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Business economy, diversity race, entertainment. Government policy, health wellness, lifestyle. Personal Growth, politics, religion, television Stars, science technology. Updated: April 16, 2010, benazir Bhutto, benazir Bhutto, the daughter of a prime minister of pakistan who held that post twice herself, died on Dec. 27, 2007 in a suicide attack on a political rally as she campaigned to hold that post a third time. Bhutto, who was 54 at the time of her death, was a member of one of pakistan's most prominent families, albeit one touched by tragedy.

A just and durable solution is the need of the hour, based on the wishes of the kashmiri people, as envisaged in the security council resolutions. Pakistan remains committed to engage in a substantive dialogue with India to resolve this dispute, but not in a charade that can be used by our neighbor to mislead the international community. I am happy to note that the United States recognizes Kashmir as disputed territory and maintains that a durable solution can only be based on the will of the kashmiri people. Pakistan asked for a reassessment of the Pressler Amendment, which places discriminatory sanctions on pakistan. In our view, this amendment has been a disincentive for a regional solution to the proliferation issue. Pakistan has requested the President and the administration to resolve the problem of our equipment great worth.4 billion, which is held. I am encouraged by my discussions with the President this morning and the understanding that he has shown for pakistan's position. I welcome the Clinton administration's decision to work with Congress to revise the Pressler Amendment. Sources: Speech can also be found. Copyright 1995 by benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto Speaker search Results: Speakers Bureau booking Agency Information.

benazir bhutto biography book

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I'm delighted to have accepted President Clinton's invitation to washington. This is the first visit by a pakistani's Chief Executive in six years. President Clinton and I covered a wide range of writing subjects, including Kashmir, Afghanistan, central Asia, gulf, pakistan-India relations, nuclear proliferation,. Peacekeeping, terrorism and narcotics. I briefed him about corporate America's interest in pakistan, which has resulted in the signing of 12 billion worth of mous in the last 17 months since our government too office. I urged an early resolution of the core issue of Kashmir, which poses a great threat to peace and security in our region. It has retarded progress on all issues, including nuclear and missile proliferation.

benazir bhutto biography book

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This was followed by the presidential mission, led by Energy secretary hazel o'leary, which resulted in agreement worth.6 billion being signed. And, now, during my visit here, we are grateful to the administration and the cabinet secretaries for having helped us sign 6 billion more of agreements between pakistan and the United States. During the defense secretary's visit to pakistan in January 1995, our gpa countries decided to revive the pakistan-United States Defense consultative group. And more recently, we had the first Lady and the first daughter visit pakistan, and we had an opportunity to discuss women's issues and children's issues with the first Lady. And we found the first daughter very knowledgeable. We found Chelsea very knowledgeable on Islamic issues. I'm delighted to learn from the President that Chelsea is studying Islamic history and has also actually read our Holy book, the koran Shariah.

Relations have undergone far-reaching changes. The post-Cold War era has brought into sharp focus the positive role that pakistan, as a moderate, democratic, Islamic country of 130 million people, can play, and the fact that it is strategically located at the tri-junction of south Asia, central Asia and the gulf. Globally, pakistan is active. We are on the forefront of the fight against international terrorism, narcotics, illegal immigration and counterfeit currency. We remain committed to the control and elimination of weapons of mass destruction, as well as the delivery systems on a regional, equitable and non-discriminatory basis. Since 1993, concerted efforts by pakistan and the United States to broaden the base of bilateral relations have resulted in steady progress. In September 1994, in a symbolic gesture, the United States granted pakistan about 10 million in support for population planning. This was announced by the vice President at the cairo summit on population planning.

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benazir bhutto biography book

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Laghari, applied Physics Communications, vol. On the design of field-Controlled Multi-layer foil Insulation,. Multifactor Stress Aging of dielectrics. Repetitive phenomena in dielectics. Hyder, ieee transactions on Electrical Insulation, vol. Dependence of Electrical Strength on Thickness, Area and Volume of Polypropylene.

References edit essay External links edit. Remarks At joint Appearance, with. President Bill Clinton by, benazir Bhutto, former Prime minister Of pakistan. Cross Hall, The White house: April 11, 1995. President, ladies and gentlemen: I'd like to begin by thanking the President for his kind words of support and encouragement. Since 1989, my last visit to washington, both the world and pak-u.

Leaders of pakistan, szabist publication, isbn, august 2009. Creative leadership, paramount Publishing, isbn "Dielectric Films for High Temperature high Voltage power Electronics materials for Electronic Packaging, written. Laghari and edited by deborah. Chung, butterworth Publishers, 1994. Selected research papers and patents edit surface Flashover of Spacers in Compressed Gas Insulated Systems,.

Qureshi, ieee transactions on Electrical Insulation, vol. 5, 1981, a review of Particle-contaminated Gas Breakdown,. Qureshi, "ieee transactions on Electrical Insulation, vol. Spacer Flashover in Compressed Gases,. Laghari, ieee transactions on Electrical Insulation, vol. Testing and evaluation of Insulating Films: Part I: Description of Test Facilities at the University at Buffalo,. Laghari, ieee electrical Insulation, vol. Testing and evaluation of Insulating Films: Part II: Test Results using Facilities at the University at Buffalo,. A review of ac and Pulse capacitor Technology,.

