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The article presents the works of Gogol as a founder of ironic narration in Russian literature. The writer constantly employs laughter and irony as ways to uncover the absurdism of social projects. The writer views Russia as a country of unseen paradoxes. Gogol has raised a question that turns us to philosophical reflection about human nature. He tries to oppose the fascination with riches. His special attention is paid to philistinism. Later, this theme in Russian literature will be taken up by many authors.

Doi: abstract: The author of the article examines Gogols works through the prism of the phenomenon of genius. He shows that Orthodoxy had a great influence on the writers personality. In many respects it changed his internal world, influenced literary works. The writer believed that Orthodoxy could reform Russian reality. In particular, he was aware of an enormous resource of freedom. But Gogol realized that freedom could not only enrich an individual but also «enchant» him with a possibility of enrichment, clinging to a particular religion and loosing faith in free creativity. The author also points to the comprehensive influence of Orthodoxy on reforms in Russian life. At the same time he turns to present-day reality, showing the prophetic gift of the e author employs traditional methods of literary criticism. He uses the comparativist method to show the influence of tradition on Gogols works. He also leans on philosophical methods of analysis of literary texts.

author of essay on human understanding

An, essay, concerning, human, understanding

Baer's works and some other scientists, however a subject of separate research didn't become. Meanwhile, the end of "The latest travel" represents a panegyric of ekaterina's Russia in which the paramount place is allocated for the wise laws "Monarchess's velikiya". It should be noted that not only reception of laws of Catherine ii, but also an image of ekaterina's Russia in levshin's utopia i didn't become a subject of studying earlier. The author of article considers a literary utopia in an unusual context of legislative reforms of ekaterina the second. The basis of a scientific method is made by textual comparisons mattress and motivny communications between levshin's composition and group of texts of the ekaterina's legislation. On the basis of "A big order of the empress" (1767 "The charter of deanery, or the police officer" (1782) and a number of manifestos, charters and maxims of different years attempt to reveal becomes, the laws of the ideal state which are how described. geniuses and Russia: mutual cognition.

author of essay on human understanding

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Work was published in the xiii-xvi parts of the "Interlocutor of Fans of the russian Word" magazine. Researchers, as a rule, focused interest on its first part wallpaper representing the ideal city on the moon. The city-state has a primitive political system, in it there are no written laws. Life of lunatist is compared with legendary "a golden eyelid". Levshin's composition was considered in scientific literature, first of all, in the context of a subject of a freemasonry, motives of air travel. In the first key researches. Breyllar's researches are written,. Artemyeva consecrated an aeronautics subject. Laws of the utopian state were described.

Pushkin showed a wrong way to the liberty which contradicts his understanding of the new Testament. It is proved by the constructive division of the poem into five parts (the pentateuch model). He showed the right way in his evangelic Kamennoostrovskij cycle (1836) which was created in the tight connection with The wanderer. In The wanderer the poet was not ready for the court, but in the poem number vi from Pindemonte he appears at the court with his speech. reception of ekaterina the second's Laws. Levshin's Utopia 'newest Travel or Written in the city of Belev'. 1-21, dOI: abstract: Article is devoted. Levshin's utopia "The latest travel composed in the city of Belev" (1784).

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author of essay on human understanding

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The author of dashboard the article in detail analyzes the 'heroic ideal' offered by Exupery as well as the system of values and basic ethical principles that are now deduced from the essence of a mortal man but not the divine reality. The result of the author's research is the creation of an integrated concept of Exupery's philosophy which is new in both Russian and Western scientific literature. The author shows that Exupery's views were very close to Nietzsche's teaching and gravitated towards the radical politics. The author also provides quite an interesting description of Exupery's psychological and cultural views. the wanderer. 1-49, dOI: abstract: The object of the research is a poem The wanderer. S.Pushkin The subject of the research is Mickiewiczs implication as a key to the poems understanding.

The purpose of the research is to prove the hypothesis that the poem was written in the dialogue with the polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, to find Mickiewiczs implication and to perform the literary analysis of Pushkins poem by comparing it with the sixth poem The. (The poem Oleszkiewicz and Mickiewiczs implication are the sources life and impulses for Pushkins word and the first part of Bunyans poem is a canvas, the language of the generally accepted religious schemes). The research is based on the method of careful reading of The wanderer in the context of Pushkins work in as well as an intertextual analysis of the texts by pushkin, mickiewicz and Bunyan. The research includes references to well-known interpretations and analysis of Pushkins poem. The dialogue between Pushkin and Mickiewicz, and wider a talk to the west, resulted in the fact the the theme of Christianity in Pushkins work of the last years became key in the conflict between the east (Russia) and the west. That conflict was shown by mickiewicz in his Passage from the Christian punitive point of view. The poem The wanderer (1835) became is a poetic reply on the theme of reading the book (the holy Scripture) that we can find in Mickiewiczs work and also the first part of Pyshkins reading the book about the way from slavery to the liberty.

Knowledge and the power that stems from it can be used both for good and evil. It is for all of us to ensure that it will be used solely as a means to move towards the goal of human happiness. Tintumon Thomas is a freelance writer and has written content for several web print media projects. He also writes optimized content for better search Engine ranking. If you want send, diwali sms in Hindi font from your computer to mobile to any where in India then here is a best way for.

