Essay on my favourite birthday gift

Essay on my favourite birthday gift

Aunt Alya had always been a woman of wonderful hospitality, so i hope everyone remembered the evening for many years. And now i am coming back to that old Uncle sashas gift. The made-of-plaster Chernyshevskiy travelled with me from Saratov to kuibyshev, form kuibyshev to moscow, from one flat to another. For all years, it wasnt practically damaged, just one bit of gypsum broke off. I carefully packed the old gift into my bag and took it to the studio in Verkhnyaya maslovka. I took the relic out and asked Uncle sasha to get it right.

In the viewing room, out team is waiting for our work appraisal. Light is on; there are tears in our main characters eyes. We are clasping each other. Uncle sasha says, he did not expect such a film. He has received it! Excellent, now weve report got to be allowed for broadcasting Probably, they would say today the film is out of framework, that we should break it with commercials, that prime time is not for such films. Thank god, things turned slightly better then. I was asking hotly to schedule meetings at the Studio for the prime time on Kibalnikovs birthday on the 22nd of August, 1982. And they did it! It was my present for Uncle sasha. Then our team came together in the kibalnikovs big flat in Kotelniky to celebrate both the jubilee and our film demonstration.

essay on my favourite birthday gift

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Alexandr pavlocich was filmed a lot, but those were short interviews, ceremonial episodes. And now he was to say something very important to the camera, something unavowed. It was very difficult for him. Even with me, whom Uncle sasha had known for almost forty years, he was not willing to reveal himself totally. Perhaps up to the end it did not happened, of what I have been dreaming. So, the film is ready plan now I named it meetings at the Studio. Uncle sasha is coming to Ostankino.

essay on my favourite birthday gift

Favourite, birthday, gift

But I washed the poets head to the extent of my abilities. We had to go to ryazan to film Yesenin twice. I thought the monument was filmed poorly during our first session. The weather let us down. But then when we were re-filming it, dandelion seed tufts flew, and the monument came to live. Nevertheless, it was the most important to hear trunk the Artists opinion. To peer into his expressive face, to watch him working. At that time, kibalnikov was working at another sculpture for Saratov the monument to konstantin Fedin.

We visited the masters birthplace, brest, saratov, ryazan. We wanted to shoot every monument from the best angles not distorting the impression, perhaps to see them anew. Of course, we wanted the master to accept our vision. I remember how we were filming mayakovskiy in the square, it is my favourite monument. The head of Vladimir Vladimirovich was rather dirty due to pigeons; its an eternal problem of many monuments. We called for a truck crane. I with bucket and cloths went up to the height, suddenly the truck jerked, and I nearly found myself free-flying. It turned out, the driver had failed to position the truck properly. Below, my director was cursing and demanded that we should stop all that process.

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essay on my favourite birthday gift

Essay on birthday celebration of my friend

Those were wonderful days spent in the resume Sculptors studio rafik cambarov, the cameraman, set up special conditions: dozens of lamps overhead so that the bright light did not disturb the master; for hours on end we could be sitting with the camera watching the process. Uncle sasha got used to us and was totally engulfed with his work. Sometimes, ekaterina, yesenins sister, came to the studio. We were interested in everything; we were trying to imprint the elusive process of creation. Our film was received well in the institute. Even now, Im not ashamed of that yearly project. After vgik, i stayed in Moscow, and until the very disintegration of the Union, have worked for Studio ekran at the State television and Radio of the ussr.

Our friendship with Uncle sasha didnt stop, i think it grew stronger, although I was no longer the little boy sasha from Saratov. For many years I have been dreaming to make a real film about Kibalnikov. After all these years the sculptor became an academician, peoples Artist, laureate of State prizes. Strange as it seemed, i couldnt ram permits in Ekran, while Uncle sasha could not and did not want to promote himself, to spin as they put is now. Only in 1982, right before the seventy-year anniversary of the master, i managed to get my project approved. I wrote the screen script myself. I invited Victor Yerkin to be my cameraman, the man with whom we had recently won the State prize of the russian Federation named after Brothers Vassilievs for our film Front-Line soldiers.