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He is a member of the Association for Computing essay Machinery, a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a member of the new York Academy of Sciences and sits on the Executive committee of the Asia university federation and the Executive committee. Laghari also served as Acting report coordinator General of comstech in 2012 for about 9 months. Laghari has delivered over 37 keynote lectures, including at The Clinton School of Public Service, the Brookings Institution, woodrow Wilson International Center, The School of Advanced International Studies (sais the european Union Parliamentary conference and the conference of the oic ministers of Higher Education scientific. The lecture at the Clinton School (out of 1000 lectures so far) has been the 3rd most watched program online. In addition to the 37 keynote lectures, laghari has delivered 117 Chief guest addresses, 61 invited lectures, 47 interviews published and over 88 tv interviews. He has also published three books on leadership, and 7 of his articles have appeared in Newsweek magazine. He is the recipient of the distinguished leadership Award, 1987, and is the recipient of the 1994 ieee award for leadership and Dedicated Services and the 1999 " Tamgha-e-imtiaz " award conferred by the President of pakistan. Laghari is listed in the American Men and Women of Science, who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in the east and Who's Who in the world. Publications edit bibliography (books) edit reflections on Benazir Bhutto, szabist publication, isbn, february 2008.

benazir bhutto biography book

Us research work edit laghari worked in the United States as a researcher at nasa, the air Force research Laboratory of afosr, the Office of naval Research, the naval Research Lab, the defense nuclear Agency, the ballistic Missile defense Organization, the Strategic Defense Initiative, hughes. He was chairman of the 1992 ieee international Conference on statement High Voltage Engineering and has organised numerous International Conferences and chaired a large number of Sessions and Workshops in the United States. Pakistan Atomic Energy commission edit laghari was the chairman of the technical Standards Committee on Radiation Effects at the pakistan Atomic Energy commission. He led the pakistani delegation on nuclear safety at the United Nations. He was the representative on the United States Activities board on Man and Radiation. He attended the nato advanced Study Institute on Space systems and the nato advanced Study Institute on Fast Electrical and Optical diagnostics. Laghari was also the Chairman of the national Conference on Emerging Technologies 2004 (ncet2004) held in pakistan in December 2004. Public service edit laghari was elected a senator from Sindh as technocrat in 2006 but resigned in 2009 to become Chairman Higher Education Commission with the status of a federal Minister which he served till 2013. Laghari has been a member of the ministry of Science and Technology human Resource development Committee, the Private Export Software board, the pakistan council for Science and Technology and The sindh Information Technology board.

books, "Reflections on Benazir Bhutto "Leaders of pakistan" and "Creative leadership". Laghari gained a national and international reputation during the "fake degree" saga of the parliamentarians in pakistan in summer of 2010, and again during the elections of 2013, when he took a principled stand and had hec verify the degrees of all parliamentarians. As a result, a large number of parliamentarians were disqualified from the parliament. During the process, he received multiple threats, including to his life, and his younger brother, farooq Laghari, a bureaucrat, was arrested by the sindh government. Contents Early life edit laghari was born in Hyderabad. He attended the sindh University where he enrolled in the department of Electrical Engineering, and received his BEng in Electrical Engineering. Laghari then travelled to Ankara, turkey and completed his post graduate studies at the middle east Technical University and received his ms in electrical engineering. He then travelled to United States and joined University at Buffalo, the State University of New York where he received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1980.

After this post, benazir Bhutto appointed him as the President. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (szabist) and prior to joining, szabist, he was the director. Graduate, studies, and Chairman of the, department. Electrical and Computer Engineering of the, state University of New York at Buffalo where the he served as the senior professor. Electrical and Computer Engineering there. He served as the, senator to the, senate secretariat in 2006 for a six-year term and resigned in July 2009. During his Senate term, he also officiated as Acting chairman Senate.

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Javaid Laghari urdu: ; ti is a, pakistani electrical engineer and science administrator who served as the. Chairperson of the, higher Education Commission of, pakistan from Aug 201, he is an academic and an aerospace best scientist, laghari is a staunch supporter of technocratic democracy in the country. Senator of pakistan from the, pakistan peoples Party. Laghari has been a member of the. Pakistan peoples Party, a socialist democratic party. Having started his career. Science Advisor to, benazir Bhutto during her second and last Prime ministerial term, and has been associated with Bhutto long before becoming Science Advisor to Bhutto.

benazir bhutto biography book
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Biography of Jeff bezos view Profile of Jeff bezos view Photo gallery of Jeff bezos. Bhutto, the thorough and involving documentary on her life conveys, benazir was a formidable personality all by herself.

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  1. Allen / Virgin books, isbn. I m delighted to learn from the President that Chelsea is studying Islamic history and has also actually read our Holy. Book, the koran Shariah. View Interview with Jeff bezos view.

  2. Benazir, bhutto, the daughter of a prime minister of pakistan who held that post twice herself, died on Dec. Former pakistani Prime minister, benazir, bhutto was murdered Thursday december 27th, 2007 in Rawalpindi, a city near pakistan s capital Islamabad. In 1985, benazir, bhutto s brother Shahnawaz was killed under suspicious circumstances in France. Fathers, (1992 biography of, benazir, bhutto,.

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