Main page journal "Litera" rubric "Literary criticism literary criticism, tsendrovskiy. philosophy of Antoine de saint-Exupery: Experience in Reconstruction. 1-33, dOI: Abstract: The article is devoted to the philosophy expressed by Antoine de saint-Exupery in his books. This topic is often underestimated and very scarcely described in research literature. By analyzing Exupery's book 'citadelle' (titled in English as The wisdom of the sands) and more famous Exupery's works, the author of the present article shows the wholeness of Exupery's teaching and the acuteness of the humanistic, existential and moral issues in Exupery's philosophy. The author also underlines that Exupery's philosophy can be classified as the west European philosophy of late Art nouveau because Exupery discusses such typical late Art nouveau topics as the transvaluation of values, understanding of the place of human after the death of God and fight. In the course of a detailed analysis and from the point of view of systematic interpretation, the author of the article describes Exupery's views on a number of fundamental philosophical issues such as the existence of God and the meaning of life, measure of value. The main emphasis is made on the so called 'ethical pathos' of Exupery's creative work.

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The setting up of a value system for society is not something which is in the hands of science. It is a matter in which those concerned with politics, economics and the social sciences have a greater role to play - all of them trying to arrive at the appropriate values essay and in educating society at large to accept this. It is not a matter for an order from the elite to masses but one that can only be evolved in an alternative process. The role of scientists in this was. Expressed by cecil Powell in his first Homi Bhabha memorial Lecture in Bombay: They are in a unique position to solve appropriate early problems, the dangers and the advantages likely to follow from scientific developments and to make their findings known to governments and. Of course, the solutions to many of our problems depend upon great political issues in which most scientists have no particular competencebringing before the people of the world the immense possibilities of human advancement, which are now within our grasp, if science is rationally employed. Science represents knowledge as accepted through unceasing critical process of experiment, theory and evolution and search for methods for this research.

author of essay on human understanding

Science indeed has known sin. Mankind has witnessed the destructive powers of book nuclear weapons. One attributes to the growth of science and technology a variety of ills that society is beset with; the population explosion; the rapid depletion of natural resources, including energy, the increasing pollution and degradation of the environment and ecosystem. Suddenly, society is beginning to ask whether the advance of science and technology s indeed desirable and the right way to proceed. There are many who demand a halt to the growth of science and technology, but they fail to realize that solutions to the problems we face can only come through further development of science and technology, a development with a direction which is chosen wisely. There is no question of retreating to the past or of halting progress of science in India, even if this were to be possible; the world will not stand still but will degenerate even more rapidly. We, therefore, have to face future with optimism and ensure that the interactions of society and science are appropriate to ensure the selection of wise value systems and options. In order to consider this question of the future, we have to ask ourselves, where human happiness lies and what are the values - material as well as intellectual that we cherish and would like to develop.

the subconscious. But from time to time new elements of fear, superstition, and mysticism build. Apart from the human being as an individual, we have to remember that as a collection of them, the society has many other traditional and structural features, which are rigid and archaic, belonging to past periods and are inappropriate to contemporary conditions. In India, we also saw the introduction of rationality through religion by ram Mohan roy. But basically the path to the national spirit is through science and undoubtedly jawaharlal Nehru was me of the foremost political thinkers of this century in this regard, he once said: I too have worshipped at the shrine of science and counted myself as one. I realized that science was not only a pleasant diversion and abstraction but was the very texture of life, without which our modern world would vanish away. Politics led me to economics and this led me inevitably to science and the scientific approach to all our problems and to life it-self. Science ultimately is a way of training the minds, and of whole life functioning according to the ways and methods of science. And throughout his life jawaharlal Nehru strove to inculcate the importance of the scientific temper in the Indian people. More recently, human society has come to regard the advance of science and techno1or with a certain element of fear and trepidation.

But the pug-wash movement born out of the awareness that mankind might have to face a nuclear holocaust, was the first international group of scientists to come together, in answer to their social conscience - not just to warn society but to strive for co-operation. It is agreed that we must make a conscious effort to decrease the value in society of white- collar work, increase the respect and regard in which we hold the farmer, the artisan and the craftsman, and the man who can actually do a productive. It is this lopsided value system in society which is creating a mad rush on artificial type of higher education which does not represent true education for the human being in any sense of the word. It enables the individuals, through the acquisition of the pieces of paper such as degrees and diplomas, to be classified as scholars and to obtain white collar jobs. It is clear to everyone that the educational system inherited from our wallpaper ancient tradition and the colonial past cannot be the environment for organic scientific growth, and that radical changes are called for. Throughout mans history, there has always been an attempt to bring about increasingly a rational approach to life and living. There is of course, a considerable degree of irrationality in all of us as human beings, who are moved by impulse and emotion. A lack of understanding of the environment and inability to control it, introduced basic elements of fear and superstition.

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There exist all sorts of dream challenges to excite the keenest minds in our vicinity and in our surroundings. To meet these challenges one would have. Devise new techniques, new instruments and new approaches, which could easily open a window into the hitherto unknown areas of nature, and lead us to work at the frontiers of science and contribute to the world pool of knowledge. It is extremely important for the developing nations of the world to understand that all problems at the frontiers of science are not necessarily those dictated by fashions set elsewhere in the world. The vital aspect relating to the establishment of sciences is a living vital force in society itself, making it truly secular and classless. With an advent of an upward spiraling nuclear armament race, many scientists all over the world began to realise that they should concern themselves with the fate of mankind in the atomic age. As a result of this realization, several scientific associations began to play an active role in trying to establish an important and effective channel of communication between scientists of different nations, particularly between scientists from the great power blocs of the east and west Individual.

author of essay on human understanding
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Read Graebers essay for the washington Post website. A brilliant, deeply original political thinker. — rebecca solnit, author of a paradise built in Hell.

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  4. British Member of, parliament William Wilberforce led the anti-slavery movement in the United Kingdom, although the groundwork was an anti-slavery essay by Thomas Clarkson. Gogol has raised a question that turns us to philosophical reflection about human nature. Pushkin showed a wrong way to the liberty which contradicts his understanding of the new Testament. Anthony musso Professor Peterson Expository Writing 101:DP.

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