is about job openings. We find a few things on FirstGov. Patron needed articles from several periodicals that we don't subscribe. I knew where to find them on the net and printed them off for her. I have done browsing for Illinois sites and found a lot of useful information that i use a great deal in answering reference questions. A common type of question seems to involve statistics for a particular area. Example: how many women, in various age groups, live in Elgin county, essay and what is their level of education, etc. Browsing through Statistics Canada site helps me to be familiar with what is available. I got to the us department of Labor site while helping a patron find current cpi data for the us, and looked around to see what else was there and how the site in interconnected to other us government sites. Common areas against of requests such as genealogy have allowed me to find a core of sites that I can visit in order to answer patron questions. Many of the best sites have been found in passing while looking for something else.

best librarian resumes

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I knew directory existed from online browsing. One site that I have learned is useful for the finding voting information. My online browsing has been especially helpful in providing useful Internet sites for the children who use our public computers. Yes, about a year ago, i read a couple of sites that provide historical stock price"s. I examined and bookmarked the sites and when a patron needed a closing price of a stock she had sold in 1989. I was able to find the price online. We have numerous questions on medical advances or for specific articles about diseases. These we usually search in databases we've found on the Internet.

best librarian resumes

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How the individual librarian uses the resources available varies immensely. As I noted above, not every librarian has the making of a good reference librarian, indeed not every librarian can even do good reference work. It is hard to dark say how all the resources actually affect how an individual delivers reference service. Or, as mae west said, "It's not the men in my life, honey, it's the life in my men.". Browsing university sites has been very useful in helping patrons to access the course schedules, departmental information, admissions information, etc. We also have used knowledge gained from browsing governmental job service sites to aid patrons in using these sites. Question about local official in another town. Found on state government database.

If I hadn't known about the site, i probably could still have found what he needed but not as quickly and it probably wouldn't have been as nice in quality. Yes, with homework assignments and also supplying teachers with information for their classrooms. This summer a patron requested a seating arrangement for a flight on a specific airline and aircraft. Because i had browsed some travel sites, i was quickly able to find the airline's website, which had the seating arrangement. Another patron, an international traveler, needed to withdraw money from his bank but he did not have a phone number and he was not familiar with the web. By using a search engine, we located his bank online and he was able to carry out the transaction electronically. We have encountered questions about various Native american tribes and by doing some Internet browsing, we have been able to locate sites to aid patrons doing research on this subject, such as the hopi. The public inspires us, the media enriches us, and the reference tools, both print and online, empower.

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best librarian resumes

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Getting to that site was much easier through the firstgov. A patron came in with a line of poetry in her head and wanted to know the title and author. I exhausted our print resources here first, but then yelp remember that ipl had several e-texts, which were poetry compilations. I went to www., downloaded a couple and searched their full-text electronically without success. Their site had a link to another, however, with an even bigger collection of poetry online and I was able to find the information there. A patron needed information on a skin disease and there was no information in any of our print sources.

But the health site had the information about this disease. I discovered a site for song lyrics and several days later, a patron wanted lyrics for a particular song and I was able to retrieve. I had a student who needed a color picture of a crow for his report. We do not have a color copier so copying a print source is impossible if the patron wants color. I knew from reading the Scout Report and checking out the site that m would more than likely have what he needed. These online nature field guides have a color picture of each entry that can be blown up to quite a nice size. It was exactly what he needed.

I gave a presentation to paralegals recently and researched sites pertinent to them and in doing so found several sites that would be good for future referral sites for patrons doing legal queries such as finding legal forms or finding an attorney which we have. Browsing through reader's advisory sites, i located a library's 'after Oprah' books list and made one similar for our patrons looking for books similar to ones from the Oprah books that they have already read. We were able to determine the source of d-day through online browsing. Yes, a patron needed information on storm shelters and I was able to find a site that would help them. Another patron needed to find a relative she had never met and I was familiar with a site that could give me a phone number.

Also, someone was unsure of their rights on a matter and I was able to find it on our local law site. Patron wanted current information on alternative medicine including a doctor within 50-60 miles of Bartlesville. Having browsed the Internet, i had come across two websites on alternative medicine and provided names and addresses of doctors. Browsing state government web sites enabled me to direct a patron to the source for birth certificates from the state. Someone needs a specific book and we need to know if it is still in print. This has not been specifically helpful yet but i keep hoping. I've been able to assist people in the process of preparing resumes to post online thanks to tutorials offered on several related web sites. Someone needed access to information from the us code of Federal regulations.

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Having browsed the nova scotia government web site i was aware that simply by using their essay search the site feature i would be able to access information on this organization and the patron's question was quickly answered. Checking for the train timetable between Gatwick and heathrow because i knew Yelloweb had the train schedule posted. It takes about thirty minutes to travel between the two. I wander through the net and encourage my staff to do the same. Learning or bookmarking sites to help patrons with their searches. A lot of the time patrons have no idea certain sites exist. By browsing, we, as reference people, can assist them in finding the information they want quickly. I came across a site that gives very essay good study guides for novels, done by harvard students. I was able to direct a student to that site so that she could study for finals.

best librarian resumes

obtained and have been obtained from online browsing. Educational statistics and tax forms. Know of the patent site and was able to help someone with their search for specific type of item on that site. I was able to give the consumer Price Index fairly quickly. Patron was doing a school project and needed information on a specific subject. Through Ebscohost, i was able to find the necessary information. The specific question involved access to The public Legal Education Society of nova scotia web site.

Many of strange our patrons have no idea who represents them, even in Washington. Patron was looking for information and treatment on torn rotator cuff problems and we found the information on Medline. Better facility in manipulating the Internet, ability to lead patrons directly to a source and manipulate it, ability to inform colleagues about exciting new applications they might find useful. One of the reference questions we get every semester involves finding information on elements and minerals for a grade school class. While we have a lot of books on this subject, there are not enough to satisfy all the children. One afternoon while browsing, i found a link to two excellent sites. Once the books are all gone, we are able to direct the children to these sites for their assignments. In a library with a small collection, these kinds of sites are invaluable.

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Online Browsing and Librarian Reference service. The following are answers to the question: has online browsing helped you to provide reference service? Reference librarians at North American public and academic libraries were asked to answer this question as part of a study of librarian reading habits. We have a sizeable collection of web sources in our bookmarks on the staff reference computer. For example, the at t online telephone directory is referred to often to help patrons with out of state telephone listings needs. Also, the kelly way Blue book was suggested by a patron, and we use that to give people very specific auto value information. Here i can't think of any direct applications, other than cases where i've used Project Vote Smart to find government representatives.

best librarian resumes
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  4. A panel from the recent Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference highlighted the best ways to approach job searching, resume and cover letterwriting, the interview process, and more. The may/June 2014 issue of The University of Chicago magazine includes a q a style interview with uc s University. On March 18, 2014, nadler announced. I ve been able to assist people in the process of preparing resumes to post online thanks to tutorials offered on several related web sites.

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