Thus our close links with the kibalnikovs broke off for many years. Uncle sasha received Stalin prize, moved to moscow to the high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya river-front, and went on working with stone and bronze. World Festival of youth and Students was to start in 1957 in Moscow. I was studying in the ninth grade and dreamed to see that extraordinary festival. So i am in the capital staying with the kibalnikovs; i used to disappear all days long at the unprecedented for those times fest of life!

Uncle sasha and Aunt Alya received me as if I had been their kinsfolk, and Im very grateful for their remembering me and giving me shelter. Time and again, i would visit the kibalnikovs in Moscow. Mayakovskiy was already in his place, new works of the talented master were appearing. In 1966, i joined the All-Union State University of Cinematography (vgik the art school guided by the well-known stage director and cameraman of cinema verité roman Carmen. Now I have been living in a hostel in Moscow and could visit more frequently not only the flat in Kotelniky but also the studio in Verkhnyaya maslovka street. When I was a third year student I was to shoot a small documentary, and not hesitating much i announced to my tutors the theme: 1, verkhnyaya maslovka. At that time, uncle sasha had been working at the monument to sergey yesenin for ryazan.

However, among all my favorite presents

Then I got on the verge of dying. A doctor gave me a diagnosis of inflammation of the liver, but at the very last moment world the woman living next door, a military surgeon, made out another diagnosis: acute peritonitis caused by appendicitis. They urgently performed surgery and interests were bringing me to life for a long time. I stayed in hospital for almost a month. I was in hospital when Uncle sasha visited me and brought me a gift a plaster colorized statue of Chernyshevskiy. At that time, this remarkable work of his had not won a prize yet, and nikolay gavrilovich in bronze had not been erected in front of Lipki park. In my notes further on, Ill dwell a little on the fate of this present. In 1951, my father was appointed the director of kuibyshevskiy theatre of Opera and Ballet, and our family set out to kuibyshev in a steamboat along the volga.

essay on my favourite birthday gift

In 1944, we came form evacuation journey to saratov. My father, nikolay pavlovich Sadkovoy who had graduated from Leningrad University, faculty of journalism, was appointed the head of Art Department. It was in the process of work with Saratov creative people he got acquainted with a young sculptor, Alexandr pavlovich Kibalnikov. Acquaintanceship grew into friendship between our families. I went to a kindergarten, and for New year parties they dressed me as a little hare. The fancy dress turned out to be rather funny the tail and the ears were real things. Alexandr pavlovich had a reputation of an inveterate hunter, and these hares attributes were his trophy present. Since those far away years, i hade always called Kibalnikov uncle sasha, and his wife, alexandra Grigorievna aunt Alya.

Manchester United would have considered. The rivalry between these two clubs is enormous and now i am at the centre.". Heinze's name was jeered by some supporters during the club's 3-2 defeat. Inter Milan in a friendly at Old Trafford on Wednesday but the player himself is not concerned. Heinze added: "I always was a serious and professional player and during this summer I have not changed.". I was born ten days before the war in Voronezh. Our house was destroyed by bombing, and the family was evacuated to aktiubinsk.

Manchester United defender Gaby heinze has asked for a showdown meeting with manager. Sir Alex Ferguson upon his return to training on Monday. Heinze insists he should be allowed to join. Liverpool and said last night: "This weekend I will travel back to England and, like good a professional, i will go to work in Manchester on Monday. I have asked for a meeting with manager. Sir Alex Ferguson on Monday about my future. I'm sure that this meeting will tell me what my future.


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essay on my favourite birthday gift
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  2. Best game in the franchise, personal favourite game of all time, after 17 year still unmatched. I was in hospital when Uncle sasha visited me and brought me a gift a plaster colorized statue of Chernyshevskiy.were filming mayakovskiy in the square, it is my favourite monument. Definition of Ourselves at Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

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