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Strange lights over grenada. P putnums sons, 1985. A history of ufo crashes. Alone irowd, we are born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone. This" was addressed by Orson Welles, an American motion-picture actor, director, producer and writer. Perhaps, welles is favorable to being alone. When I first read his", i was filled with awe that I cant forget what he said.

The sacred artwork of the hopi indian, is withououbepresentation of the waves produced by modern day oscilloscopes (montgomery 225-237). The hopis are also native to life the area where one of the electrical cells were found. It could be that these things are no more than mere coincidence, buoubt. Man in his arrogance is reluctant to believe that we may share gods in this vast, glorious universe with other beings of intelligence. We sometimes fail to realize that, if the earth weray old, the race of man would only have been there for 13 minutes. If you couple that with the fact that there are black holes and white dwarfs millions of years older than our sun, it increases the improbability that we are the only ones out here. I will close this paper ouote from ecclesiastes 1:9 there is no new thing under the sun, and that includes intelligent life. Nashville, tennessee: thomas nelson, 1976. New york bell pc, 1965. Ufos: sightings of strange phenomena in the skies. New jersey: chartwell books, 1995.

being alone essay

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The other, which was discovered bair of arizona rock hounds, was damaged when the sedimentary encrustation was being removed and therefore couldnt be tested (montgomery 221). Since the dawn of time, man has told stories of heavenly and demonic beings coming to rule, teach, torment, seduce and provide salvation. Every culture has myths of ancient gods who strode through the heavens. The american indians had the cachinas who taught them to farm and saved them from numerous cataclysms. Greece had zeus who threw lightning bolts from his finger tips and apollo crossed the sky in make his golden chariot. The christians have ecclesiastes who encountered the ant people and rode through the skies with them from babylon to israel. Across the entire globe we find drawings on cave walls that resemble men in space suits and objects that greatly resemble flying saucers.

being alone essay

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The event continued for about an hour. Afterward they fell advantages to the ground in flames, minutes latelack, spear like object appeared. Iasal broadsheet dated august 7th, 1566, large, black, and white globes are seen over dasel, switzerland. Both events occurred iime period when there should have been nothing more than birds and bees filling our skies. They each considered to be divine warnings at the time (gould 95-96). Ancient physical evidence isnt limited to newspaper illustration and sketches on cave wall. Perhaps the most astounding and unexplainable pieces of physical evidence arair of geodes. Both are believed to be approximately 1,800 years old and when carefully examined were identified as electrical cells. One of the cells which was discovered in iraq was tested and produced 2 volts of electricity.

I picked uiece the size oar fender with one hand, it couldnt have been more thauarter oound and no matter how harrieouldnt even get it to bend. (10) in my opinion the most fascinating piece of evidence to come out of the roswell crash is the alien autopsy film. Apparently there was more than bits and pieces opaceship recovered at roswell. There is an air force video account of an autopsy being performed oife form that doesnt share the common characteristics of organ development found in life forms on this planet. The film is silent and labeled autopsy, roswell, july 1947 (randal 17). As difficult as the roswell evidence is to explain or discount, it pales in comparison to the physical evidence left by our ancestors. An illustration taken frouremburg broadsheet tells how men and women saery frightful spectacle. At sunrise april 14th, 1561, globes, crosses, and tubes began to fight one another.

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being alone essay

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The satellite orbited for two weeks and disappeared withourace. Before its disappearance, the object which appeared to give ofed glow, was photographed over new york several times (jackson 19). Lights in the sky arent the only evidence that suggests we may have cosmic company. In the booistory of ufo crashes, the author kevin. Randal gives detailed accounts of numerous ufo crashes in history.

Perhaps the most famous of these crashes occurred on july 4th, 1947 in roswell, new mexico. The crash at roswell about dissertation was witnessed from afar by oveundred people. Until just recently, no one who was involved in the recovery operation was talking, but thanks to continued pressure from ufo enthusiast our government has begun to declassify much of its ufo related material. Perhaps more startling is that the government documents were the accounts given by local police and members of the recovery team. According to one unnamed witness, a member of the roswell recovery team, he stated: the crash site was littered with pieces of aircraft. Something about the size oighter plane had crashed, the metal was unlike anything id ever seen before.

It was still directly over his left. There was absolutely no doubt that the orange light was shadowing the f-84S. For another 10 minutes, it followed the jets without changing direction or appearance. The pilots watched as four small yellow discs broke away from the large red object and took uormation on either side. All at once the large luminous disc shot vertically upward while the smaller discs shot straight towards the f- 84S. In an instant the flat disc sped overhead iazy blur and vanished.

Ferriera was questioned by portuguese air force investigators, he was"d as saying: please dont come out with the old explanation that we were being chased by the planet venus, weather balloons, or freak atmospheric conditions. What we saw up there was real and intelligently controlled and it scared the hell out. (32) this is only one of literally hundreds of pilot accounts that have been documented and cross verified by other sources. To date the portuguese government has taken no official position as to what the luminous discs were. The united states has had more than its fair share of unexplained aerial objects. In february of 1960 the. (north american air defense system) spotteatellite of unknown origin orbiting the earth. They knew that it wasnoviet satellite because it was orbiting perpendicular to the trajectory produced boviet launch. It also haass estimated at 15 metric tons, no evidence of booster rockets and traveled at speed three times faster than any known satellite.

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Article written in 1957, entitled strange lights over grenada written. Aime michel describes just such an account: at 10:35. On september internet the 4th, 1957, cpt. Ferreira ordered his wing. Abandolanned exercise and execute a tree 50 degree turn to port. Attempting to geloser look at what he described as brilliant, pulsating. Light hanging low over the, horizon. When the turn was completed he noticed that the object had turned too.

being alone essay

Arnold discovered that in addition to his. Sighting there were several others in the mount ranier area that same advertisement day (jackson 6). When most of us think of ufo sightings, we picture an unemployed, half. Crazed, alcoholic hick living irailer park in the middle of small town, usa. Often times this description, althougittle exaggerated, seems to fit. In the past, when the average person spottefo they were. Quickly discounted aook or con-artist in search of either attention. It wasnt until more reputable figures in our society began. Come forward that we started looking at this issuittle more seriously.

gave birth to the phrase flying saucer coined. Beporter named bill begrette. Although not the first ufo sighting. History, kenneth arnolds account is considered to be the first documented ufo. The following day.

The christian bible,. The american indian,. Conclusion, we once believed that the earth is the only planet in the universe that. Today there is overwhelming evidence that not only suggests, but. Supports the very real possibility that we may share the universe with other. On june 24th, 1947, while searching for the remains oowned marine. C-46 transport lost somewhere in the mount ranier area, a young idahoan. Businessman named kenneth arnold spotted something that would change his improve life. Just north of his position flying at an altitude of 9,500 feet and.

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Ufos: we are not Alone Essay, research Paper. Ufos: we are not Alone, outline,. Things in the sky. The first documented sighting,. The fever spreads. The lights in the sky. Dents in the earth, iii. The writing on the wall.

being alone essay
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  5. On june 24th, 1947, while searching for the remains. Because of living alone they are unable to spend quality time with the family leading to weakening the familys fabric. Ielts essay correction: Preserving Natural Environment is Crucial.

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